Demystify the secrets behind dark shadows - GeeksWithJuniors.comStop hiding under those covers, come out and meet your new Monster friends At first glance they may seem like creepy dark shadows, but switch on the lights and youll uncover a bunch of cuddly creatures who are ready to play Each monster has a unique personality and voice, as well as interactive features and accessories. Tickle its belly to make it laugh, or see what happens when you try to swipe that funny hat. Find out more at knowwhatsinside.comSee our apps: us on Twitter: @DuckieDeckLike us on Facebook:

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BrightStart! - ABC Reading and Learning for Preschool and Kindergarten Children by Nemours

With Playrifics Nemours BrightStart App, you can give your little ones a love of reading and learning that readies them for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school success Each playpack features fun, engaging puzzles, memory games, matching games, picture puzzles and read-along books that help little ones master the alphabet and become early readers. The A, B and C playpacks are available now - stay tuned and check back soon to find more letters with new updates This app is developed with the Nemours BrightStart Program, the first program of its kind in the US to offer evidence-based tools to help reach, inspire and instruct children from the very beginning of their reading journey to create lifelong readers. Further content can be unlocked for $1.99.- The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Our Terms of Use: - Our Privacy Policy:

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  • size 13.4 MB

Bogga Christmas Tree

A simple yet polished, colorful and thoughtfully stylized holiday app.- 148Apps.comOne of the most appealing holiday apps.- AppsRumors.comHave fun decorating your own, unique Christmas tree Be creative and create bulbs with the camera, or simply choose between a large variety of colorful ornaments, tinsel, lights, and decorations You can even change the background with a single camera click, and magically place the virtual tree in the real world. A high quality, simple to use app that allows children to unleash their creativity.- BestAppsForKids.comThe perfect device stocking stuffer or early Christmas present, especially for going on road trips or airplane flights to see family. The app does not generate any performance reports or track any usage.

  • size 22.8 MB

Bumblz - Animated Series and Activities for Children and Toddlers

The new BUMBLZ app delights toddlers, preschoolers and young children with videos from the acclaimed animated series - it includes lots of puzzles, memory games, sing-alongs and videos. Bumblz is a fun, musical animated series about a young bee who, together with his friends, helps kids learn to work and play together, solve challenges and enjoy fantastic adventures. Two further playpacks can be unlocked for $.99.- The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Our Terms of Use: - Our Privacy Policy:

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Playrific Playground: Videos, Books, Activities, and Mini Games for Children

Preschool Learning: Activities, Books and Puzzles

Learning is fun This app combines videos, sing-along songs, mini-games, puzzles, and e-books to create a fun environment where young children can learn while playing: colors, shapes, counting, the alphabet, animals, science, music and more Included in the app are:- 20+ sing along songs, educational videos and episodes- 30+ learning games, puzzles and memory games- and 40+ e-books for children Featured activities include:- Princess ABC - Bash a Letter Game- Shapes Game- Counting 123 Book- Piggy Bankers Money Math Game- Colors of the Farm- Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Book- Baby Animal Names- Match the Dominos- F is for Farm Book- The ABC Song- Match the Colors- The Life of a Cat Book- Animalia Geography Game- Wheels on the Bus Sing Along- Musikazooand much more There are a dozen free activities in the app. You can unlock full app with over 80 activities for $2.99. - The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Our Terms of Use: - Our Privacy Policy:

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  • size 4.9 MB