The Drill Bit Nozzle Calculator allows the user to quickly get results such as bit TFA, pressure drop, HSI, Impact Force, etc. based on inputs of bit size, flow rate, nozzles and mud weight. A reverse calculation of nozzle sizes for a desired total flow area and number of nozzles is also available.


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Drill Bit Nozzle Calculator alternatives

Oil Patch Pro

If you are out in the Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, California, Wyoming or Colorado oilfield - Oil Patch Pro is the app for you Quickly SEARCH through over 900,000 active and permitted well locations to find the ones you needSHARE well locations in-app with your team, field personnel, service providers, and consultantsNAVIGATE to well locations with audible turn-by-turn directionsAdd locations to your FAVORITES list for quick access, even offlineOil and Gas Operators:Gain access to our web app ( to upload additional location-specific data (i.e. custom location maps and directions, contact information, vendor lists, notes, and more ) that can then be accessed and shared by privileged users. Note:Well location data is updated as frequently as twice daily. This app could be used as a wellsite navigator, oilfield navigator, oilfield gps, oil well gps, or wellsite gps tool.

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RigWatch Pulse

Whats the Pulse of your Rigs?Wherever you are, you can now get the pulse of your rigs. Well site data available through Canrigs comprehensive rig monitoring platform, RigWatch/, is now available for your iPhone and iPad. For chat access, please contact RigLine 24/7 support at (866)-433-4345 or [email protected].

  • size 17.3 MB


Drillinginfo is extending the power of the leading oil and gas data and analytics platform beyond the office walls to your mobile device. With the newest application from Drillinginfo, the days of spending hours scanning through long rig reports for the information you need are over. Stop wasting time with static information and depend on Drillinginfo for rig intelligence that is current and updated daily, with coverage on over 98% of active rigs in the Lower 48.Key Features: - WTI price- Active Rig Locations- Rig and Permit Data- Operator and Driller Contact Information - VirtualScout (tm) AOI and custom filters- Activity Feed- In-app Custom Filters- Saved Rig and Permit Searches

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PERF Charge and Gun Selector App

Maximize reservoir productivity using the PERF charge and gun selector app, which enables you to conveniently identify the best Schlumberger perforating solution for your environment. Browse the Charge Catalog based on environment and gun size. Penetration estimates are based on API RP 19B, Section 1 and Section 2, and API RP 43.

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Aquajet Systems

Aquajet Systems calculator, news flow and product range. This application is a powerful tool for everyone using high pressure water for efficient concrete renovation.-Hydrodemolition-Ultra High pressure-Hand lancing-Industrial cleaningClean and simple interface; easy to useCalculator-Calculate Nozzle sizes from a given pressure and flow-Calculate Pressure from a given size of nozzle/nozzles and flow-Calculate Flow from a given size of nozzle/nozzles and pressure-Single nozzle or multiple nozzles-Also supports combination of different types of nozzles-Supports every nozzle on the market thanks to the custom nozzle function-Reaction force-Speed of water-Power consuption-Pressure drop in hoses-Supports metric and US unitsWeb view-Read about the latest news from Aquajet Systems-Quickly find the Aquajet Systems product you need information about-AQUA CUTTER robots-AQUA SPINE for special applications-POWER PACK high pressure pumps-AccessoriesContact-Direct contact to Aquajet Systems by phone or e-mail within the application

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OilField Formulas for iHandy Calc.

Updated. Added more than 250 oilfield calculators Aims of this application to make ease the life of Oilfield specialist and Petroleum, Mud Engineers by providing correct hand calculations. Drop Across a Choke or Orifice-Bit Nozzle Pressure Loss-Estimating Gas Well Flow Rates-Area of a Circle -Force & Pressure-Weight of Spiral Drill Collar-Buoyancy Factor (BF)-Surface & Bottom Hole Pressure in Full Gas Column-Pipe Elongationand more formulasAlso this app has:-Coiled Tubing Stretch Table -Mud Weights properties-Acronyms & Abbreviations-Conversion Factors -Constants-Drillpipe capacity and displacement-Drill Collar Capacity and displacement-Casing Capacity-Hole Capacityand more informationGood Luck in Your Job Other best oilfield apps in App Store: - OilField iHandbook;- OilField Dimensions Data;- OilField Wallpapers;- OilField DHT tools;- Well Cementer Tool;Follow us on Twitter:

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The app ARAG ASJ Nozzles Configurator allows you to easily select the correct nozzle for your application. Whenever you use a boom sprayer, an atomizer or a knapsack, simply enter: _ The desired flow _ The working speed _ The number of nozzles and obtain a list with the most suited nozzles for your work Depending on the application selected, a menu of advanced selection also allows you to refine your search according to: _ Min and max working pressure _ Material nozzle _ Type of coverage (cone, fan ) _ Standard nozzle or anti-drift _ Drop size

  • size 55.7 MB
  • version 2.5


BitHydraulics calculates detailed hydraulics for oil well drilling bit including jet impact force, jet velocity, horse power, pressure drop. The user provides numbers for fluid density, flow rates, TFA, and bit diameter, and BitHydraulics then calculates the respective hydraulic parameters for conventional drilling fluids.

  • size 3.0 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Firefighter Calculator

Featured in Fire Chief Magazine as well as IFSTA Speaking with Fire. Top App in Category. Calculation tools for determining: * Discharge pressure for firefighting pumps * Foam application rates and amounts * Critical application rate/flow estimation * Pressure and flow rates for smooth bore nozzlesFire Pump Discharge Pressure Calculator: * Handles multiple attack and supply line setup * Calculates friction loss formulaically * Determines proper pump pressure and estimated reachFoam Application Calculator: * Enter area and depth of spill, along with concentration and type of foam being used * Calculates amount of concentrate and water neededCritical Application Rate Calculator: * Determines minimum flow rate to extinguish fire in < 10 seconds * Enter area and percent involved * Commonly involved structures with automatic size estimatorSmooth Bore Tip Calculator: * Enter nozzle tip size and either pressure or flow rate * Calculator solves for pressure or flow[Metric, Imperial Gallon and US Units included]Intended for training purposes only.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 9.4 MB
  • version 2.0.1

RMS Freedom Flowrate Calculator

App for Calculation of Infusion Time regarding SCIG and selection of tubings and needles. The calculator will determine the total infusion time, total flow rate, flow rate per site and total volume per site based on the inputs and selections made. The use of sets not specifically approved for the Freedom DynEQ Syringe Pumps(TM) could cause inaccurate calculator results.

  • size 27.8 MB
  • version 1.3

Quick Calc Hydraulics

Quick Calc Hydraulics provides a snapshot of the hydraulic horsepower, jet velocity, and impact forces created at a jet nozzle orifice, which is installed in a drilling bit during earth-boring operations. The user provides numbers for fluid density, flow rates, TFA, and bit diameter, and Quick Calc Hydraulics then calculates the respective hydraulic parameters for conventional drilling fluids. The calculated results can be forwarded to anyone in the users contact list.

  • size 7.2 MB
  • version 1.5.2

G&S Sprinkleranlagen

At the area of pressure loss& flow rate you may find different calculators and information for the estimated layout of a sprinkler system.-The calculator calculation of flow & water rate per effective area allows you to calculate the flow rate on basis of the water application, the attendant effective area (depending on the risk) and the supposed cychic irregularity. With the next step you may calculate the used water supply via the operating time.-The button calculation of flow& water rate per sprinkler units allows you to calculate the flow rate on basis of the preset number of sprinklers, the used minimum water pressure at the sprinkler, the k-value and the supposed cychic irregularity. Otherwise you may find in this area much usefull information for the assortment of the right extinguishers.

  • size 71.4 MB
  • version 1.0


The OmniSeal pressure drop calculator is a great tool for engineers in the field to calculate pressure drop across the OmniSeal double block and bleed expanding plug valves. Simply enter the flow rate in gallons per minute and select the size and pressure class of OmniSeal valve being used. DTR (differential thermal relief) system information and images.

  • size 4.2 MB
  • version 1.0

Convert - Unit and Currency

A simple but powerful unit converter. Translates hundreds of physical units and dimensions quickly and easily. TOP FEATURES: Intuitive and efficient user interface A total of 398 units in 17 categories Shoe size conversion Calculator Daily updated currency converter History charts for all currencies Univeral iPhone/iPad app Landscape support for iPad Copy & Paste Dragn Drop your favorites to the toolbar Frequent free updates iPhone 6 (plus) ready: Optimized for 4.7 and 5.5 screen CATEGORIES: Currency Length Weight Temperature Speed Energy Angle Pressure Time Volume Area Power Data Torque Radioactivity Fuel consumption Force Shoe size Calculator

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  • version 2.7