Take the role of legendary chef in this unique cooking simulation role playing game HUNT DOWN LEGENDARY MONSTERS Defeat Monster in Dungeon Upgrade your weapon to the strongest Find Legendary monster to get legendary ingredientsTURN MONSTERS INTO DELICOUS MEALS Use monster as your ingredients Cook them with love and passion Unlock various recipes MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY Take order from many characters around fantasy world And serve them with your delicous dishesDungeon Chef is a cooking simulation combine with rpg element. in this game you can fight, and cook the monster to make ultimate meals for your tavern COOKING MANUAL:Step 1 See what ingredients needed Search MonsterStep 2 Fight Monster and WIN Step 3 Insert Monster ingredients Cook it as you pleaseStep 4 Taraaaa~ unique meals can be served in your tavernPS: dont droll on it If you are having a problem or suggestions, please reach us at: [email protected]

Dungeon Chef alternatives

RPG Fernz Gate

Finding oneself in an unknown worldAfter awaking in some unfamiliar woods, Alex, an ordinary high schooler living an ordinary life, learns he has somehow ended up in Fernland, a world where peace and order have been replaced by conflict and destruction. Fighting to defend himself from monsters, the ever-ominous threat of the Overlord, and one chaotic event after another as he tries to find his own place in this new world, Alex comes across a young woman by the name of Lita from a peaceful world like his own. Hitting it off, they soon become friends and set out together, but what hidden truth awaits them as their adventure begins to unfold?Features- Join forces with buddies and fight You may even encounter some familiar faces - Take advantage of the Secret House and dispatch buddies to collect items or place them on stands to gain special-effects - Plant seeds to grow parameter-increasing fruit.- Easy-to-use tap controls on classic turn-based battles - Upgrade and customize weapons - A variety of sub quests, monster guide to complete and much, much more * The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.

  • rating 4.94444
  • size 511 MB

Rush (Rise up special heroes)

New accounts will receive large rewards for 8 days Day 1 4-star Overlord CainDay 2 100,000 GoldDay 3 5-star Hero LotteryDay 4 6-star Hero LotteryDay 5 5-star Gear LotteryDay 6 6-star Gear LotteryDay 7 100 KeysDay 8 4-star Overlord LotteryOfficial Cafe : http://m.cafe.naver.com/mplusrushIntroduction Over 200 heroes to play Adventure Mode for continuous character training Hundreds of stages An adventure to seek the Soul Stone When Adventure Mode gets too difficult, try the Tower of Challenge Test your skills in the Tower of Challenge for fabulous rewards Try the Arena Combat if you think you are ready Test your strength by dueling against other heroes Claim several hundred gems every 3 days as a bonus reward Fight the World Boss in Rush Claim Rubies everyday Receive Gold on every challenge Play Guild Boss Raid in real-time with other heroes Guild Boss Raid is the pinnacle of Rush A Boss Raid Time-attack will begin for all guild members in Rush at 8 PM everyday Collect Soul Stones to claim heroes all the way up to Overlords Soul Stones, the most important element of Rush Collect any hero Evolve your heroes by collecting Evolution Elements in the Daily Dungeon Evolve your heroes to the next level Evolve your best heroes by collecting the same type of elements in the Daily Dungeon An endless adventure awaits your arrival, hero

  • rating 4.64286
  • size 111 MB

Elio - A Fantasie of Light and Darkness

Expand your town, customize your party with over 200 classes and charge into dungeons in an epic free to play RPG Ruleria, a world created by the gods. As the God of the Sun, you awaken in order to face wicked monsters that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.- Evolve Class Souls into superior classes -You can evolve your low-rarity Class Souls into higher-rarity Souls. * The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.

  • rating 4.1875
  • size 66.7 MB

My Tiny Quest

Fight with your combo My Tiny Hero Classical Japanese RPG Game Story NOW Landing the whole world Different from traditional mobile RPG Games, our tiny knights fight with enemies by not only their swords and equipment, but also blocks and pop More than 100 Heroes is waiting for your callHeroes form East and West come to this wonderland and join in this epic war. You may find the most famous heroes from Greek mythology, Chinese myth, American tales, North Europe Legends and etc. 4P team work and 30P union competition enhance your friendship You may find a new friend or a true lover during your travel in tiny quest New Features:+ Free Block & Pop & Story Mode+ Free switch from Weapon role to Magic role+ Fluent Beat & New Finishing+ Festal Activity with great bonus+ Fashion Co-op & PVP system

  • rating 3.0
  • size 250 MB

Showa Candy Shop 2

Back by popular demand The sequel to Showa Candy Shop Experience nostalgia with a Japanese twist in this moving game. Uncover the story of a small, old-fashioned candy shop in ruralJapan with this leisurely game. Earn these tokens by collecting mementos or completing other tasks.Translation:Jeff WilsonGavin Greene

  • rating 5.0
  • size 230 MB