Espresso makes group chat simple, productive and free for you and your team, whatever size. Heres how Espresso helps you jumpstart conversations and keep them focused: Add contacts straight from your phone to start talking fast Bring anyone into the conversation by sharing a special link Simple to use and maintain, with no software or set-up needed from IT Web/Android versions so the whole team can join in, live. This is simple, black-and-white messaging.


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Espresso Messenger alternatives


Use FastLink to shorten any URL. Simply type in a URL, tap the Shorten button, and you will be provided a new, shortened URL which you can now copy/paste to Twitter, SMS, or an email. Links are shortened via tinyURL.

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  • size 2.2 MB


Master your inbox with the most powerful email productivity app - all from a simple, beautiful interface. Polymail is the modern email client, redesigned.- Unlimited email tracking - know exactly when and by whom your messages are read. - Snooze emails to be read later, when you need them.- Schedule emails to automatically be sent later - whenever you want.- Calendar integration makes it easy to schedule meetings over email.- Detailed contact profiles give you everything you need to know about who youre emailing.- One-tap unsubscribe removes unwanted spam in an instant.- Attachment and Click tracking - get notified when your recipients download your attachments or click on your links.- Activity Feed - see all your message tracking activity in a real time feed - Quickly organize your inbox with customizable swipe actions.- Push notifications and background mail syncing keep your inbox always up to date.- Unified inbox and search across all your accounts.Polymail is the first mail app I genuinely love- Matthew Hussey, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web

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Timyo email

Works with any email providers: Gmail, Exchange, Office365,, iCloud, Yahoo and IMAP providers We believe that happiness starts with being in control of your own time. How can we do anything we like if we are constantly interrupted, constantly robbed of precious minutes of our time by the barrage of incoming communications, starting with emails?Emails are todays silent killer. Your emails are never stored with us and all communications are transmitted with encryption protocols.

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More Information About alternatives - Business Messaging for Teams

This is the messaging platform for professionals. Weve brought the power and speed of a modern messaging app and added the capabilities needed for it to make sense within a work environment. Create your own private team conversation space Reach anyone on your team with direct messages Have private conversations with a subset of your team Safely communicate outside your team by inviting guests to a specific topic or conversation Text out (SMS and MMS) to guests [This feature is limited to US phone numbers] Create open topics that are viewable by everyone on your team Delegate admin responsibility to other users, so that they can manage your account Maintain your message history Share documents and images Quickly see whos online, whos in the conversation, and whos typing Messages can be edited after theyve been sent, so you can correct small errors and mistakes that would otherwise appear unprofessional View the change history for any message, so you always will know what was originally said

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  • version 1.1.3


Mainframe is team messaging + to-do lists. The only tool that allows you to create and track action items with your team inside a modern chat app. - @Mentions: make sure specific people see certain parts of the message Mainframe has the best of modern chat, but with a productivity focus- Have real-time conversations - See whos typing and actively engaged in the conversation Mainframe is available on mobile and on desktop devicesAny problems, feedback or just even simple expressions of love, please email us at [email protected]

  • size 20.8 MB
  • version 1.15.0

Easy Square - Post Entire Photos On Instagram With No Crop

Save time and fit whole images easily to Instagram and Facebook without cropping Heres what happy users are saying: (thank you )Honest and effective +++++Refreshingly simple and effective. Kailee100So easy and actually works +++++Been looking forever for an app that could post to Instagram a full size pic, and this does that exactly So easy, and super fast kara.wNo more deciding who or what to crop out in pictures. Save time on editing and spend more time shooting and sharing with the super simple interface MAIN FEATURES:* Turns any of your photos into a square for Instagram by automatically adding white, black, or CUSTOM colored sidebars.

  • rating 4.81362
  • size 75.0 MB
  • version 3.11

Nutcache Timelogger : Easy Time tracking

The Nutcache Time Logger:Easy time tracking app for mobile offers a solution for team of all size looking for a time management app that tracks and automatically records the time you spend on business tasks and projects. Our time tracker app is simple and easy to use with an intuitive interface. Application Key Features: Link the timer to any of your active projects and/or invoices online Keeps running and recording time in the background, even when your phone is turned off Pause/resume the timer as needed Add notes to your time entries Opt to bill or not bill the selected project Access to full company information entered via your online account View your hours worked and activity in the last 30 days Easy and intuitive interface available in 8 different languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish)

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  • version 3.0.0

193 Tips and Tricks For iPhone

193 Tips and Tricks for iPhone -154 Tips & Tricks for iPhone-39 Tips and Tricks for iOS 6Some of the 154 Tips CoveredKeyboard and Writing tips Undo and redo typing Quick CAPS Hold shift while typing to capitalize Avoid spelling correction Write contractions quickly Reject suggested correction Define writing shortcuts Mail and Calendar Save an e-mail draft Open the last saved draft quickly Mark e-mail as unread Change e-mail signature Forward or reply a part of an e-mail Send photos in original resolution Configure e-mail previews Maps Easy zoom in and out Drop a pin Quickly locate an airport Locate and orientate yourself Organization Take a screenshot Home button doubletap Close background apps Remove an app Create a folder with apps Put folders in the dock Cancel a download Pause a download Accessibility features Let iPhone speak to you Zoom interface Change text size White on Black interface Custom vibration patterns Flash for alerts Contacts list Navigate easily through contacts What is my phone number? Quick Sharing a contact will share relationships Calling and Messaging Silence an entering call Send entering call to the voicemail Disable the microphone while talking Use your iPhone while talking Place a call on hold Quickly redial last called number Pictures and Videos Take a picture more naturally Access the camera roll while taking a picture Zoom the image Take a picture with your headphone cord Avoid storing copies of HDR pictures Access camera when locked Web browsing Navigate quickly to top of the page Add bookmark to Home Screen Scroll within a frame Center around a page area No need to write full URLs Listening to Music Listening to Music Unplug to pause Go back in iPod mode Save Battery and Increase Performance Disable push in e-mail Decrease your brightness Close opened Safari tabs Disable location services Quit app when locking Show battery percentage Deactivate equalizer Deactivate Bluetooth Recovery from failure Hard reset iPhone Hard close an app Restart Network Connections

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  • version 1.0