Email Lookup Application enables users to search an email address for free to determine if a social network profile is associated with that address. Among the social profiles searched within Email Lookup are the very popular Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, and FriendFeed. These links can include photos, details real name, location and even virtual and live friends.


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NameNumber name numerology
Spascribe - skincare prescription pad with eCommerce integration for aesthetics clinics, spas, beauty salons & cosmetics shops
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Email Lookup - Social Network Reverse Email Lookup alternatives

Phoner 2nd Phone Number Anonymous Text + Fake Call

+ The ONLY phone app you need for personal and business that gives you a second phone number, integrated reverse phone number lookup, phone call recording functions, anonymous texting and calling, international calling and texting, SMS and MMS capability and much more + Protect your privacy and make calls and text with a free second phone number without giving away your REAL phone number. + Use our free Photon Phoner number to fake caller id for anonymous texting and private calling without worrying and revealing your real primary number. If you are a business owner, you may want a Phoner number for your home office or office.

Deep Whois

Deep Whois is the most complete and advanced WHOIS app. The tool lets you lookup info in ALL WHOIS databases for ALL hostnames, domains, TLDs, web sites, IDNs, IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), IP network ranges and autonomous systems (ASNs, ISP IDs).Deep Whois works out of the box and finds ownership, country and more info about everything with no need to mess with complex options and server selection. DEMO VIDEOS GREAT APPS Spyglass - augmented reality & GPS navigator Scany - Wi-Fi/LAN network scanner

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Network Tools - Ping, Traceroute, Scan Network

Network Tools by KeepSolid a smart solution for fast and accurate network analysis, server availability check and network censorship test. If you need to check your network settings, test server availability, or scan WiFi networks for neighbor devices, Network Tools has been developed right for you Our professional app is equipped with a wide range of tools like ping, traceroute, DNS resolve, simple TCP client, routes, and interfaces list. The variety of expert analysis tools includes:Server Check and Censorship Test- Add any custom domain for HTTP(S) availability check- Gives additional information on whether domain name cant be resolved or does not answer via HTTP protocol- Shows your extensive information about blocked websites and access timesWiFi Devices List- Shows a list of all WiFi neighbor devices with their respective IP and MAC addresses- Shows NetBIOS/Bonjour names of devices- Allows ping/traceroute of the found devices to check connectivityPing- Allows you to detect a packet loss and network problems- Configurable timeout, delay, packet size, packet countTraceroute- Shows the full route from your device to the destination server- Gives you all the stats on intermediate network hopsDNS Resolve- You can use system configured DNS servers or choose from the list of pre-defined ones- Fast and accurate data with copiable results- Supports both IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) field types- Additional advanced field type responses are provided: MX, NS, SOA, SRV, TXTTCP Client- Connect to any plain-text that supports a TCP server- Supports HTTP, SMTP, POP3, Telnet protocols- Good for students researching network protocolsNetwork Routes- Shows system routes on your device- Similar to route utility from your Mac, especially useful for developersNetwork Interfaces- Shows all system network interfaces along with associated addresses- Similar to ifconfig utility from your Mac.

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Indian Overseas Bank unveils IOBpassbk on your Mobile. Registered account number and mobile number to be entered by the customer. Features include* Display of Virtual IOBpassbk for the selected account * Easy User interface of IOBpassbk in offline mode* Search option - Credit/Debit wise, Amount and Remarks* Display of Account details in the mobile * Send Account Statement to Email as PDF* User Profile viz Name, Address, Mobile, branch name and customer id* Provision to maintain personal ledger for transactions done

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  • version 1.00

NameNumber name numerology

NameNumber brings the essence of Name Numerology in an iOS app that is clean, clear and intuitive. Now with unlimited profiles to entertain all your friends and family. Key features:- Supports unlimited profiles for friends and family for individualized readings- Quick glance provides a peek into the numerology for each profile- Get 6 different readings - Destiny, Heart, Personality, Growth, Heritage and Inspiration Number- Each number reading includes a governing celestial and its associated deity and mantra- Very intuitive app, but just to be sure we offer a comprehensive help and extra information on the Vedic Numbers- Share readings and be social with email, text message and twitter- Quick access with 3D Touch on iPhone 6S / 6S Plus and iPhone7 / 7Plus Let the Numbers of your name be your guide.

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  • version 4.0


ConeX business card app is revolutionizing the way people share business cards between one another, save those cards ensuring you will never misplace them again and even search for new ConeXions using the very FIRST Discover feature targeted purely at finding new business people Features: *Go Green create as many business cards as you wish for FREE No more printing costs *store as many business cards as you wish for FREE No more admin costs typing them up *share as many business cards as you wish for FREE Networking made easy EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: Real time update - once you have shared your cards and decide to change a phone number or an email address just swipe left edit your card and as soon as you save the changes it instantly updates all of your contacts with your current info, without the embarrassment of giving out of date cards or more importantly the cost of having them re-printed Discover - see business cards around the world, you will see their name, job title and or industry before deciding whether you wish to share your card with them. Nearby - this feature is the perfect tool for finding specific professionals in the immediate area, this feature has endless scenarios where it could be used however the most common is in conventions and shows where you can send your card to all attendees and store all their cards without having to walk around with a bulging pocket full. *In-App Purchase User must add address in order to be searched on map Should fill discover profile to be searched on nearby

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  • version 1.7

Spascribe - skincare prescription pad with eCommerce integration for aesthetics clinics, spas, beauty salons & cosmetics shops

Create beautiful skincare prescriptions that engage & convert. Maximize your retail sales conversion of each client visit and post-visit by presenting personalized recommendations in forms that clients engage & respond to. ECOMMERCE-enabled ePrescription buy now links back to your online store for easy purchase (optional) Now, at last, you can convert beyond the consultation moment * Approved by the award-winning global skincare brand Medik8 * Spascribe comes with Medik8 products & treatments pre-installed (fully editable/deletable to your needs) Spascribe outperforms traditional aesthetics prescription methods FASTER & SMARTER- Create a highly detailed prescription in only 30 seconds- Simply select, everything else is auto-generated- Recommend multiple brands on one formMORE PROFESSIONAL- Impress your clients and set the tone from the outset- Increase client satisfaction- No more illegible handwritingREVENUE GENERATION- Recommendations sell themselves with higher conversion- Increase client retention- Increase client referralREMARKETING AUTOMATED- Embedded buy now links to your eshop within the ePrescription- Bridges the consult moment to purchase on your website- Trackable buy links via easily added url tags (utm or affiliate)TRACK PERFORMANCE- Monitor the accuracy team recommendations- Review your teams upsells & cross sells- Identify areas for further team trainingINCENTIVIZE YOUR SALES TEAM- Ability to offer commissions for attributed online sales- Either per user or per location- Even create reward scheme for prescription based targetsALWAYS UP TO DATE- Synced via the cloud across iPads &/or business locations- Adjust for brand & product changes instantly- No more outdated pre-printed formsAUTO ARCHIVE- No more messy filing cabinets- Instant in-app retrieval- One touch re-print or re-email Feature overview use any product or treatment or brand instantly adjust to any changes of your offering print over Wi-Fi with any network connected printer one-click emails prescription directly to customers inbox eCommerce enabled prescriptions to your webshop (optional) prescriptions saved in your searchable library create prescriptions online & offline your data is synced via the Spascribe cloud to all your iPads track employee performance multi-location ready use any product or treatment or brand fulfillment solution for distributors or skincare manufacturers The contents of a Spascribe Personalized Prescription PERSONALIZED PRESCRIPTION HEADER & FOOTER: Your logo Your business address, telephone, email and web address The Customers name The Customers age The Consultants namePRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS SECTION: Product category Product name Product image Product description (up to 200 characters) Product size Product price Product buy url (email version only - optional)TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS SECTION: Treatment name Treatment quantity (optional) Treatment frequency (optional) e.g. 1 every 3 weeksFor more info about the Spascribe application and account requests please visit the Spascribe website.

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Sessions Surf Journal

newSprout Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the Sessions Surf Journal (SSJ), a mobile application for iPhones that allows users to catalog, track and share their surfing journal entries. Sessions in available now and can be downloaded for FREE Sessions allows users to do the following: Catalog, track and share your surf sessions with friends Check out other surf-related social media sites containing updates from your bros as well as other local and global community feeds Establish and track beach improvement programs including clean up initiatives, water quality monitoring and ocean activism Monitor how many pieces of trash you have removed from beaches and actually earn points, badges and prizes for being active on the Sessions app as well as on the beach Expand your surfing network and ocean knowledge while having fun doing it Sessions features include: USER PROFILE: highlights your name, profile photo, board quiver and contact info NEW ENTRIES: Instantly share surf session notes, photos, who you surfed with, what board you rode, where the break was, wave ratings and overall surf and weather conditions; you can share your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and within the Sessions (SSJ) Community data fields COMMUNITY: Keep your finger on the pulse of your bros entries and check out other regional and international feeds as well; view others photos, ratings, notes and more; search trending topics, like or comment on others surf session entries- Connect SURF JOURNAL: View all your previous entries, badges and share via Facebook and Twitter BOARD QUIVER: Add a name and description for each of your boards, as well as check out other SSJ members rides; keep track of any changes, fin set-ups, repairs and dings BREAKS: Geo tag all your favorite surf breaks for future surf sessions and contribute to the SSJ database as well BRO LIST: Add your friends and other SSJ community members to your Bro List and keep track of whos surfing where, how conditions were, and connect with them via the comments section on the app; you can also invite your friends to download Sessions Surf Journal and join the active surfing community via your Address Book, Facebook, Twitter or just send them an email invitation TRASH PICK UP: This feature gives back to Mother Nature and our larger initiative to help make things right at the beach; track how many pieces of trash you picked up each time youre at the beach; track the member who picks up the most trash, or has the most surf sessions and see who receives a sweet prize and be featured on our site at the end of the year LEADERBOARD & BADGES: Each time you use the app, youll earn points and badges for participation; you can track who has the most surf sessions or pieces of retrieved trash; compete for fun and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard with each new entry LINKS: Check out links to our partners, sponsors and related charitable organizations who also care about the ocean About newSprout Foundation:newSprout Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing mobile and web applications for charity with an eye on the oceans, shorelines and beaches of the world. DoubleDutch, the category leader in mobile engagement application development for events and sales teams, created this app using Flock for more information please go to:

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Colors by Number

Colors by Number is an advanced color selection tool used by design professionals, visual artists, educators, developers and color specialists to complement the ongoing discovery and use of color in the mediums, applications and interests of their choice. Colors by Number offers a robust selection of intuitive tools for viewing, saving, editing, printing, exporting, managing and sharing selections from billions of unique color combinations displayed in your choice of 10 distinctive geometric designs. VIEW / SAVE (center panel) Cycle through billions of combinations of four colors generated in either Manual or Auto mode (where colors change every 3 seconds - a progress bar monitors the loading of each new color set) Toggle back and forth between 10 interchangeable geometric designs to view colors surrounding, adjoining and / or layered on top of one another Each design is comprised of four distinct color areas arranged and identified in numbered, overlapping layers Colors by Number is programmed such that no two colors can ever repeat within a given four-color combination Back and Forward buttons allow you to review your entire session history, one step at a time Eyedropper function for sampling and capturing colors generated in the central display - any of the colors in the resulting palette(s) can be selected and dropped onto existing colors in the right-hand control panelOption to hide left and right control panels (try hiding both control panels, select Auto mode and see what happens next ) Save as many of your color selections as you like for editing, printing, sharing or exporting for use in other applicationsSELECT / ADJUST (right panel) All color values are defined in RGB, HSB and Hexadecimal color models plus alpha channel (transparency) values Manipulate individual color values by adjusting slider controls or direct text input changes are reflected in real time in color blocks associated with controls and in the main (center) display area Any number of the four colors in a given design can be locked to prevent a color (or colors) from changing by tapping once on its corresponding small color block; tapping again unlocks the color(s) Tapping twice on a small color block in the right-hand control panel brings up a Visual Color Selector where you can choose to edit or replace an eisting color Info button provides access to Colors by Numbers video tutorial, web site, blog and social network pagesEDIT / MANAGE / EXPORT (left panel) View your entire session-specific history recorded from generated color / design selections, slider adjustments, text inputs or saved color palette / design retrievals Store an unlimted number of color selections in a Library that can be viewed even after Colors by Number has been quit and restarted; stored selections stored in the Library include dates created and last modified Print multiple selections with color data and associated thumbnail images to AirPrint-enabled printers Edit: review, add, delete or modify your Saved and Library selections at any timeExport multiple, saved color selections as Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) or Image files through iTunes and email all selections exported via email include thumbnail images with numbered color areas and color data including aplha channel values Share your color / design selections via message, email, Twitter or Facebook

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  • version 1.6.3