Control and monitor your home devices like lights, switches, fans, various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall, wind, Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, electricity usage/production, gas consumption, water consumption and much more at your fingertips with the most coolest automation system Domoticz - Home Automation. The app automates every appliance at your home and you can control it through the mobile device from any place. If you have enjoyed any feature of the Domoticz - Home Automation app, do rate us on the app stores and share among your friends.


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Domoticz - Home Automation alternatives

DS note

You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the Note Station 1.1 to get the complete set of featuresWhether for creating your weekly to-do list, sharing information on projects with your teammates, or simply describing your best holiday memories, DS notes editing features make it easy and pleasant to take note of anything you want, anywhere you need, even with no network. Use tags, notebooks and shortcuts to organise all your notes, and share them instantly with anyone you want. Find all detailed features about the app on our > DSM 6.0 > Mobile Apps > Software Specs

  • rating 3.28571
  • size 38.1 MB

iControl Web: HTTP Remote Control for Home Automation with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more

Call any URL with an appropriate sized button on any of your devices (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch). The screens can be configured according to your needs using a json file via iTunes file sharing. Thank you in advance

  • size 17.9 MB

Synology MailPlus

You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the MailPlus to get the complete set of featuresComposing emails or replying to messages on mobile devices can be a hassle. With the intuitive design of MailPlus, you can accomplish more with less effort. With MailPlus for iPhone/iPad, you can:-Compose an email and enrich the content with built-in emoticons-Attach files on your mobile device to the message-Create mailboxes and labels-Customize swipe gestures-Use quick-reply templates to reply to emails efficiently -Share browser content with your friends via MailPlus-Customize the unread email badge to only show notifications for certain labels and mailboxes-Find emails efficiently with advanced search-Offline cache stores previously viewed attachments and images for you to browse later even without Internet connection-Supports HTTPS for secure connection-All features are available with DSM 6.0 and MailPlus 1.2.0 running on Synology DiskStation

  • size 31.6 MB

MyPi - Control your Raspberry Pi GPIO

Control your Raspberry Pi GPIO with any iPhone or iPad:Control 8 output pins via App or via 8 switches connected to the input pins. Ideal for small home automation projects. Download MyPi TCP server script from : & usage guide:

  • size 5.6 MB

Syno On

The application for the Apple Watch is now available Install the app from your iPhone. On gives you an easy way to monitor the status of your NAS Synology, handle download tasks or scheduling the turning on and off the device. It has a built-in Wake On Lan-Wan so you can easily turn your DiskStation on when needed. *

  • rating 3.8
  • size 57.4 MB

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the sun. Some ultraviolet (UV) exposure is important for health functions such as Vitamin D production in the body and treating diseases like jaundice in babies or psoriasis and rickets in adults. Any inaccuracies found are not the responsibility of and should not be attributed to MSS.

  • size 18.9 MB
  • version 1.0.11


The first home automation system fully programmable from smartphones. Economic, Easy, No Wires No automation expertise to configure your home automation scenario. Supervision and reporting of energy consumption- Security: Protect your home from theft, fire, flooding and much more - Energy management: save money by monitoring and managing energy consumption - Home Automation: automate the lights, thermostats, blinds, irrigation and much more SAFETY unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions) Alarm activation if: - Intrusion (motion sensors and door / window sensors) - Fire (smoke detectors) - Flooding (sensors of water leaks), - Gas leak (CO sensor) - Panic button, - Duress (if anyone forces you to disarm the system) - Easy integration with existing alarm systems - Easy on-line configuration and configuration via web interface ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Energy consumption in real time with your smartphone - Automatically turn your appliances - Detailed analysis of energy consumption - Save energy by automating lights, thermostats, awnings LIGHTING - Easy installation of wireless modules - Support Z-Wave - Support remote dimming and on / off with any smartphone - Unlimited number of scenarios - Advanced Configuration rules - Automatic lighting programs to discourage intruders, while the house is emptyCLIMATE - Multi space heating and cooling control with your smartphone - Easily create an unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) - Multi humidity control using standard dehumidifiers - Advanced scenarios to automate the climate on the basis of other environmental events and domestic- Notification and automated actions if the event of over-temperature, power outages, and other incidents IRRIGATION - Control unlimited number of irrigation areas - Use of advanced programming options online to install irrigation process - Automated irrigation system on the basis of weather forecasts on the Internet - Integrate the irrigation system with your home automation scenarios completeACCESS CONTROL - Control shutters, awnings and access with your smartphone - Automate engines using easy programming tool - Add commands sun shading in domestic scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms wireless modules for easy installationBut also: Surveillance, Control of Smart TV and more

  • size 38.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Vera Mobile App

Vera Mobile is a home automation application, that allows you to control different devices in your home, like door locks, lights, switches and other devices.

  • rating 2.87273
  • size 3.9 MB
  • version 1.3


Remotely control your lights, security system, heating, cooling, shades or irrigation. Monitor your energy consumption and save by conserving energy. ALL IN ONE:* HOME SECURITY: protect your home from burglary, fire, flood and more* ENERGY MANAGEMENT: save money by monitoring and managing energy usage* HEALTH CARE: get emergency alerts in case of fall or other incident* HOME AUTOMATION: automate your lights, thermostats, shades, irrigation and moreDescription :SECURITY unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions) trigger alarms in case of:o intruder (motion sensors and door/window sensors),o fire (smoke sensors),o flood (water leakage sensors),o gas (CO sensors)o panic button,o duress (if someone force you to disarm your system)o health care (in case of missing actions during particular time e.g. motion, door opening, laying on bed) remote arm/disarm and status-info with any smartphone vandal proof - Thombox is 24/7 monitored by central station which triggers alarm in case of connection loss easy integration with existing alarm systems (DSC, Honeywell) easy online setup and configuration through web based interface use of same sensors for security and automation purposesENERGY MONITORING real-time monitoring energy consumption with your smartphone automatically turn on/off your appliances in accordance with electricity prices see detailed analysis of your energy consumption save energy by automating lights, thermostats, sun shadesLIGHTING easy installation of wireless modules support remote dimming and on/off switching with any smartphone unlimited number of scenes supported turn lights on during emergencies advanced event based rules configuration auto-pilot lighting programs to discourage intruders while home is emptyCLIMATE multi room heating and cooling control with your smartphone advanced programming scheduler online, accessible over web browser easily create unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) multi zone humidity control by using standard humidifiers and dehumidifiers advanced event based rules to automate home climate based on other environmental and home events include climate control in automation scenes together with alarm, lighting, shades, etc notification and automated actions in case of over-temperature events, power outages, and other incidentsIRRIGATION control unlimited number of irrigation zones use advanced programming options online to setup perfect irrigation process automate irrigation system based on Internet weather forecast integrate your irrigation scheme together with your complete home automation scenariosSUN SHADING control blinds, roller-shutters, curtains and pergolas using your smartphone automate motors by using fun and easy programming tool online add your sun shading commands into home scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms automate your shades to react to outside weather conditions easy installation using pre-configured wireless modulesBut also: : Energy Metering, Video monitoring and more

  • size 32.8 MB
  • version 2.5

Flex Energy

Enjoy access to your Flex Energy Hub to view solar energy production and manage home consumption. Solar production and home consumption are provided in convenient formats of now, day, week, month, and year to spot and manage trends. Your Energy Hub can also be connected to any Wink home automation system to enable true energy management, comfort, and convenience for your connected home.

  • size 9.5 MB
  • version 1.3.1


home automation eco-system, is consisted with three modules: Smart Power control(control all your appliance anytime any where), Smart sense(Pressure/light/temperature/humidity/noise/air quality/IR motion), Smart Lighting& Music(turn your Bulb into Speaker). Each module can work independently or interactively as a combination. To save money, save energy and make sure you are living in the best environment.

  • size 19.8 MB
  • version 2.2.4


The iSuperApp is an app for the integrated smarter home security and home automation solution. It enables you to manage and protect your home at anytime and anywhere in the world. Sets a schedule or timer for them, and checks their on/off status.- The system is DIY, no wire, no contract, no monthly fee- Control as many sensors,lights, electronics,siren,switches as you want, in one system.

  • size 57.1 MB
  • version 3.1.2


ONnergy is an application that helps you take control over your energy consumption and your budget. The app connects to smart devices in your home and collects data from smart meters. Central metering ( This can make either a wired or a wireless connection with the fifthplay Gateway to establish links via optical sensors, pulse sensors, the P1 port (or MBUS with smart meters) or induction clamps.

  • size 72.0 MB
  • version 2.2.1

Greenwave Systems IoT

Greenwave Systems is a global Internet of Things software and services company, offering a simple to use app that allows you to monitor and control your home devices from the convenience of your mobile phone. It supports various connected devices such as lights, thermostats, motion sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors, door/window sensors, energy consumption, power strips, wall plugs and more. - Schedule actions that allow you to control your devices based on time.- Turn on your lights or devices if motion is detected.- Stay up to date on the activity in your home with notifications.- Control your devices to turn on or off based on your location.- Monitor and control your energy consumption.

  • size 19.2 MB
  • version 0.9.28

HOS Smart Home for HomeKit MP

House Operating System (HOS) for Apple HomeKit [MP] is a full-featured home automation software with support for Apple HomeKit smart home devices and protocols. The [MP] edition is designed to control multiple properties and houses at the same time. Main Features:- Controls light, wall / inline switches, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors, environmental sensors, cameras and more - Runs Apple HomeKit devices and protocols.- Can issue spoken messages for alerts, announcement and reminders thru internal Device Speaker .- Multi profiles allowing you to control as many houses as you wish from the same iOS/TvOS device.- Backup and Restore your houses profiles on your personal computer and on iCloud.- WYSIWYG (what you see is what you got) technology allow you to use your iPhone/iPad camera to add real rooms/devices photos / skins to be controlled by a simple touch.- User friendly customized on screen switches using VR (virtual reality) technology simulate the exact actions of the real push button wall / in-line switches with a set-up easier than setting a channel on your conventional TV.- Dedicated library of rooms profiles and remote controls skins professionally designed to meet most modern houses rooms and devices.- Advanced monitor / control view checks indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity, and electricity consumption.- Custom Icons Allow You To Choose The Desired Icon For Each Button You Create.- Apple Watch total control of Presets and monitor your day / night, sunlight / darkness, twilight, and holidays as well as nature actions like wind, rain, hail, and frost (currently for digitalSTROM devices, meters and protocols only).- This is an all devices App (iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV) which means you can pay for one device and download the app for all other devices for free.

  • size 109 MB
  • version 2.05