EnvelopePlus is the perfect envelope budgeting solution for the entire family; it combines modern technology with the proven wisdom of traditional envelope budgeting. FEATURES:- Unlimited number of envelopes. Using the account page on the iPad, you can easily reconcile your budget by comparing your personal bank accounts total versus the total in EnvelopePlus.

EnvelopePlus alternatives

Budget Touch

Budget Touch uses the envelope model of budgeting. Set aside money for your standard expenses, then know how much you have left to enjoy. Languages:US English, British English, partial German translationRequirements:Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod TouchRequires iOS 4.3 or laterSync with Mac requires Budget v6.3 or laterSync with Windows requires Budget v5.0 or later

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Spend Control answers the following most basic of financial questions: How much can I safely spend today such that I can still meet my upcoming obligations and ultimately reach my desired goals?Or to put it more succinctly: How much can I spend today without harming my future?And heres how it works: First you tell Spend Control (in a user-friendly way) about your upcoming financial situation (your expected income over the next 12 months and how much of that income is already dedicated to such things as rent, utilities, car payments, savings, etc.) Given that information Spend Control tells you how much is available for your allowance (i.e., discretionary spending money.) Spend Control also generates a number of reports, such as Current Budget and Current Balances which you can then email to yourself or to someone else.

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ProActive Budget - Mobile Cash Envelopes

View our website for full program details, Demo Videos, Testimonials, Card Fees, etc.A budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.- Jacob LewWe at ProActive Budget are passionate about life and want to get the most out of it Money is necessary to achieving certain aspirations, but it shouldnt necessarily prevent us from reaching those goals either. We believe that one key to a healthy and prosperous financial life (and really just a healthy life in general) is a good budget. It pays to be ProActive

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Envelopes: Budget Manager

Envelopes is a virtualisation of the envelope budgeting method. It is simple to use and allows you to keep a close eye on where your money is being spent, but without the need to keep paper envelopes filled with cash around. Transfer all your data from Envelopes 2.

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NeoBudget is an online envelope budgeting system. The NeoBudget app provides access to your online account and simplifies the process of recording transactions and updating your budget on-the-go.

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