EDGE Terminal is a free and streamlined way for players to login at their favorite laser tag facilities operating with Laser Tag Pro equipment. To register, users create their CallSign which is a unique gamertag that is generated during sign-up. The app provides mobile administrative control for operators who need to move about the arena during gameplay.


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Servers for Minecraft PE! (Minecraft Servers)

Access new servers for Minecraft PE Play on tons of modded servers with PVP, mini games, survival, parkour, factions, CTF, and MORE Content is supplemental and must be purchased separately. A purchase is necessary to access all the features within the app, such as unlocking all the servers available. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB.

  • rating 4.6116
  • size 51.8 MB

Recoil Game

RECOIL is a first of its kind first-person shooter brought to life Use with the RECOIL Multi-Player Starter Set, which includes advanced weaponry and a Wi-Fi game hub. Feel the kickback of your weapon as 3D positional audio lets you hear exactly where enemy fire is coming from. Its time to get in on the action because The World Is Now Game.

  • rating 3.4
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Free Robux for Roblox Cheats and Guide

Vehicle and Weapon Mods for Minecraft PC Free

This app is for Minecraft PC edition only Please note that this app serves as a guide. It does not change game, you will require additional software to do it This guide features the most mods of any guide out there and is the easiest to use. Features:-Vehicle and Weapon mods -Add to Favorites -Search -Much More

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Live Servers for Minecraft PE & PC Pocket Edition

Want a huge list of working, awesome, and highly technical servers for free? This is a list of all of that including Lucky Block Servers, Build Battles, PvP, and much more We have just added lots of PE Servers too You will find Pocket Edition Servers as well as PC Servers at your fingertips. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB, Notch Development AB, or Minecraft in any manner.- This app adheres to the terms for commercial content set out by Mojang AB at www.minecraft.net/termsMinecraft /TM & 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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Callsign Live

CallSign - A Live Action Gaming ConsoleCallSign is one of a kind, free-to-download app that provides a digitally enhanced live gaming experience. Use CallSign to connect to your favorite Laser Tag Pro powered battlefield worldwide or purchase a BRX to play at home. Join the revolution that merges players with battlefields around the world for the first time in laser tag history Callsign will change our understanding of live action gaming

  • size 208 MB
  • version 3.1

Office Hero

Whole new Valentines version~The company that Mike established with hard work is now under their competitors attack Help this company to strike back Each employee has his own special skills. Unique equipment and mysterious mascots will surprise you during the game. -Login to your Game Center to compete with other players-Support Retina display

  • rating 4.4375
  • size 218 MB
  • version 1.1.0

League of Angels-Paradise Land

Endorsed By Gal Gadot An epic fantasy RPG adventure with beautiful graphics and procedurally-generated levels created by a senior art director who worked on GTA5. The game features a new dual-resource combat system that incorporates Roguelike and MOBA elements resulting in a truly unique and innovative RPG in the LoA universe. [Game Features]Superb Visual Presentation:- Stunning combat effects- Dynamic 3D scenery- Exquisite character art and designEngaging Strategy:- Epic Battles: Recruit Heroes and strategically build your team to defeat the forces of evil- Innovative Dual Resource combat system adds another layer of strategyMultiple Progression Methods:- Recruit Heroes, Augment and Ascend their power, learn and upgrade powerful Skills, and build your ultimate team- Thousands of Hero Equipment to find; Upgrade, Refine, and even Awaken them to unlock their true potential- Imbue your Heroes with new powers using the mystical Magistones- Hero Blessing allows all your Heroes add to your strengthWide Variety of Gameplay:- Honor Trial: Dungeon-crawling game mode based on the Roguelike genre- Labyrinth: Explore the darkest depths, find hidden treasures, and confront epic Bosses - Arena: Battle players around the world, use strategy to conquer your rivals- Guilds: Create or join Guilds with hundreds of players, strive towards common goalsFollow us on Facebook for a chance to earn special rewards: https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/

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  • size 203 MB
  • version 1.2.1

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Auto-Play Gaining EXP,Gold and Gears So Easy to RPG the King Arthurs Saga Adventure Of Arthur OLAOA is a classic idle RPG game loosely based on the story of King Arthur, whose adventure is mapped out in many zones that dish out challenges and rewards in equal measure. Unlike the usual ones, AOAs visuals are impressive and play options are abundant and you can actually interact with other players via in-game chat, troop contest and arena battles Exciting features about AOA:* The Auto-Battle System: your knights can fight automatically even you are off-line, and bring you amazing gifts when you come back * Well-Balanced Job Class: You can play the role of Knight, Ranger and Wizard, their skills and weakness are well-balanced * Unique AIDE System: When your characters level reached 15, you will have your first aide; your aides will help you a lot during the fighting. Dont forget to train them and equip them with powerful equipments * The Special Forge System: Forge the useless equipments to get equipments with higher quality or FP (can be used for S.Make to get Divine equipments), and auto-forge function is available here * Arena for Great Honor: the system will find comparable players for you to climb to the top of Arena Ranking faster; you can also exchange various gifts with your honor here * The Exciting Drill System: Join the Drill to get the Gem Bags& plenty Coins then tap the Gem on your heroes equipments to enhance your characters power * The multi-function League: you can hunt for Titan, join the League War, Exchange gifts with your credits and get rewards from Check here * Powerful Chat System: World Chat and League Chat are waiting for you

  • size 36.2 MB
  • version 1.0.0


HypSports: Where Fans CompeteHypSports is the ultimate fantasy sports app for gamers. Its free to play along with your favorite sport, all season long. Pick Your Sport- Choose your sport or esport, or play them all - Receive your initial roster of players and starter rewardsBuild Your Team- Collect real professional players- Craft the ultimate roster - Level up your players to boost their scoring potential- Buy and sell pro players to improve your line-upsNEW Season Showdown- This new mode is designed to turn every pro season into an exclusive competition for fans- Your best roster is automatically entered in the Season Showdown mode each day- Progress through a series of weekly competitions as you move up through the divisions on your quest for a coveted spot in the Finals- Youll play against similarly ranked teams for rewards, glory, and a shot at the title of Season Champ- In HypSports, every day is game daySolo Challenges- Wage a solo campaign against no one but yourself- Enter your best players into live events against CPU opponent- Advance through levels of solo competition and earn a huge reward Head-to-head Leagues- Wager coins against other H2H players to see who scores the most fantasy points during live events- Choose between one challenger or compete against a group of four in a multi-day series of eventsAdvanced Features- Esports competitions feature live streaming of matches- HypCash rewards may be collected in one sport, and used in another- Best Lineup button makes it easy for you to see your strongest lineup for any situation - Use your HypCash and Coins to purchase Player Packs, sign free agents, and pick up other valuable resources to help your teams win

  • rating 4.88889
  • size 262 MB
  • version 3.07.1005

Clone Evolution

The future of science fiction themed card games has come to the AppStore Download Clone Evolution to begin commanding your army of clones today Game backgroundIts the year 2045 and on the boderland of South Americas Atacama Desert, a team of expert scientists under the command of the evil F-Tec are presenting their findings of a series of never seen before biological experiments to senior F-Tec officials. Within the capsule surrounded by the crowd, stands a familiar figure, a clone comprised of the strongest genes ever synthesized in the history of cloning. -Multi-line development: Equip for clones with chips from our dual systemReceive awesome equipment, special access and generous packages freely to aid you in creating unique heroes with fearsome, unrivalled attributes.-Immersive gameplay: Endless PVE/PVP combatWisely select the composition of your clone army, including the skills that will secure victory and challenge F-Tecs impending domination of the world Compete with players everywhere to determine who is fit to lead the worlds fightback -Unrivalled aid: Register and log-in to receive colossal bonuses Download and log-in to Clone Wars today to take part in thrilling events and to begin calling your heroes to the ranks of your awesome, F-Tec opposing army as well as receiving legendary equipment to help you in your quest.

  • size 192 MB
  • version 1.1.10

War of the Zombie

War of the Zombie is a zombie outbreak strategy simulation combining turn-based and real-time gameplay across the entire world.Addictive, deep, and surprisingly involving - pocketgamer.co.ukA juicy display of a game - toucharcade.comThe most over-the-top aircraft carrier - kotaku.comIt has a one more turn compulsiveness about it - pockettactics.comFrisse wind in het zombiegenre - 9lives.beExtremely promising - apperama.comEen ton aan diepgang en toffe gameplay - ipdblogs.nlWAR OF THE ZOMBIE:As Global Operations Director of Safe Industries, take charge of its Ark Carrier and recruit marines & other personnel, purchase real-life military equipment, research advanced technologies, build forward operating bases, move across the world within range of real-time missions, nuke, scavenge, infect, bribe, fortify and defend against the worlds country governments in an attempt to save humanity from the zombie pandemic and resulting chaos. MAIN GAMEPLAY FEATURES:- Choose, equip and drop a team of 4 marines & vehicles into real-time combat- Survive, die or turn undead in zombie-infested, fully destructible mission zones- Enter, drive and fire from Humvees, BMPs, MRAPs, Mobile Gun Systems and Tanks - Pinch zoom in/out of mission zones as well as your global tactical map- Decide where to station your marines and how they develop as they increase rank & experience- Recruit & train marines, advisors, researchers, diplomats and doctors to aid in your quest- Research & Develop advanced technologies to aid in your missions success- Bribe, infect, scavenge, nuke, airstrike 200 country governments around the globe- Build up arsenals of real military weapons on your double-hulled command carrier- Build specialised labs to complete R&D and fabricate technology surplus to sell- Build up to 4 Forward Operating Bases at any one time to extend your mission deployment- Explore & scavenge procedurally generated abandoned and syndicate-controlled underground bases- Stock up on Dor bars to purchase contraband from the blackmarket network- Find unique nano-tech items and store them in your Arks vault- Tailor the gameplay to suit your playing style and device with numerous options- Change in-game text at any time to English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, PortugueseCOMPATIBILITY:Requires at least an iPhone 4, iPod 5, iPad mini, iPad 2 or better. BECOME A FAN:Become a fan of War of the Zombie by liking our facebook.com/warofthezombie fan page and drop us a note on things you want to see in the next updates, comment on the game or post your best action screen caps and get your face in the game as a marine recruit

  • size 99.4 MB
  • version 1.2.980