Open-source Emoncms dashboard viewer. View MyElectric Emoncms dashboards from or any other Emoncms server. OpenEnergyMonitor is a project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools to help us relate to our use of energy, our energy systems and the challenge of sustainable energy. support or to get involved with development please post on the forum:


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Emoncms alternatives

OctoClient for OctoPrint

OctoClient for OctoPrint lets you easily control 3D printers right from your iOS device, via OctoPrint. Start, stop and monitor prints with just a tap, as well as using advanced controls. Full Feature List:- Live webcam monitoring- Monitor print status- Notifications on print completion- Monitor bed and hotend temperatures- Control and home the X, Y and Z axes- Start prints from GCODE files- Extrude and retract filament- Set bed and hotend temperatures- Control fan speeds- Send custom GCODE commands- Invert axis directions- Customise webcam streaming options

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PVOutput Pro

ON-THE-GO MONITORING OF YOUR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMEnter your API key & System ID and youre ready to monitor your system data wherever you are. FEATURES- Multiple systems (of the same PVOutput account): easy monitoring of all your own and favorite systems.- Time machine: easy access to all your data. Select the day/month/year you want check.- Compare two days/months/years generation & consumption.- Compare monthly generation/consumption over the years.- Estimates: check production/consumption versus estimates.- Customize views: choose the charts you want to see and in which order- Check your system & team info and statistics- Check your favorite systems infoLIVE view- A quick look at your system: Today/This month/This year/Lifetime generation and consumption at your fingertips.- Select the system you want to monitor from the drop down listHOURLY/DAILY/MONTHLY/YEARLY views- View Generated/Consumed Power& Energy in both spreadsheet and graphic views- Swipe up & down to navigate between charts- Select the date you want to see (with date picker or back/forth arrows)- Press COMPARE to compare 2 dates- Press the Options icon to customise charts and show/hide estimatesOTHERS- View System Info and Statistics- View Team Info- View Favorites info (requires donation to THE APP TEAM and RATE IT If you like this app please join the PVOutput iOS app team from within the app (or from website) and dont forget to rate it with 5 stars

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DataFeeds - A Feed Monitor for

Data Feeds - A Feed Monitor for Adafruit IOThe status of your Internet of Things in your pocket. The app allows you to view the current status of your Adafruit IO data feeds and visualize the changes over time. Data Feeds is not affiliated with Adafruit IO or Adafruit Industries.

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This version of the app will be no more updated. Please download the NEW PVOUTPUT PRO version. SYSTEM INFO view- General system info, Inverter data, Panels dataJOIN THE APP TEAM and RATE ITIf you like this app please join the PVOutput iOS app team from and dont forget to rate it with 5 stars To set your API key and System ID: access Settings screen by pressing the settings icon in the top/right corner of the LIVE DATA view - login to web site and go to Settings page- read your API key (*) in the API Settings section and enter it in API key field- read your System ID in the Registered Systems section and enter it in System ID field- Press SAVE(*) If you prefer, you can also use the Read Only Key (it must be first added in the Settings page of web site).

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PsyPad is an open source platform for facilitating visual psychophysics experiments on an iPad. Using customisable staircases or MOCS, the researcher can control presentation of any stimuli that can be precomputed as PNG image files, including movies. The project is open source, with repositories for the application code and example server code.

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  • version 2.4

Dashboard for Truck Simulator

Dashboard turns your iPad or iPhone into a live dashboard of Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator, helps you to get a better experience while trucking. Main Features - live telemetry data including speedometer, engine RPM, job planer and more- As many as 10 skins included, more to come- fits all your devices perfectly, scaled and centered Usage You are required to install a server app in your PC.- Download the server app from Unzip the downloaded file, run server/Ets2Telemetry.exe;- Click Install, and then complete the installation as prompted. System Requirement - Windows 7+- .NET Framework 4.5 (pre-installed in Windows 8+). * The server app is based on open-source project created by Funbit (

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  • version 1.1.0

Energy & Power

Energy & Power (EP) is the first and only full-fledged fortnightly magazine that deals with the much cried over energy and power sector in Bangladesh. Since its inception in June 16, 2003, EP is working very hard to a) Develop public consciousness on sustainable and even development of energy sector; b) Assist the policy makers in assuming pragmatic policies for a balanced development of the energy sector; c) Continuous supply of information among public; and d) Develop a group of reporters in this field Bangladesh is an energy deficit country like other countries in the region and most of the people do not have adequate access to the energy and power. Please visit for our Privacy Policy and for our Terms & Conditions


The open source Firmata project lets you connect Arduino to many other things. Now you can connect your idevice to your Arduino via Bluetooth Low Energy. See our website to view our source code, compile your own version, or build your own app.

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  • version 1.0.3


Boxlet is a free, open-source server + mobile app system that allows you to take advantage of free space on a private cloud server as a backup/sync for your mobile photos. All you need is ssh and sudo access. Please see or for more info

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  • version 1.1.4

Parse Dashboard

Free with no ads Thank you to everyone who is using Parse Dashboard Please share this app with others and leave me a review on what features you want added Features:- View/Edit Parse Server classes and their objects- Manage or create schemas- Send push notifications to users- Query data using the same syntax you are familiar with- Save queriesOpen Source:-

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  • version 3.0.0

Brainbug Intelligence

Brainbug Intelligence app is a mobile client for the Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform. Users can easily navigate through the servers folders and easily save its dashboards and reports. You can also access the Pentaho BI Platform using Touch ID.Main Features- Pentaho 5.2 and 5.4 support- Multi server support- Navigate through folders, dashboards and reports- mark-up tool allows user to make notes and E-mail or Save snapshots- save or email a snapshot of the dashboard or report- Saiku reports (Create New / Open Existing)- supports png, jpg and pdf files- supports SSL- Easily login to your server using your Touch ID

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  • version 1.0

Butler - Client For Jenkins

Butler - Client For Jenkins is the best Jenkins CI client for iOS. Its simple design as well as feature richness make it the perfect companion for your Jenkins server. FEATURES:+ Full support for viewing your Jobs, Builds, Test Cases, Folders and more+ Triggering Builds with and without parameters+ Full 3D touch support+ Add Jobs and Builds to your favorites to keep an eye on them+ Today Widget for even faster access to your favorites+ Connecting to Jenkins instances over http and https+ Fully open source You can find the source code for Butler here:

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  • version 1.1


REQUIRES MATTERMOST SERVER v4.0+Older servers will not be able to connect. Mattermost is secure workplace messaging from behind your firewall.- Discuss topics in private groups, one-to-one or team-wide- Easily share and view image files - Connect in-house systems with webhooks and Slack-compatible integrationsTo use this app, you need a URL for a Mattermost server. Host your own server: Terms of Service: Contribute to the project:

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Ostiary ClientOstiary uses a secure challenge/ response mechanism to run arbitrary scripts on a server. One particular use is opening ports in firewall configurations similar to port knocking tools but without the risk of replay attacks (e.g. in a public WiFi network. The source code for Ostiary can be found here: Ray Ingles (Ostiary)(c) Ulrich Drepper (SHA256-based Unix crypt implementation)(c) Christian Mueller (iOS Client)

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  • version 1.3