The EU Login app is developed by EC DIGIT.D.3 to facilitate your day-to-day authentication. Once you have registered your device with your EU Login account, authentication can be done with just your PIN code when accessing EU Login protected applications using the app via your mobile browser. Dont worry, you can generate a unique code via the QR Code scanner.

EU Login alternatives

MobileIron [email protected]

MobileIron [email protected] allows you to easily and securely access your organizations web content on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. [email protected] works with your organizations MobileIron infrastructure to provide access to internal web content without a separate VPN connection, view bookmarks based on your role, and ensure that all sensitive data is secured. Please consult with your organizations Mobile IT staff before downloading [email protected]

Symantec Work Mail

This application requires Symantec Mobility: Suite deployed in the enterprise and enabled for end users. Please contact your mobile email administrator before downloading this application. SECURITY:-Clear Separation of corporate email from personal email -Auto-configuration and scalable enterprise management-Data at Rest AES-256 Encryption -Selective Remote Lock / Wipe -PIN/Password Policies at App Level-DLP Controls, including copy/paste restrictions for data and attachments-S/MIME Support-Block attachments from unauthorized apps -Store attachments in secure folder within app-Enforce HTTPS SSL secure connectionsEMAIL:-Move and sync folders-Download attachments-Enable HTML-Custom email signatures-Access the Global Address List-Flag for follow up-Customizable Body Styles-Assign CategoriesNOTIFICATIONS:-Customize notification options for Emails, Appointments & Tasks-Badge on new email-Push email CALENDAR:-Edit, Update and Delete appointments-Accept, decline and create meetings -Assign categories-Agenda, Day, Week and Month views-Customizable work week-Support for ZoomingCONTACTS:-One-way export to device phonebook-Call or email from contact list-Create, Edit and Delete contacts-Edit multiple fields-Add photo-Assign categoriesTASKS:-Create, Edit and Delete tasks-Assign categories-Sync multiple foldersNOTES:-Create, Edit and Delete notes-Assign categories-Sync multiple folders

  • size 71.4 MB


Projectplace provides the tools you need to get the job done. Visualize your workflow for perfect and transparent control with Kanban boards. * Get notified of updates in your projects.

  • size 57.2 MB