Main Feature: 1: Touch keypad and LCD display 2: 30 Wireless Zone+2 Wired Zones , Each Defense Zones can be set Seperately : every zone attribute, name, bypass, The Switch will be for delay Alarm and Alarm Sound 3: Alarm SMS include alarm zone and sensors name 4: Remote Control The Relay output 12V ( 12V output for arm and disarm) 5: SMS Control The Relay Output 12V 6: Two-way intercom recording memo(When Sensor cannot connect with Main Panel, After 4 hours will inform user by SMS ) 7:SMS Alert: Arm/Disarmed ,Lower Power of The Battery, Power Failture / Recovery, Lower Voltage,Sensor Lower Power,Phone line Disconnect 8:Support Contact ID Protocol (upload Center Including: alarm information, arm/disarm, low power of battery, Power Failture& Recovery, cycle, testing And Sensor Lower Power)9:Arm/Disarm: away arm&home arm (by remote control ,main keyboard, remote phone, SMS and wireless keyboard)10: One-Key-Control funcation: Out Alarm,Home Arm,Remote Arm11: Tamper Alarm funcation There is a button at the back side of the panel, it will make alarm once the button is loosen12: 10-second automatic message recording 13:Support RFID cards to arm&disarm ( 4 piece RFID Card for 4 zones, FRID can arm and disarm also can send message to inform user)14:Support Intelligent door sensor: can remind you the door or window status of open or closed 15:Support Zones Reminder 16:Support User Alarm to Leave Message 17: Support Speed Dail Button 18: Support Speaker&Talking Funcation,listen in or Listen Alarm Leaving-Messager19: Support Alarm relay output Funcation20: Support timely arm & disarm weekly21: Support 1 FRID Switch Output 22: Support IP Camera,Wireless Siren and Wireless Keyboard

E-SYSTEM alternatives

Electrical ToolKit

This is a smart & handy tool for all Electrical & Electronics engineers, electricians, technicians, students etc This app is simple to use and smart enough to recalculate circuit values when user edits any input data. If you have any questions or difficulty in using the app please contact [email protected] out Electronics ToolkitYou want to store your profile and refer quickly ?Check this App: MY PROFILE

  • size 11.7 MB

iNet - Network Scanner

iNet - explore your network With iNet you know exactly whats going on Find out about security risks and keep your network under control. Is someone using your wifi without your knowledge? You will never be bothered by popups or slide-ins that propagate other Apps.

  • size 71.6 MB

Speedchecker - Internet Speed Test

Speedchecker is an easy to use iPhone and iPad app for quickly checking your internet speed. The speed test is specifically optimized for mobile devices and measures accurately on EDGE, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection. Features:- quick speed test of download, upload and ping- history of all speed tests saved to your device- easy sharing of results- compatible with a wide array of iOS devices- In App Purchase offering: manual server selection, no ads and moreStart your free speed test on iOS today

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 21.7 MB