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EasyCallBack - Cheap International Calls alternatives

Voca - Calls & Messaging

VocaVocaVoca - - Voca - - - Voca - - - http://www.getvoca.com [email protected] .

Localphone Dial Online cheap international calls

Stay in touch with your loved ones abroad at really cheap international rates with the Localphone app. Call and SMS from your iPhone to over 250 countries at a fraction of the cost of your mobile provider. See the Rates section of the app to check rates for all countries.

NorthEast Voip Phone

Most recommended Voip phone AppNew works faster on iOS 5.0 and iphone 4SCall your friends & family, National and International with youriPod/iPad/iPhoneWorks on WIFI, GPRS, EDGE or UMTSHD Quality Voice call Europe,US,Canada,India from $1centAfrica very low prices. Super saver International calls No Hidden costs. For iPod Touch 1st generation users you need to upgrade your iPod to iPhone/iPod OS 2.2.1 or above and you also need external microphone.

Vopium - FREE CALL - Cheap International Calls!

Save up to 94% on international calls and keep in touch anytime and anywhere in the world.> Call anywhere and join 1.5M users Worldwide Call any phone in the World even when youre not on Wi-Fi or mobiledata. Prices are very low and even free when you call other Vopium users who is online or with push notification. Vopium is listed on NYSE Euronext in Paris.

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