Use Eletta app to pair and sync your Eletta SYNC watch to your Iphone. Set up the notifications you want to get on your watch, know where you left your watch, control your fitness activity, check UV rays intensity and more. Features:- Pair your Eletta SYNC watch to your Iphone and sync time from the Iphone to your Eletta SYNC watch.- Set up the notifications you want to receive on your watch: calls, text messages, social networks, etc- Use your Eletta SYNC watch as a remote control of your Iphone camera.- Set up your fitness goals, control and share them with your friends- Set up alarms- Check the intensity of UV Rays and protect your health- Get a notification whenever you are away from your Iphone (prevent losing your Iphone, as well as getting notified if someone takes your Iphone from you).- Make you phone ring from your Eletta SYNC watch (you will know where your left your Iphone)


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ELETTA alternatives

MEO Remote

The MEO Remote app allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into your new MEO remote control. In addition to the traditional features of MEO remote control, the MEO Remote app also allows to:- Send photos stored on your iOS device to the TV- Share whats on TV with your friends through Facebook and Twitter - Record any programme at any time, wherever you are, and watch it at homeThe MEO Remote app is available for MEO ADSL and Fiber customers. Using MEO Remote app implies accepting the Service Condition Terms (Condies de Utilizao do Servio) available on

  • size 21.5 MB

Converter Free: Convert Units And Currencies

Converter Free is an elegant and simple unit converter. Its especially designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it takes full advantage of them Offering a wide range of categories and units to convert, this is all that you would ever need from a converter Unit/Currency Converter Features: - 25+ Categories, 450+ Units - 150+ Currencies - Support of 24 Languages Available categories: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Cooking Volume, Data, Data Transfer, Energy, Flow, Force, Frequency, Fuel, Length, Luminance, Power, Performance, Pressure, Radiation, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Volume, Weight, Currencies Available languages: English, Deutsch, Dansk, Franais, Nederlands, Magyar, Suomi , Portugus, Italiano, Espaol, , Svenska, Slovenina, Bokml, Trke, , Polski, etina, Romn, Hrvatski, , , ,

  • size 37.6 MB


TVMote is the remote controller for SmartTVs, MediaCenters and STBs for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Currently, the supported devices are: LG SmartTVs (2013/2014 Models) LG WebOS TVs models Samsung TVS (2012/2015 Models) Panasonic Viera SmartTVs Mediaroom STBs (for VodafonePT, MEO and other providers) NOS IRIS STBs Kodi (XBMC) media player Google ChromeCast Roku devicesThe main features are: Channel List on TVs and STBs, allowing to set favorites and change current channel Multiple layouts, for improved interaction for each different scenarios Auto-discovery (on local network) and manual configuration of devices ChromeCast remote supports cast of local media (PRO only) Keyboard support for Kodi and LG SmartTVs TrackPad (iOS)PRO users will also get rid of ads, while supporting new features :)

  • rating 4.0
  • size 45.1 MB


RoomScan is the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan, making sure it always gets the job done:1. Augmented Reality Scanning new in iOS 11, use your iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or aboves camera to scan the floor and accurately add walls in seconds.2. Before leaving feedback here, please give us a chance to help by emailing [email protected] Patent 8868375UK Patent Pending

  • rating 4.30302
  • size 31.3 MB

More Information About alternatives


Through this app installed on the phone, people can use different functions of the smart watch think-positive. Such as fitness smart time sync, Find the phone, Check UV index and so on.

  • size 36.2 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Notice Smart Watch - sync SmartWatch Bluetooth

Ready to sync your SmartWatches with iPhone? Just do it now Using Notice Smart Watch you will pair your phone and watch via Bluetooth in seconds Use powerful features such as notifications and Apple Health sync. Application requires an iOS 9.1 version or higher

  • rating 2.9697
  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 1.0


GrowZealer is designed for Matrix S series LED grow lights , comes withthe exciting features as bellow:-Manual mode , quick set the intensity for each channel 0~100%-My program mode :Pre-set modes(Veg mode, Flower mode,UV mode) and DIY mode-4 Channels , 8 time points settable, light intensity gradually goes up or down -Cloud Set&Flash Set, 3 time points available, -Sync Display with the smart Wifi controller-Applying to the daisy-chain system for multi Matrix S lightsSupportting the following models from Ledzal :Matrix SP300 Matrix SP600 Matrix SP900Matrix SP1200

  • size 14.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms

Set any number of alarms, fall asleep or wake up to your favorite iTunes music and personalize your clock display with +10 Themes & unlimited colors. Its the classic alarm clock of the 21st century FEATURES Set Unlimited Alarms Set your favorite iTunes music as alarm sound Sleep Timer - fall asleep to your favorite music BIG Snooze Buttons - Fully adjust the snooze function & length Local Weather Information like weather description, temperature Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness. If you are happy with this update, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store ENJOYTHE TIME IS RIGHT

  • rating 4.4375
  • size 69.8 MB
  • version 5.1.7

UV Today Skin Safety

Enjoy outdoors with safety for you skin Limited Time App is discounted Works with Apple Watch A vital part of care for your skin is protection from harmful UV rays. Extended exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays can cause skin damage. While you should always take precautions against overexposure to the sun, please take special care to adopt the safeguards given when the UV Index predicts levels of moderate or above

  • size 11.6 MB
  • version 1.7


Geeskme app syncs and interacts with Geeksme GME1, the first Life Lovers Watch. It features with 4 working modes: g fitness, g sleep, g love and g ecological.g fitness tracks your fitness activity, steps, walked distance, burned calories and fat, exercise time, goals setting and progress.g love tracks the love activity, length, start and end time, burned calories and intensity. Additionally, the app allows to control the watch settings including:- Screen brightness- Alarms and reminders- Date and Time- User profile- Notifications - LED lights ON/OFF- Units- Sleep display- Etc

  • size 57.5 MB
  • version 1.21

AaZEN Wear

AaZEN Wear is used to pair the AaZEN smart watch with iPhone. The users account information would sync the cloud what include Users Individual Database and Motion Data. And you can set the AaZEN Wear by this App.

  • size 28.0 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Ring Ring Ring

Ring Ring Ring is an iPhone application that remote your Cisco IP Phone to make outbound call, base on the address book entries on your iPhone Your iPhone address book now becomes your Cisco IP phone address book Key features: - Remote control your phone to make outbound call, 1-click to call- Information that has been entered are saved, no need to input every time - Support up to 5 phone entries from your iPhone address book - Support all Cisco IP phones - Support Cisco UCMCheck it out: Video: page: Ring Ring iPhone app,IP,iPhone iPhoneIP :- IP, iPhone- ,- iPhone5- IP- UCM: : Ring Ring iPhone app,IP,iPhone iPhoneIP :- IP, iPhone- ,- iPhone5- IP- UCM: :

  • size 3.2 MB
  • version 1.3

Timr: Universal Timer Countdown Cooking Multitimer

If you updated to iOS5 after installing this app, please note that you have to activate notifications in the settings app for Timr to enable the alarms. Timr Take your time. Timr is the best timer available Features: Universal app customized for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Dont miss any alarms since timers continue to run in the background (support for local notifications) Start as many timers at the same time as you like Set up your own alarms in hours, minutes and seconds Use serveral useful built-in timers Choose what you like from over 20 alarm sounds Create your own customized timers and select from predefined icons or snap a photo with your iPhone Stay in the know with the detailed and illustrated help section built right into the app Express your impatience with ringing timers and shake your device to stop them Smile Personalize the main view background with your own pictures Feel at home with a familiar and easy to use iOS interface

  • size 17.5 MB
  • version


The reinvention of a traditional object; This clock mimics a cuckoo clock and signals the natural evolution of night into day by the position of the rays. The rays act as the cuckoo and gradually move in and out at every hour and go from complete exposure at 12 pm mimicking the full sun at noon to completely hidden at 12am and mimicking the moon at midnight. Features create up to 3 alarms turn on/off alarms as needed

  • size 9.8 MB
  • version 1.1