This app intends to bring the flight logs in to a new level. Beyond the standard cumulative limitations the app will help the Flight crew member to assure his/her compliance against the new EASA requirements. Automatic Upload of the roster will be free for one year from the date of purchase, thereafter an annual support fee of 5 will apply.


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AvTech Flight Log
Crewly for Ryanair cabin crew
EU FTL Calculator
Map Pilot for DJI

EASA Flight Log alternatives

MyRoster for crew

myRoster is finally back myRoster will let you import your flight-roster from your companys website, sync it to your calendar, and present it to you in a beautiful and interactive list view. Other features include;- Hotel information: Get address, pickup time, contact information etc. Tell others about the hotel and nearby attractions- Map view: Show map and route of a single day or a whole month- myRoster Today Widget in Notification Center: The myRoster widget will show which activities you have on the current day, tomorrows duties and crewlist for the current day.- Export to LogTen Pro (Flight deck function).- Roster decode: Tap and hold on a duty to get the decoded information of your duty. It currently only works with Scandinavian Airlines, Widere, Novair, Norwegian and CityJet, but we will add more airlines in the future.

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  • size 86.9 MB

Extended Rest Operations

Good morning Captain,Long Haul flights? You will love this App. Write us from inside the App and well love to get it working for you.

  • size 53.8 MB

APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook

FIRST 90 DAYS FREE for new users: APDL is the one and only airline pilot logbook app youll ever need. Pilot logbook, comprehensive up to the minute legality with complete 14 CFR Part 117 coverage, duty time management, crew tracking, schedule importing, automatic resume generation and much more. Privacy Policy: of Use: is a registered trademark of NC Software, Inc.

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Pilot Logbook International

Enjoy the Easier Way to Manage Your Flight LogsNo matter the task, this well designed digital Logbook is up to it and then some. It offers far more modules than any other logbook on the market yet is delightfully simple to use. (Time to thanks everyone for making FlyGo apps so successful, with over 100 000 downloads :)Start logging time with Pilot Logbook International today.

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More Information About alternatives

AvTech Flight Log

-Roster view: Display the roster in an easy to read duty period format. Ability to view the duties in either UTC or local base or local station.-Trip view: Break down the roster into trips and highlight the block, pax time and time away from base of each trip.-Flight list: View a list of all the flight in a daily breakdown.-Weather: Forecast display for each station in iPad version and each layover station in iPhone version.-Fatigue Tracking: Integration with Crew Alert Pro in just one tap.-Actual Times Import: Ability to automatically import the actual times of the operated sectors in a matter seconds ( available for airlines using Aims or CrewConnex).-Airport Details: View the departure and arrival airports information (elevation, longitude, latitude, maps) in a glance. Automatic upload is available for the following airlines using Aims, CPW, CrewConnexAegeanAer LingusAir AsiaAir Berlin GroupAir NostrumAir SerbiaBmi RegionalCargoluxDHL Air GroupEasyJetEuroAtlantic AirwaysFlybeGermaniaGreenland AirIberia ExpressNorwegianOlympic AirPrivatairSata GroupSmall Planet airlinesSunwingTravel ServiceVoloteaVuelingWizz AirAutomatic Upload of the roster will be free for one year from the date of purchase, thereafter an annual support fee of 5 will apply.

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  • version 1.0.3

Crewly for Ryanair cabin crew

Welcome to Crewly, Ryanair cabin crew Crewly will take care of your Roster so you just need to focus in whats important: planing and enjoying your days off ;-)Highlighted features:- Automatic Roster update: input your credentials to download your Roster locally. Extremely fast - Cabin Crew: see with whom you will be working.- Logbook: check your duty and flight time for any given dates, make update your flights with the right hour, or add a flight after being called during a stand-by, is easier than ever.- Design: trying to keep a slick and simple design Clean and clear.- Future days off: since the standard is 5353, Crewly will calculate this for you, and show it in a infinite scrolling calendar.

  • size 54.7 MB
  • version 1.2

EU FTL Calculator

ECA has designed a tool that will help European pilots to calculate the FDPs, rest periods, and more, according to the new EASA Flight Time Limitations (FTL) rules (Commission Regulation (EU) 83/2014) applicable from 18 February 2016 .This app will be useful for European pilots to whom the new FTL rules will apply. The new rules apply to aeroplane Part-CAT operators as well as cargo operations. This application does not involve the collection, transmission, or sharing of personal information.

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  • version v1.4.1


EASA OPS rules for Flight Time Limitations (FTL) are valid since 18.02.2016.EASA FTL Calc helps you to calculate- cockpit and cabin limits- actual and maximum flight duty periods (FDP)- latest on-block times- duty periods (DP)- actual and minimum rest times- state of acclimatization- commanders discretion- disruptive schedules- required local nights at your home base- extended recovery rest periods- cumulative duties for 7/14/28 daysIt considers- standby and airport standby- extension of cabin FDP due to earlier reporting time- delayed reporting- in-flight rest for cockpit and cabin (different rules)- split duty- extension- positioning- time zone differences- your home base- back to back operationYou dont have to know time zones- simply select an airport from the database- time zone is determined by airport and date- select only reporting airport of first duty day- and the resting airport per duty day- next reporting airport will be your last resting airport- your home base will be known (preferences) Cabin and cockpit limits- may have different reporting times- in-flight rest is different- are calculated independentlyRotations- are stored automatically - are shown in an own table- with FDPs and rest times overview- for cockpit and cabin- on iPad in a split viewXML Import- Rosters of BA onlyRoster Buster Import- direct import- calendar importCalendar Import- RosterBuster- OffBlock - s-FlightLog 2002- iAIMS

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  • version 1.6.6

Map Pilot for DJI

Map Pilot helps you create and fly the optimal flight path to create great maps using the Maps Made Easy map processing service. Collecting great data to create high resolution aerial maps with your DJI flying camera is just a few clicks away. Features: Terrain Awareness Multi-Pass Linear Mission Planning Multi-Flight Coordination Multi-Battery Management Automatic, Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure Modes Basemap Caching for Offline Operations Connectionless Camera Triggering External Map Data and Markers via MapBox Terrain Aware Image Footprint Display Save/Edit Missions Refly Saved Missions View 3D logs on-device with Google Earth Import KML via Email or AirDrop Export KML, log files, and Flights file via Email or AirDrop Flight Log review Built-in Simulator for testing HealthyDrones upload from Log File Manager RAW imaging available via In App Purchase Fullest Possible Use of Each Battery Appropriate Camera Triggering Overlap Management Speed Management Automatic Takeoff and Landing Live Video Preview (large and small) Signal Quality Warning Line of Sight Indicator Automatically Captures Elevation Reference Image (Ground Image) Natural Landing Assistance Live Map ViewCompatible with iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10.Supported Aircraft: Inspire 2 w/X4S and X5S Phantom 4 Pro Phantom 4 Advanced Phantom 4 Mavic Pro Phantom 3 Professional Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 3 Standard Inspire 1 Inspire 1 Pro Matrice M100 Matrice M200 Matrice M600

  • size 41.2 MB
  • version 2.6.4