FTP Serverby SavySoda The Free Version of WiFi FTP with Ad Support From the makers of the critically acclaimed WiFi Hard Drive and the #1 Business App on iTunes - Documents. Leave your USB keys behind, your iPhone and IPT can do all that and MORE WiFi FTP is:- SUPER RELIABLE (unlike other FTP apps)- EASY TO USE (single button click)- SUPER FAST (copies GIGS of data in minutes)WiFi FTP is the ultimate FTP Server for your iPhone. Utility apps:http:/www.savysoda.com/WiFiFTP

FTP Server alternatives

Transfer - File sharing

TransferTransfer is the quickest and easiest way to move all files from iOS device to another iOS device, with style. Put what you want to send on the Transfer table, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and flick it off-screen where you want it to go You can add files to Transfer Table: 1.By tapping + icon (adds photos and video, contacts, and all objects that are in the device clipboard). The Transfer can preview most common document files such as:xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, key, numbers, pages, pdf, photos, videos, contacts,

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FTP Sprite

FTP Sprite can turn your iPhone, ipad, ipod into ftp client, download files from ftp server and upload files into ftp server. specifically as follows: FTP Action Add, modify, delete ftp server Download multiple files/folder Supported Upload multiple files/folder Supported Living progress View files online Create folder online Download and upload history Sorting by file name, create date and file size Local File Sharing USB File Sharing via iTunes Http File Sharing via WiFi,Support Safari, chrome, firefox and IE6/7/8/9 Chrome and Firefox Supported upload multiple files Email multiple files/folder Supported Open files using other applications Local File Manage New Folder Sorting by file name, create date and file type View, copy, move, delete, rename, email, zip Compression and unzip files/folders Glide deleting function Select all and Cancel all Photo import Supported Bookmark supported File View New plain text(default encoding UTF-8),Convert plain file encoding (Unicode,UTF-8 etc) [.txt] External file content copy or paste Photo View, Zoom [.png .jpg .jpeg .gif .bmp .xbm .tif .tiff etc]; Document reader [.pdf .rtf .csv .rtfd .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx (office 2003 or later) etc] Video Player [.mp4] File Compression and Decompression [.zip .rar] Extract files from encryption .rar Multi-touch Supported, Zoom files Landscape mode supported iPad-compatible

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iTerminal - SSH Telnet Client

iTerminal is a simple yet very powerful SSH and Telnet client on your iPhone and iPad. You can connect to remote servers through SSH or Telnet with iTerminal. If you have any questions, please visit: http://www.comcsoft.com/Portfolio/our_apps/iTerminal/iTerminal_overview.php.

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iTransfer - FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Cloud Drive Manager

No. 1 App for file upload/download on iPhone/iPad Most secure file download/upload tool for business and professional users. If you have any questions, please visit: http://www.comcsoft.com/Portfolio/our_apps/iTransfer/iTransfer_overview.php.

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File Manager

Catch documents from PC or Mac via USB cable or WIFI, email attachments, Dropbox and FTP and save it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad locally. Now it also is iCloud enabled File transfer Use iTunes file sharing to transfer files directly to your device via USB cable and WIFI. - Save files from emails using the open in feature - TV / VGA out - Print documents from Document Manager on iOS 4.2 or later - Email files to Your Colleagues or Friends directly from File Manager App.- Transfer files to iPhone, iPod or iPad - Zoom PDFs and other documents

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