If you want to win this adventure to turn into the champion, you can defeat different-level boss in dungeons and wars, and make sure you are at the top of arena. Strengthen yourself to win server challenge. A network connection is also required.


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Emblem Evolution - Different Monster on Mobile alternatives

Legends Tour

Legends Tour, a magical continent with a variety of different monsters living on. Classic combat system, 600 different monsters, seventeen kinds of original properties, 100 kinds of original skills. Battle in the Gold City, to help your guild boarded the top of the league

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Super Soul Society

This game is a strategy card game. Collect partners you want. If you dont want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your devices settings.

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Crazy Gods

Most Exciting RPG Strategy, behold the Strongest General from 3 Kingdoms: Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, and Mighty Heroes from Journey to The West: Sun Wu Kong, Tong Samchong, Nazha. Background Story:In this universe, things were going well and peaceful between Gods of the Underworld, Sky, and Earth. Join us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/CrazyGods.maingames

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Pocket Evolution - Hero Craft

Collect, train and evolve hundreds of heroes in in this action-packed Manga-style MMORPG A thrilling storyline, retro-elements und a one-of-its-kind gameplay guarantee for never-ending fun HUNDREDS OF HEROES AWAITWhether you hatch, summon or combine collect them all Various hero evolutions, powerful equipment, magical Dawn Stones and devastating special powers turn your cute heroes into fearless warriors MULTI-TEAMPLAY Form your own perfect team and send them on an amazing adventure or battle the teams of other players in the arena Join a guild and start raids and explorations together with your friends NEVER-ENDING ADVENTURESWhether you search for a clue in the single-player story, make your way through the Champions Tower or support your friends on their rambles explore whole new worlds, defeat tough enemies and meet new pals and peers New daily tasks and quests make boredom a thing of the past. AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCEIf youre looking for a mixture of Manga and RPG adventure spiced with retro elements, look no further: Established game-play mixed up with never-before-seen elements, an authentic Manga feeling with real voice-overs, paired with music and effects reminiscent of your favourite games from back when all packed into a single mind-blowing game Join the Pocket Evolution Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pocketevolutionuk/ Are you experiencing any bugs or do you have questions? Contact our Support inside the app via the Helpshift button or on https://pandagames.helpshift.com/a/pocket-evolution/

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Click Arena - Social Fight Online

In CLICK ARENA you will battle against other players around the world. Its a casual game where gear and skill points determine who will win. To become a true Arena Champion you must defeat as many players as possible and also conquer all 20 arenas.- Battle against other players in 20 Arenas- Leaderboards- Skill points- Items, weapons and armor- Boss fights- Daily quests and rewardsFor support contact us her:[email protected]

Bomb Heroes--Royal Shooter GO

Unleash a thrilling parabola shooter adventure that challenges you to aim at and bomb enemies with proficient shooting skills. Fight to become the super bomb man in Bomb Heroes now Bomb Heroes let you team up and communicate with your friends via instant voice, to fight against the world bosses through mysterious fortresses. Meeting with your life love and training lovely pets on this adventure just color your life Aim at, and shoot it then bomb blows up EPIC ONLINE BATTLES- Awesome PVE on 300+ plot maps to challenge yourself- MMO PVP battles with millions of online players around the world- Turn-based MMO shooter gameplay with RPG elementsFASHION STYLES- Hundreds of cute pets as your loyal accompany to grow up- 300+ outfits as well as weapons for your personalized dress- Sharp mounts to enhance your ability to win battlesMAKE FRIENDS AND ENEMIES- Challenge other bombers in local and cross-server arena wars- Solid guilds with friends to strengthen your heroes- Romantic marriage with your life love in this exhilarating adventureContact Us:Facebook:www.facebook.com/bombheroesGame Page:E-mail:[email protected] fun playing Bomb Heroes

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Cards of Fury

Cards of FuryA battle royale for 3-6 players where you attempt to come up with the best/craziest/funniest combination of cards each turn in order to defeat your opponents. Trick your friend by performing sneaky ulterior motives and automatically win the game Build your Champion and convince everyone that, in this arena, you reign supreme

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Extreme Battle Racer Wizard Adventure - top virtual shooting race game

GET READY ON SOME WIZARDRY RACING GAME Play in 4 different characters with Extreme Battle Racer Wizard Adventure game and win in different levels. Race with different enemies and show them whos boss in the racing arena. Your Goal: Shoot the target enemy and race to win.FEATURES- Intense graphics and sound- Play with friends in the Game Center- Multiple characters to choose - Play in 2 different game modes (level or endless)Download Extreme Battle Racer Wizard Adventure now.

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League of Warriors - SRPG Game

New legend of warriors is coming Assemble a great team to defeat the forces of darkness and attack enemies in this unique adventure United through magic, your league of heroes will do whatever it takes to bring you Victory League of Warriors is a groundbreaking 3D RPG game taken place in the marvelous spirit world, combining intense PVE, exciting Multiplayer World Map Battles, Guild Bosses challenges, and more Strategy is key as you battle monsters in the epic MMORPG League of Warriors, the biggest mobile fantasy RPG Join heroes around the world in epic battle arena games and fight to become the ultimate warrior Key Features:FANTASY RPG - LEAD YOUR HEROES TO THE VICTORY- Rush into battle with varied skill powers and continue the RPG adventure - Choose from over 50 unique RPG heroes, from melee warriors, powerful magics and healers.- Heroes can develop and upgrade skills while collecting equipment to power up in battle DAZZLING VISUALS-Vivid 3D graphics and special effects puts you in the in the middle of the MMO battles.-High-precision characters and multidimensional animations keep the combat nimble and furious, making you addicted in this role playing world.-Unique pre-battle strategy features-Epic art style and amazing voice performancesONLINE MMORPG GAMES- Team up with friends and take on dungeons for epic rewards.- Join a guild with your friends and take down server bosses for special bonuses - Chat online with your guild to stay up-to-date on daily quests like the Guild Beast to earn more gems.- Collect enough coins to adventure with a cute pet and have it accompany you into battleINGRAINED GAMEPLAY-Real-time CO-OP and PVP battle means the war never stops.-Epic Boss encounters challenge your skills and intelligence to the fullest level.-Defend the honor of your Guild in heroic Guild Wars. MAKE FRIENDS AND ENEMIES-Assert your dominance in local and cross-server arena wars. Equip your character and sharpen your skills, practicing sword play and magic.

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Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom

Alas, the Black Dragon has stolen the treasure of Faraway Kingdom. Go, faithful Knight - follow the Princess order to slay the Dragon and retrieve the treasure * Features- Charming retro pixel-art that will capture your heart - Super easy gameplay: Just tap the screen. Tap Tap - Hire powerful mercenaries to defeat monsters - Easy and intuitive level up system makes gameplay even more fun - Over 200 unique monsters and various dungeons to discover - Defeat boss monsters to get powerful equipment for your Knight - Make your Mercenaries stronger with more than 100 different items to discover - Bring your battle to the next level with special buffs on your mercenaries equipment - Obtain relics to strengthen your Knight and mercenaries

  • rating 4.22727
  • size 39.7 MB
  • version 2.2.3

Sorcerer #2

A Fantasy Role-Playing Game with sword and sorcerer Here comes a new scenario Make a Party consists of 6 persons like a Fighter,Wizard,Priest and more,and Go Down into dungeons of wire-frame Defeat arch-enemy at deep underground Many Monsters and Treasures are waiting for you. If you have Sorcerer #1, you can use characters builded in Sorcerer #1 (computer and network connection required). Known Bugs NONE.

  • size 3.1 MB
  • version 1.22

Heros Lands Journey

Heros Lands Journey is a warrior adventure journey game, in the chaos wars between Heaven and Hell, you are a warrior fighting against the evil force. Features:- Challenge Tower is provided. - 50+ Skills- 144 characters can be invited as a partner.- 20+ Boss level monsters.

  • size 45.9 MB
  • version 1.0

Slash Saga - Swipe Action Card RPG

The Slash Action RPG youve been waiting for Lead a band of heroes to take back your kingdom Defeat enemies by slashing magic orbs to charge bonus attacks. Recruit, strengthen, and evolve your heroes to beat challenging bosses. NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

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Can You Escape 15 Hardest Rooms?

Go challenge yourself in this fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game.15 challenging rooms available at the moment Challenging puzzlesLogic brain teasersEasy to start impossible to put downExplore different themed levels New rooms added frequentlyHow to play:Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level Wish You Win The Champion

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