BUSINESS ENGLISH - video course for executives, secretaries and businessmen useful words, phrases and expressions this course is considered advances english - for people with good and basic knowledge in englishThe primary objective of this course is to offer a concise and practical way to learn necessary, useful and common vocabulary items and key sentences in English relevant to the diverse business topics encountered every day by executives and anyone engaged in the business world. This course does not presume to be a comprehensive course in Business English, but rather a business phrase guide to help you refresh and augment your knowledge of English. We sure enjoyed producing them for you

ENGLISH MASTER - Business English alternatives

English Test Package (Grammar, Business, Synonym, Idiomatic Expressions, Common Errors)

IELTS Study Pro

IELTS is the worlds proven English test. More people go more places with IELTS.Over 1.7 million tests were taken last year enabling candidates to start their journeys into international education and employment. PDF Document+View PDF Online+View Video Online +Living English +English Study +Nexus English +Bussiness English+if Downloaded,Open PDF ,Video Ofline+Manage Downloaded Files +Dictionary Eng-Eng

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Learn Hot English Magazine

Learn English with the Hot English app English for all levels (easy advanced). A monthly magazine for learning English: readings (current topics, words explained) + listenings (lots of accents) + exercises + videos. If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected] can find our privacy policy here: can find our terms and conditions here:

Grammar Express: Reported Speech Lite

Grammar Express: Reported Speech is the complete course in mastering Direct and Indirect narration in English. It contains over 50 pages of lessons explaining rules for conversion of Direct Speech into Indirect Speech with several examples. Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

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American Stories Vol. 2 Lite

EASY ENGLISH This application displays text and plays audio at the same time. Contents -A Horseman in the Sky -A Municipal Report -A Pair of Silk Stockings -An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge -Feathertop -Rappaccinis Daughter -The Exact Science of Matrimony -The Gift of the Magi -The Legend of Sleepy Hollow -The Luck of Roaring Camp Key Features 1. If you touch a sentence, the app read the sentence.

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