The phone developers wouldnt LEggo the waffle emoji so we did. Now you can finally share an Eggo emoji with friends in 24 different ways


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Eggoji alternatives

Procreate Pocket

Create - anytime, anywhere. App Store Editors Choice and App Store Best of 2015 in eight countries. Beautiful drawing tools- 12 specially made brushes for illustration and concept sketching- Download and import thousands of custom Procreate brushes- Pressure sensitivity for devices with 3D Touch- Persistent precision brush sliders for rapid brush and opacity adjustment Studio-grade features- Powered by the acclaimed 64-bit Silica painting engine- Optimized for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus - 64-bit color for professional accuracy - Never worry about making mistakes with 250 levels of undo - Continuous auto-save so your work is always preserved- 4K Cinema Canvas for iPhone 5 and above Full layering system- Dynamic layer caps offer as many layers as possible for your iPhone hardware- Lock your layer transparency with a single swipe- Create, merge, delete and adjust opacity of layers- 18 layer Blend Modes for perfect compositing Redefined tools- Move, distort & shear- Non-uniform and uniform transformation - ColorDrop- ColorDrop threshold- Freehand selection tool- Quick duplicate selection GPU accelerated filters - Gaussian Blur - Sharpen - Hue, Saturation, Brightness - Curves 1080p video recording- Procreate records your every stroke without interruption or delay Sharing- Multiple file formats including .procreate, PSD, JPG and 24-bit PNG- iCloud Drive- AirDrop - Print via AirPrint

  • rating 3.92045
  • size 74.9 MB

Party Parrots

Sick and tired of using the English language? So 2015. Have you tried communicating through the medium of a pixellated caricature of a rare, endangered, flightless, jungle bird?PARTYPARTYPARTYPARROTSPARROTSPARROTS

  • rating 4.84403
  • size 3.8 MB

Emoji Trolls

Now you can add some sparkle and shine to your messages with stickers of your favorite characters from DreamWorks Animations TROLLS Join Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, Guy Diamond, Biggie, Cooper and more to show your true colors with messaging stickers and photos stamps from the heart Emoji Trolls combines the functions of a sticker app, keyboard app, and photo app all in one. Best of all, the app is available as a FREE download Tell your friends when you Have a Hairific Day, let them know when its Hug Time, send them a GIF of Branch dancing, or add crazy Trolls hairstyles to your photos Customize the size of your Trolls stickers and send messages directly from the app or enable the Apple device keyboard extension. If you wish to enable the app as a keyboard extension, please read the tutorial and FAQ in the app and follow the instructions.

  • rating 4.38739
  • size 39.7 MB

PBS KIDS Stickers

Sago Mini

For all the Sago Mini Moms and Dads - a sticker pack just for you Life with kids is messy, chaotic, sometimes hilarious and always exhausting. Out of diapers? And for your little ones - be sure to download Sago Mini Babies Dress Up from the App Store

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Eggoji Emoji Keyboard

The phone developers wouldnt LEggo the waffle emoji so we did. Now you can finally share an Eggo emoji with friends in 24 different ways

  • size 27.8 MB
  • version 1.3

Labrador Puppy Emoji Stickers

Text your friends with these adorable lab emoji We currently have 36 emoji, and are still adding more.3 Ways to Share: Main App Messages App Emoji KeyboardFrom the main app, type in a keyword into the search bar. The app will display relevant emoji. 83db7d3860

  • rating 4.57143
  • size 36.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard - Special Emojis App

The best collection of Heavy Metal Emojis You can now use Heavy Metal Emojis to express your feelings and emotions in different occasions Want to share something cool with your friends? Just send them a Heavy Metal Emoji. We do not read, record or transmit anything you type.

  • size 13.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Emoji Booth Pro

Emoji Booth is finally here Ever wondered what you would look like as an emoji? Create your own personalized emoji and share with friends. Other:Patent Pending Zeal Apps Ltd

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Guess The Emoji - Movies

Its finally here Guess the Emoji - Movies Edition We know how much you love these cute emojis, and we know how much you love movies So, from the makers who brought you the original Guess The Emoji, you can now put you Emoji and movie guessing skills to the test Its the best of both worlds Enjoy countless hours of fun as we test your trivia, logic, reasoning and movie knowledge all at the same time Can you beat your friends?Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comHave fun and get started Guessing the Emoji - MOVIES

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  • size 33.5 MB
  • version 3.31

Emoji Booth

Emoji Booth is finally here Ever wondered what you would look like as an Emoji? Why not create your own personalized Emoji and share with friends. Other:Patent Pending Zeal Apps Ltd

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  • version 1.2

DoodleMoji - Doodle Emoji & Stickers

DoodleMoji is the #1 emoji app for Doodle Lovers Share your love for your Doodle by sharing these wonderful Doodle images with your friends and family DoodleMoji features hand-drawn Labradoodle and Goldendoodle images from licensed Contemporary Pup Artist Kim Niles DoodleMoji provides three ways to share your emoji:1. In any app using the custom keyboard2. Check back often as we will be regularly updating the app with new emoji

  • rating 2.6
  • size 60.2 MB
  • version 1.1.1

SaltBaeMoji - Salty Stickers

Finally Chat with your friends salt bae style 50 emojis so you can express yourself with all of salt baes emotions The most stylish set of emojis out there Use SaltBaeMoji in Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Email, Notes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and wherever else you chat with your friends. Choose from an ever expanding library of salt bae emojis with different ways to express yourself and more Starting with 50 emojis, expanding every week. Stylish and fashionable range of emojis - with every so you can make a fashion statement to all your friends on social media Weekly exciting updates - more emojis added every week so you can express yourself salt bae style in any situation imaginable So stop sending boring unsalty messages YES I want to Download SaltBaeMoji to impress my friends, family and all my social media followers with new SaltBaeMojis NOW

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Italian Emoji - Italian Emojis, Stickers and Gifs

Finally, an emoji app for every Italian gesture. Download Italian Emoji and get the very best Italian emojis and gifs to text friends and family. You can also choose to share Italian Emoji content from the app without installing the keyboard.

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  • size 80.9 MB
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Emoji Maker - Make Your Own Emoticon Avatar Faces

Emoji Maker - Emojis For Any Situation 258+ MILLION Possible Emoji Combinations Make Emojis that express exactly how you feel right now Share with all your friends, no matter what phone, tablet, or computer they have Emoji Maker fans are saying: Always loved playing around with these guys in my texts & so on, but this app takes it to a whole new level. -Mo Apps Cool way of creating your own custom emojis -Sas1234sas So much fun - a great emoji app -Spitfiregsd Emoji Maker lets you create your very own Emoji right on your iPhone. View or Share Emojis with your friends using the popular built-in social sharing solutions like iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram With the many available Emoji Parts, you can always create something new, cool, and unique - Just Check The Screenshots And See For Yourself * Get ready for the app that revolutionizes Emoji and Smiley apps as you know them With Customized Emojis you will always be able to create and send Emojis that express exactly how you feel right now With Emoji Maker an Emoji says more than a thousand words So stop waiting and get Emoji Maker while it is hot and free

  • rating 2.90909
  • size 27.0 MB
  • version 1.8