Came across a fascinating new word while reading an English Classic? Writing an article & looking for a more sophisticated synonym for a rather simple word? Just open up this free offline Dictionary & thesaurus and look up synonyms, antonyms, definitions and more anytime, anywhere.

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The only Dictionary and Thesaurus with every word you search for. Plus Word of the Day, free offline dictionary access, and millions of definitions and synonyms from top sources, including: Websters Dictionary Rogets ThesaurusThe American Heritage DictionaryPlus FREE access to: English Offline Dictionary English Offline Thesaurus with synonyms and moreMedical DictionaryEnglish Idioms and Slang DictionaryTranslations of English into 40+ languagesDozens of other translation options + Much more The Free Dictionary is like getting 100+ apps in one easy-to-use interface. * For app developers: The Free Dictionary app can be accessed by other apps with API calls (Contact Farlex for instructions).

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English Dictionary - Offline

+ Full English Dictionary - Offline +Features:- More than 172000 words.- More than 180,000 senses and 49,000 sample sentences.- Includes the Hang On, man Game- Include a flash card system to facilitate learning new words and several articles about English grammar.- You can create your own flashcards and word lists.- Includes quality sounds for phrases and words.- Full list of regular and irregular verbs- Fast, as it works offline; internet is used only for a few features.- Includes bookmarks and history.+ Learn English with the lessons of English grammar included in the dictionary:- Verb tense - Simple Present- Verb tense - Simple Past- Verb tense - Simple Future- Verb tense - Present Continuous- Verb tense - Past Continuous- Verb tense - Future Continuous- Verb tense - Present Perfect- Verb tense - Past Perfect- Verb tense - Future Perfect- Verb tense - Present Perfect Continuous- Verb tense - Past Perfect Continuous- Verb tense - Future Perfect Continuous- Irregular verbs- Conditionals - Zero conditional- Conditionals - First conditional- Conditionals - Second conditional- Conditionals - Third conditional- Conditionals - Mixed conditional- Conjunctions - Coordinating conjunctions- Conjunctions - Correlative conjunctions- Conjunctions - Subordinating conjunctions- Comparative and Superlative Adjectives- Singular and Plural Nouns- Count Nouns and Uncountable Nouns- Possessive Nouns- Pronouns- Action Verbs- Adjectives- Adverbs- Active / Passive Verb Forms- Mood for Grammar- Auxiliary Verbs Be, Do, Have- Auxiliary Verbs Will/Would and Shall/Should- Auxiliary Verbs Can/Could and May/Might/Must- Prepositions On, At, and In- Prepositions Of, To, and For- Prepositions With, Over, and By- Indefinite and Definite Articles- Interjections- Capitalization+ Keywords:* English Dictionary * Diccionari Angls * Fjalor Anglisht * Engleski rjenik * anglick slovnk * Engels woordenboek * angla Vortaro * inglise snaraamat * Ingles Diksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * Dictionnaire Anglais * dicionario de ingls * Englisch Wrterbuch * inglise snaraamat * Ingles Diksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * Dictionnaire Anglais * Englisch Wrterbuch * angle Diksyon * Angol Sztr * Dizionario Inglese * Kamus Inggris * anglicus Dictionary * angu vrdnca * angl kalbos odynas * Bahasa Inggeris Kamus * Dicionrio de Ingls * englez Dicionar * * Anglick slovnk * angleki slovar * Diccionario Ingls * kamusi ya Kiingereza- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words - Free English Dictionary - Offline - Free English Dictionary - Offline- Free English Dictionary - Offline - Learn English Grammar - Learn English Grammar- Learn English Grammar - Flashcard System- Flashcard System- Flashcard System- Irregular Verbs - Irregular Verbs- Irregular Verbs- Hangman Game- Hangman Game- Hangman Game - KET Examination- KET Examination- KET Examination- PET Examination- PET Examination- PET Examination

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Advanced Dictionary&Thesaurus

The WordNet concept had become the staple of quality language apps * Straightforward and precise definitions of over 140,000 with more than 250,000 links and 1.4 million words* Synonyms, antonyms, similar and related words to help improve your writing and speech* Hypernyms (more generic words), hyponyms (subordinate words) and meronyms (part names)* Examples illustrate how words are used and show typical constructions and collocations* Offline audio support (internet connection is NOT required) NEW With the addition of a convenient Home page, a sleeker and more intuitive visual layout, as well as innovations in the speed of searches you can delve right into the intricacies of English faster and easier than ever NEW Translate and learn as you speak by using Talk & Translate A speech recognition and text-to-speech app separate from this dictionary, which you can download for Free from the App Store. Whether youre travelling or simply want to optimize your study of English, the great synergy between the two apps will be there to help you. CONTACT US:If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us directly at [email protected].

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Oxford English Dictionary 2017

WHAT MAKES OXFORD DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH BETTER THAN OTHER DICTIONARIES? The very latest vocabulary, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings. No ads - no more in-app advertisements.

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Hindi Dictionary - Dict Box

Dict Box - English to Hindi & Hindi to English Dictionary & Translator. Includes more than 500K words and expressionsEasy to use, fast, works offline. (human voice)English dictionary & Thesaurus (include definitions & examples)Supports finding sentences, phrases, related wordsImage search, picture dictionaryWord correction for mistyped wordsTap word to see its meaning in popup windowAbility to install more dictionaries & more languagesLinks with web dictionaries (Oxford dictionaries, Cambridge, Wiki, )Word reminderReview words with picturesHistory, favorites, notes

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