TOP 100 USATOP 100 EUROPEFly with a doodle UFO Doodle UFO is a simple and fun arcade game. Do not touch enemies , bricks and get the powerups to increase your score Tilt to move (Right & Left)Touch the screen to fire

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Move Mr. Papi (red ball guy) and let him eat more hamburgers Touch the bottom of the screen (by default) to move him left and right. If he gets hamburgers continuously without missing them, the combo counter increases and you can get more score. If he hits spiky balls, his life decreases, and the game is over when his life ends.

  • rating 3.68884
  • size 4.7 MB


This is the mix of a classic block-breaking game and air hockey. Slide your finger on the screen to control a paddle. More Info:- The scores and lives are reset for each level.- This app has 8 embedded levels and you can get more levels by pressing More Levels button.

  • size 5.9 MB


Mr. Papi (red ball guy) is so hungry in a mysterious labyrinth. Touch the arrow buttons at the screen bottom to move and eat delicious hamburgers If a bomb is ready, tap the bomb button to blast the walls around him. If the life run out, the game is over.

  • size 4.6 MB