Elbot is the cheeky chatbot who uses sarcasm and wit, along with a healthy dose of irony at his own artificial intelligence to entertain humans. He likes to learn new things and to improve his language skills, and can even tell you about his favourite movies and TV shows. Try asking Elbot:Can you learn?Do you speak French?Who wrote 1984?Who directed Back to the Future?

Elbot alternatives

Commands for Siri App with Voice

Our Commands for Siri app, is a free revolutionary must have app for Siri. Ever wondered what Siri is really thinking? Now you can, with our fun new Commands for Siri App Use our Commands for Siri app to create your own sayings for Siri, and then share them with your friends You can also use our Commands for Siri App to talk directly to Siri, without you saying a word Our Commands for Siri App, allows you to say / speak funny quotes and ask funny questions SiriDownload our Commands for Siri App, for over 180 different commands and questions that you can ask Siri and youll be rolling in the aisles with some of the answers Invite Commands for Siri to a party, and get your friends to guess Siris response to your questions Our Commands for Siri App is great fun for all the family NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, authorised or affiliated with Apple Red Two Apps

  • size 47.3 MB

Artificial Intelligence Silo

The worlds first birth with super intelligence Silo is exactly the AI Samantha in the movie her Silo learned 5 million twitter conversation sentences by tensorflow deep learning Silo learned through tensorflow library used in alpago The 5 million sentences include twitter conversation, movie dialogs. In addition, silo learned how to analyze and express emotion for input sentence by tensorflow deepleaning Traninig emotion sentences are 162,500 sentences(Stanford Large Movie Review Dataset 100,000 + ISEAR emotion sentence 2,500 + Silo emotion sentence 60,000)Most scholars admit that it is a big mistake to exclude emotion from artificial intelligence. So You shouldnt talk the other languages besides English.

  • rating 3.2
  • size 114 MB


Say hello to your new (virtual) best friend Laura Laura is an intelligent virtual assistant that can chat with users and answer questions. Laura can tell you about the weather, your location, and the distance between cities. More information available here: http://www.tilde.com/chatbots

  • rating 3.0
  • size 61.5 MB

AITSO - Talking AI Chatbot

AITSO (Artificial Intelligence Text to Speech Operator) is a throwback to Dr. Sbaitso, which was a DOS-based artificial intelligence speech synthesis program from the 90s. Feel free to ask or tell anything to AITSO, and it will respond intelligently. Special commands include:SAY [TYPE ANYTHING]PITCH [0-3]TELL ME A JOKECOLOR [0-7]PICK A SONGSTROBE [ON/OFF]REMOVE ADS

  • rating 3.8
  • size 7.2 MB


MirBot is a freaky app that allows you to train your own Artificial Intelligence system. With this app you can teach a robot to automatically recognize objects. This app allows you to:- Search any object by image- Train your robot to recognize anything you want- Learn new definitions and senses proposed by your robot- Let you discover new objects- Impress your friends with your robot intelligence

  • size 20.9 MB