Featuring the same arrow keys as well-received Easy Mailer series - You can type URL easier with a QWERTY keyboard with the original extended keys *Arrow Keys and other Keys work ONLY this app. Also Mailer or SMS are Available English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Rumanian version are Available SPECIAL FEATURES:* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing* Dedicated Keys to type http://, www etc with a single touch are equipped above the standard QWERTY keyboard for typing URL easier* More dedicated keys appear when iPhone/iPod Touch rotated to type on a larger QWERTY keyboard* Automatically save URLs you typed in the list for easier revisits* You can use all functions of the standard QWERTY Keyboards with this application. + Also Available +1Hand Keyboard Series You can type messages and URLs easier with one-hand 1Hand URL Keyboard Free 1Hand SMS Keyboard Series 1Hand Mailer Keyboard Series (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Swedish) - Easy Mailer Series - write messages and URLs easier with useful arrow keys & original extended keys - - Easy Mailer Keyboard Series - - SMS (^^) Smile Keyboard Series (English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portugese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Rumanian) www.4us.jpThank you

Easy URL Keyboard Free alternatives

Paste It Keyboard

Weve all been thereTyping in the same information over and over and over again. Luckily theres an easier way. With Paste It Keyboard, just type in this tedious information once and then call up the keyboard from within other apps and paste your information with just one tap of a button Using iOS 8 keyboard extensions, Paste It Keyboard can quickly and easily allow you to:Fill out address forms onlineWrite email signaturesShare long recipes or directionsThe possibilities are endless Extend your existing apps Message, Email, Notes, Facebook, Twitter, etc.iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch compatibleHelp instructions included within the appIf you enjoy using Paste It Keyboard, we would kindly ask you to please leave a review on the App Store for us.

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  • size 4.5 MB

Cursor Keyboard

- I want left/right keys anyway - I am not good at moving a cursor using a magnifying glass - I cannot move a cursor to the place between i & i This app is a keyboard which is specialized to move a cursor for you [Keys]- - - delete- return (It becomes Search etc. according to input field type. We confirmed it works with Mail and Notes apps (the latest version of 31st October, 2014).

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Short URL Maker

Short URL Maker is a simple yet powerful tool that used to convert the long URLs into a short URLs. Also,you can enable the Safari Shortener Extension. Supported Services:- bit.ly- v.gd- is.gd- goo.gl- own.li- sh.st- dwz.cn

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Smart numpad in Calcvier. This keyboard is easy calculator

Calcvier numpad will turn your keyboard into Calculator Add calculator keyboard to make fast calculations anywhere. No need to switch between apps or use some widget, no need to copy and paste results To enable Calcvier on your device:1) Open Settings app2) Go to General > Keyboard > Keyboards3) Tap Add New Keyboard4) Tap CalcvierYou can use Calcvier keyboard in any app such Notes, Mail, Safari, Messages and other Smart numpad in Calcvier. This keyboard is easy calculator

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