Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Calculator supports 2012-2015 FPL tables for all 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and DC. Based on the yearly income and number of family members, the FPL percentage is calculated and displayed.


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Line2 - Second Phone Number

Line2 is your second number that works on your iPhone and all your other devices as a full-featured business phone system, designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Call and message from a separate number on devices you and your team already have, via Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network, with anyone in the U.S. and Canada starting at $9.99/month, or with other Line2 users for free. Were here to help, seven days a week: http://support.line2.com or tap Settings -> Help from within the app.

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YouMail: Visual Voicemail Replacement

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Child Support Calculator Canada

Child Support Calculator Canada uses the current Canadian Federal Child Support Guidelines tables (December 2011) to allow quick calculations of monthly child support amounts based on: annual income, number of children and province of child residence.

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Shop Walmart, Target, Costco, and more in one convenient place. Order above the store minimum for free delivery $25 to $35 in most cases. FREE AND EASY RETURNS Free returns within 30 days for all stores Email, call, and live chat with customer serviceGoogle Express is available in all US states and Washington, DC, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and unincorporated territories, including Puerto Rico.

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BMI Calculator - Body Mass Index

Calculate and track your BMI with this application. Following can be calculated from this application Body mass index- Waist to height ratio- Body fat percentage- Energy expenditureFeatures in BMI calculator Calculation based on gender - Weight can be entered in kilograms or pounds- Height can be entered in centimeters or inches- Results are displayed as BMI units and as body category (underweight, normal, overweight, obese or morbidly obese)- For body fat percentage, results are displayed as low, normal, high or very high- Energy expenditure are calculated based on Basal Metabolic rate- Refresh button to reload the screen and remove all the values entered in the application

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Paycheck Calculator calculates net pay (take-home) amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. Calculated taxes include:- Federal Withholding,- Social Security, - Medicare, - State Withholding, - State Disability Insurance (where applicable),- State Unemployment Insurance (where applicable).State tax calculations are available for all 50 states (US) and District of Columbia. Enjoy using it and please review it the app if you like it.

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REAL ESTATE INVESTOR is an important tool for any real estate investor. Whether you are investing in a two family home, a large apartment house or commercial property this application can calculate valuable information for you. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR includes the following formulas: Capitalization Rate Capitalization Rate Value Net Income Multiplier Net Income Multiplier DEBT RATIOS Acid Test Debt Service Ratios Interest Coverage Asset Utilization Accounts Receivables Turnover Ratios Bad Debt To Sales Ratios Debt Ratio Debt To Equity DEPRECIATION Depreciation-Yearly S.L Declining Value Amount Double Declining Value Value After Years INTEREST FORMULAS Future Value Daily Interest Interest Computation Days Of Savings Annual Percentage Rate A.P.R Installment Loan INVESTMENTS Discounted Value Of Note Holding Period Return Capitalization Rates Equivalent Taxable Yield Rule 72s Number Of Years To Double Investment MORTGAGE Monthly Mortgage Payment Total Monthly Carrying Cost Monthly Points Mortgage Payment RENT MULTIPLIER Gross Rent Multiplier Market Value Gross Rent Multiplier RENTAL INCOME Single Family Home Total Net Income Three Year Gross Income Three Year Total Net Income Gross Potential Income One Year Income 2-3 Family House Three Year Income 2-3 Family House Apartment House 3 Year Apartment House Commercial Rent Income Vacancy and Credit Loss Credit/Vacancy Allowance Effective Gross Income Gross Operating Income Net Operating Income Total Net Operating Income VALUATIONS Price, Income, Expenses Per Unit Price Per Unit Income Per Unit Expenses Per Unit Price, Income, Expenses Per Square Foot Price Per Square Foot Income Per Square Foot Expenses Per Square Foot Adjusted Basis Adjusted Basis

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Percent - Free Percentage Calculator for Mileage, Tips & Sales Tax

Percent is an elegantly designed, gesture-based percentage calculator only available on the App Store. Percent is an effortless way to solve three types of percents:1. Please send all support requests and feedback to [email protected]

  • size 2.8 MB
  • version 1.5

Tip Calc - Easy Fast and Charming

Tip Calc can help you effortlessly calculate a tip and spilt the bill with your friends and family. The charming interface is suitable for all situations. Features:- Tip Calculator with Percentage- Bill Splitter- Save Bill and Edit Bill- Bookmark Individual Bill with Heart- Display Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Spending- View in Timely Order- Help You Decide Who Will Pay the Bill with Dice- International Currency- Compatible with all iPhoneMost Importantly: Free and Easy to Use

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Mortgage Calculator- Home Loan

Its just a simple loan calculator that helps you estimate MONTHLY EXPENSE on whole schedule and how much interest you could save if you want to pay it off earlier. Features:- Tab Mortgage: It will be displayed a result in an early payoff duration with many options:+ Support various kind of payment frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.+ Support extra payment on each payment; from an particular payment to last payment or extra payment on an specific payment.+ Support input of tax or insurance in both percentage or value.- Tab Affordable Loan helps to estimate the loan you can afford based on your monthly budget or annual income.- Tab Favorites helps you record a mortgage so that you do not need to input all loan info time to time. It is easy to use and simple.

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US Congress Committees

Includes updated congressional members info for the 114th Congress Welcome to U.S. Congress Committees This is your one-stop Congressional directory that provides all the information you will ever need to know about members of the US Senate and House of Representatives. At your fingertips, you have access to the information every citizen of the United States wants to know about their Congressional representatives. Application data includes: -Congress Member Name -Congress Member State - District - Party - Title -Congress Member DC Address (Street, City, State and Zip code) -Congress Member DC Phone Number -Congress Member District Phone Number -Congress Member Website -Congress Member House Committees -Congress Member Senate Committees Searching Features: -By Name -By House -By Senate -By State -By Party -By House Committee -By Senate Committee The goal of US Congress Committees is to provide all citizens with important information about their representatives of the United States government.

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  • version 2.0

The Finance Bar

Developing percentage guidelines for you or your families income is vital to a family budget, and living by percentages is an easy way to determine what amount you should be spending out of each bucket. While there is no one size fits all way to determine an exact percentage that each of us should use, experts in the personal finance field have come up with a few fair assessments. Housing: 25-30%Utilities: 5-10%Food: 10-15%Transportation: 10-15%Medical/Health: 5-10%Debt: 5-10%Personal: 5-10%Recreation: 5%Saving/Investments: 10-15%Note: These are only recommended percentages, based upon your individual monthly income

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  • version 1.2