ECOPOS is an application of restaurant, cafe management system. ECOPOS turns your table, mobile phone into a professional point of sale, data is uploaded real time to cloud server. - ECOPOS works even without Internet connection.- Cloud base POS - It is Easy to Use and Setup.- Powerful permission systemRequirement:- User must register account at

ECOPOS - Restaurant Cafe POS alternatives

Lich Van Nien 2017 | Lich Viet | Lich Am Duong

ng dng LCH VN NIN min ph v chnh xc nht Lch Vn Nin l ng dng xem ngy min ph,giao din thn thin, d s dng tra cu nhanh ngy m lch, dng lch. Lch Vn Nin l mt trong nhng ng dng u tin tra cu m lch, dng lch trn App Store. Tnh Nng Ni Bt:- Lch ngy- Xem lch m, lch dng- Xem can chi ca ngy, thng, nm- Xem gi hong o- Xem cung hong o- Lch Thng- Xem ngy m dng trong lch thng- Thm s kin trong lch thng- Swipe xem thng trc, thng sau - Xem lch ca mt thng bt k t 25/1/1800 n 31/12/2199- i ngy m dng - i t m lch sang dng lch- i t dng lch sang m lch- Xem t vi trn i- Xem vn khnLch Vn Nin s support thm cc tnh nng mi da trn yu cu ca cc bn Cm bn xin vui lng gi request chng ti c thm cc tnh nng hu ch khc .

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Restaurant Order Taking App

Restaurant owners worldwide can now freely download this amazing app for their smartphones and tablets to ease up the process of taking online orders. We have created the worlds simplest online food ordering system to be used by small and medium restaurants. Features:- The assigned tablet or smartphone becomes an order receiving machine- You receive orders from your website widget or the Facebook app- You receive visual and sound notification when orders arrive on your smartphone or tablet, even when the app is closed- You can view customer and delivery details: name, phone number, address, client location on the map- You can view order details: product name, quantity and price, payment method, delivery or pick-up instructions- You Accept or Reject new orders: confirmation is then sent to your customer in an email- You set delivery or pickup time: this info is added in the confirmation email received by the customer- You can receive special request about ordered items, for example: gluten free, no pepper- You can receive special request about the delivery, for example: buzzer not working- User friendly: displays all orders and other important details at a glance, in a single screen

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AhaMove - ng dng gi xe GIAO HNG THEO YU CU u tin AhaMove l ng dng tuyt vi bn t xe cho nhu cu giao hng. Chng ti kt ni bn vi i ng ti x xe giu kinh nghim v tn tm v khch hng. Vi 3 bc n gin, h thng ca AhaMove s kt ni bn vi ti x ph hp ngay khi bn c n hng cn vn chuyn.- Bc 1: chn im nhn hng v giao hng- Bc 2: ti x ch hng theo yu cu- Bc 3: thanh ton cc ph trc tip cho ti xLin h: [email protected]: 1900 545411

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Edit Contact Pro - Export Backup Delete Duplicate

1. Help you to backup/restore/import/export your contacts.2. See example:Number: 0935675680Old Prefix: 0, New Prefix: +84=> New number: +84935675680Number: +84935675680Old Prefix: +84, New Prefix: 0=> New number: 0935675680Number: 0935675680Old Prefix: (Empty), New Prefix: +84=> New number: +840935675680

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