Electronic Lab App DescriptionElectronic Lab is a great phone application for people working in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Hobbyist, DIYers, Students, Technicians with specific needs, Engineers can all benefit from this app. FeaturesElectronic Color codeColor pickerAlpha-Numeric Code IdentificationSample circuitsComponent librariesCalculatorsComponent DatasheetFormulaCalculatorsUnit ConversionArduino Code editorCircuit design and simulationPCB designChip SimulationWaveform audio visualizerSignal to AudioPage Bookmarking The following features require the Bluetooth moduleVoltmeterAmmeterOscilloscopeVoltage generatorFrequency generatorChip programming (Arduino) ContributionShare SimulationsShares circuitsShare codeAdd formulaAdd Sample circuitAdd PCB design

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Nuts & Volts Magazine

Enjoy Nuts & Volts Magazine in a format thats as mobile as you are The Nuts & Volts App is your entry portal for electronics projects, information, tutorials, and more Packed with the latest complete issues of Nuts & Volts magazine, plus current info from our Tech Forum and blogs, youll have all the access you need to the electronics community, on the go and at your fingertips MAGAZINE FEATURES: Current and past issues of Nuts & Volts Magazine. Brilliant replica format, just like the print edition you know and love. GTxcel.com/privacy

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Electronics & Communication Dictionary SMART Guide

Learn Electronics and Digital Electronics by GoLearningBus

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Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus

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Electronics Engineering ToolKit

This is the brand-new Electronics Engineering ToolKit The HIGHLY RATED and RECOMMENDED productivity app. Users say it is the BEST and MOST PRACTICAL EE ToolKit App in the whole iTunes App Store. with the option to open pdf datasheets live or by e.g. iBooks simple and quick unit conversion within the single calculators fast on-the-fly conversions and calculations real-time circuit simulations support for preferred E series, sliders and min/max calculations auto-save of all entries over several sessions and many many more

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