Droplock is probably the best encryption app you can find. It supports the iOS Open in feature, allowing you to encrypt files from other applications or decrypt .droplock files sent to you through Mail. Working with Droplock is secure, simple and speedy.


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PGP Everywhere
RarExtractor - Extract RAR, Zip files...
WiFileTrans - "Transfer files between iOS devices"
SecureDrive Mobile
Mynigma - Safe email made simple
ZipManager - "Zip/Unzip for mail and safari..."
K-Zip - Zip Unzip Unrar tool supports Japanese
DBUnarchiver - "Zip/Unzip/Unrar for Dropbox & mail..."

Droplock alternatives

Bluetooth Smart Scanner

Bluetooth Smart Scanner is the fastest app to find all Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) devices around you. It shows detailed information that Bluetooth Low Energy devices advertise, including device name, signal strength (RSSI), supported services, battery level, etc. BLE devices can only be discovered when they are advertising.

  • rating 3.90196
  • size 2.4 MB

Paranoia Text Encryption (Encrypt Messages, Notes)

Paranoia Text Encryption PRO is the universal text encryption application for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) by Paranoia Works. Paranoia Text Encryption keeps your SMSs, emails, social networking posts, notes, and any other text safe from snoopers, hackers, and prying eyes. Comments do not allow us to communicate to you.

  • size 18.1 MB

iNet - Network Scanner

iNet - explore your network With iNet you know exactly whats going on Find out about security risks and keep your network under control. Is someone using your wifi without your knowledge? You will never be bothered by popups or slide-ins that propagate other Apps.

  • size 71.6 MB

iSafeBox - Data Guard

iSafeBox is your personal Safe for critical files and data on iPhone/iPad. iSafeBox protects your files, photos, videos, contacts, passwords, and personal information using very secure encryption. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit: http://www.comcsoft.com/Portfolio/our_apps/iSafeBox/iSafeBox_overview.php

  • size 45.2 MB

WiFi Hotspot Protector

Keep cyber criminals away from your personal data with one finger tap. Here is your personal online protector that is always on guard for safety of your sensitive information. Key Features:* Protects your data in public Wi-Fi hotspots* Detects potential security threats and notifies when you are near them* Ensures the highest level of online security and safety in cafes, hotels, airports and malls* Encrypts all the traffic you send and receive over the Internet* Guards your passwords, pictures, credit card details and conversations from data leaks, identity thefts and hackers* Automatically connects to the fastest and nearest server available for the best browsing experienceMusic: www.bensound.com

  • size 16.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

PGP Everywhere

Utilize the security of PGP encryption in any app No more switching back and forth between apps FEATURES:+ Generate RSA Key Pairs+ Encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify anywhere with keyboard extension+ Open encrypted text files with Action Extension+ Import keys directly from files with Action Extension+ Interact with key servers+ Sign public keys+ Touch Id+ Multiple languages & keyboard layouts+ Import/Export keys securely via USB with iTunes File SharingPGP Everywhere is an iPhone / iPad app that allows you to utilize the security of PGP encryption anywhere you type, in almost any app PGP Everywhere is a PGP keychain manager with two app extensions:1. Our keyboard extension allows you to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify messages anywhere that you input text.2. GENERATE KEYS PGP Everywhere offers the ability to generate new key pairs SECURELY IMPORT KEYS In addition to importing keys vie copy/paste, PGP Everywhere allows you to securely import your existing private key via iTunes File Sharing MULTIPLE LANGUAGES App Supports:-English-German-RussianKeyboard Supports:-English-German-Russian-Spanish-French-Italian-Dutch-PortugueseThis app utilizes open source implementations of openPGP.

  • rating 3
  • size 30.9 MB
  • version 3.0.0

RarExtractor - Extract RAR, Zip files...

Features:1. You can open the RAR, Zip, CBR files from mail, safari or some other apps that support open-in feature, and extract it(Supports extracting password protected RAR file, multi-volume RAR files); Also allows other apps to open local files (Just tap and hold the files icon, then the Open-in menu will appear).2. Supports file sorting feature.

  • size 2.7 MB
  • version 1.6.9

WiFileTrans - "Transfer files between iOS devices"

Features:1.Transfer photos, videos or any other files between iTouch, iPhone and iPad via local WiFi network.2.Supports transferring multiple files.3.Supports connect to multiple devices which installed WiFileTransfer.4.Supports open-in feature: you can open the supported data from Mail, Safari or some other Apps that supported open-in feature; Also allows other Apps to open local files5. Multi-level folder supported, you can create folders & subfolders in WiFileTransfer, conveniently manage your files. Supports file sorting feature.

  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 1.0.5

SecureDrive Mobile

SecureDrive Mobile is a storage appliance. With SecureDrive Mobile You will have a secure and simple way to store, sync and share your files. Other features - Web application access - Desktop clients - Mobile applications - File synchronization - File encryption - File sharing & sharing expiration - File version control - Disk quota management - AD & LDAP supports

  • size 30.1 MB
  • version 3.3.2

Mynigma - Safe email made simple

Lightweight email client with award-winningly simple, secure encryption. Strong device-to-device encryption protects messages sent between Mynigma users. Effective content filtering:Harmful content is filtered through our own, open-source implementation of HTMLPurifier for Objective-C.

  • size 29.3 MB
  • version 2.14.54


The Encoder app lets you quickly, easily, and securely encrypt any message to be sent to someone else and decrypted with this same app. It is secure with its own functions of encryption and with a specific key and code. Keeping the two separate will keep it entirely secure.

  • size 0.8 MB
  • version 2.0

ZipManager - "Zip/Unzip for mail and safari..."

Open zip files from mail, safari or other apps and unzip it Features:1. Multi-level folder supported, you can create folders & subfolders in Zip Manager, conveniently manage your files. Supports file sorting feature.

  • size 7.4 MB
  • version 2.0.1

K-Zip - Zip Unzip Unrar tool supports Japanese

Enjoy the top App for ZIP file management on iPhone/iPad with a lot of features:- Open and unzip the Zip file with Open-in function in iOSs mail application- Unzip Japanese file name (kanji, kana, special characters)- Supports zip, 7z, rar formats- Zip file with password (zip, 7z)- Send mail with selected attach file- Preview compressed file even with password protected- Preview files (PDF, MS Office, Images, Audio, iWork, Text, HTML)- Easy to manage files and folders (Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete)- Open files with dedicated applications (E.g. Open .docx file with MS Word with iOSs Open-in function)- Supports AES and BZip2 encryption methods- Say NO to Advertisement With its simple interfaces, K-Zip provides the easiest way to manage ZIP files on iPhone and iPad.

  • size 17.7 MB
  • version 1.1.1


Talkey is not only a traditional e-mail client for any e-mail account, but it also ensures the safety of your messages. You can also destroy already sent e-mail in mailbox of recipient, send short 10s messages that will be safely destroyed after reading and more advanced features. MAIN FEATURES:- Receive and Send E-mails- Easy generation of encryption key- Automatic exchange of public encryption keys- Encrypt and Decrypt E-mails encrypted, including attachments- All providers Corporate, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook and Office 365, - Safe & Secure connect directly to your mail server without any mediators- Support for IMAPADVANCED FEATURES:- Destroy already sent e-mail in the mailbox of recipient- Restrictions on the opening date and time- Restrictions the number of opening e-mail- Time display e-mail - e-mail will be visible only for X seconds- 10s Message send short self-destroy message

  • size 46.3 MB
  • version 2.2.0

DBUnarchiver - "Zip/Unzip/Unrar for Dropbox & mail..."

Features: Archiver/Unarchiver:1.Extract .zip, .rar, .cbr, .7z files from Dropbox, mail, safari or some other apps that supported open-in feature.2.Supports extracting password protected RAR, Zip files, multi-volume RAR files. (Note:Password protected 7z file is not supported yet)3.Compress files to .zip (Supports password compressing).Dropbox Manager: 1.Multi-level folder supported, lets you create folders & subfolders in Dropbox. File Secure: 1.Download Dropbox files and then lock the folder.2.Import photos & videos from photo album and then lock the folder.3.Import mail attachments from mail or Internet files from safari using open-in feature and then lock the folder.4.Import files from other apps using open-in feature and then lock the folder.

  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 1.0.4