Save time and fit whole images easily to Instagram and Facebook without cropping Heres what happy users are saying: (thank you )Honest and effective +++++Refreshingly simple and effective. Kailee100So easy and actually works +++++Been looking forever for an app that could post to Instagram a full size pic, and this does that exactly So easy, and super fast kara.wNo more deciding who or what to crop out in pictures. Save time on editing and spend more time shooting and sharing with the super simple interface MAIN FEATURES:* Turns any of your photos into a square for Instagram by automatically adding white, black, or CUSTOM colored sidebars.

Easy Square - Post Entire Photos On Instagram With No Crop alternatives

FunSlides - Make HD video from photos

Fontpress: Write Beautiful PhotoText Over Your Pictures with Image Filters and Fonts

Add text to your photos and share unique messages with your friends. SHOW HOW YOU FEEL, WITH JUST THE RIGHT PICTURE & FONTFontpress lets you add short (or not so short) captions to your photos. Use responsibly, and have fun :) The App Makers @ Qrayon.

FreezePaint: The Live Camera Remixer

A New Kind of Photography Remix the world around you with FreezePaint - the easiest way to create fun, strange, impressionistic or beautiful compositions. Its curiously addictive Go grab it and have some fun. Keep it up until youve made something awesome See for more information, demo videos, and examples of the cool stuff you can do And now check out the amazing gallery of images our user community has created at http://favorites.freezepaintapp.comFollow us on Twitter: @freezepaintLike us on Facebook:

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Marksta allows you to watermark your photography, adding text or a logo directly from your iPhone or iPad. Add a copyright notice to your images before sharing them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. We have total respect for your privacy and intellectual property, and we will never store or sell any of your information or images - our only income is from the purchase price of the app.