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DiveKit ~ Dive Log & Planner alternatives

Dive Log

Dive Log is designed to work either as your primary SCUBA diving logbook application or in conjunction with compatible 3rd party desktop logbook applications. You can use Dive Log at the dive site or on the dive boat to capture the information about the site while it is fresh in your mind (or your dive guides mind). Supported Bluetooth LE accessories are available separately.

  • size 27.3 MB

Official HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2016/17

The official app of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2016/17. Encompassing both the mens sevens series and the womens sevens series that kicks-off in Dubai on December 1. Follow the season round-by-round with up-to-the minute news coverage Watch video highlights from every match of every stage Follow the action as-it-happens with our live blog and live score updates Personalise your experience to receive match notifications for your favourite team Live video streaming available in certain territories Get the round and season standings

DiveMate - the Beautiful Diving Log Book

DiveMate is a beautiful log book for scuba divers who want to record their diving data and memories in an easy and intuitive way. Features:- direct transfer of diving data from over 180 different dive computer models- easy to use, intuitive user interface- optimised for iPad and iPhone- manage multiple divers- add rating, notes- add your dive data like surface interval, duration, depth etc- add conditions like weather, temperature, current, water surface and more- add tank data like pressure, oxygen, partial pressure, tank size- add your favorite photos and videos- manage place, divers, buddies and assign them to your dive- import existing log books from DivingLog, Dive LogManager, MacDive, Subsurface- UDDF importPremium Features:- backup/restore to/from DropBox or iCloud Drive - equipment management- export to DivingLog- automatic iCloud sync between iDevices- UDDF export- multi-edit of dives- ascent rate and RMV profilescoming in the next updates:- multiple certificates- sort and group options for dives- add buddies from contacts

  • size 53.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

PADI - Scuba Diving Essentials

The PADI App provides divers a new way to experience the underwater world on the go, whenever and wherever they need it. With the revamped PADI App you can locate PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, dive sites, log your dives, keep up to date on scuba news, access your PADI eCards and much more: Locate dive shops and dive sites with local weather conditions Use dive tools such as checklists, reminders, knots and hand signals Read about top dive destinations View social and news feeds Access your PADI eCards Get information on PADI courses Log dives within ScubaEarth Access the PADI Pros Site Access PADI Gear collections Live the dive lifestyle and explore the underwater world 24/7.

  • size 30.7 MB
  • version 2.78


The ultimate mobile app for scuba divers. DivePlanit allows you to find scuba-diving buddies, dive sites and dive centres. Share your dives and discoveries straight to social media and the Scubafeed.- The quickest & easiest way to log & share your dive.- Simply build your profile, log your dives, and Scubaposts.- Find scuba-diving buddies.- Follow other divers Scubaposts and Divelogs in the Scubafeed to discover new dive spots.- Map your scuba diving journey with location based GPS.- Find the dive centres that are closest to you.- Share your dives on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.- Use the Fish Catalogue to identify and log underwater wildlife you discover.

  • size 69.0 MB
  • version 1.2

Dive Check

Dive Check is useful and simple to use application for creating checklists for scuba divers, technical divers, snorkelers and everyone else who carries a lot of gear on locations, and needs to make sure that nothing is forgotten, or misplaced. Did you ever want to send a list of equipment to your dive buddy or friend, so they dont forget something on the next diving trip? - Use Default Checklists- Create Reminders- Create Empty or Template Checklists- Edit, Delete, or Modify Checklists- Add New Items in Checklists- Send (Share) Checklists with friendsEnjoy Dive Check, and Safe Diving

  • size 7.0 MB
  • version 1.1

Dive Planet

Scuba Diving Log Log your dives quickly and easily (in German or English).Please check out the support page for the manual. You can find the settings for the app in the settings of your device under dive planet Features:- Metric and imperial units are supported (switch in the settings in the dive planet settings of your device. They are not in the app itself )- Capturing GPS coordinates of a local dive site or manual entry- Backup all data to your computer and restore the data to any iOS device (iPhone, iPad) with iTunes- Select buddy from contacts and add them to the buddy list, input of buddy signature- Supports dives with nitrox (enriched air) and calculates the MOD- Separate lists for boats, buddies, dive centers, dive sets (eg holiday), regions and dive sites and possibility to assign them to the dives- Map view of a dive site or of a region with all the dive sites- Take snapshot of the map view (to view it offline)- Copy existing dives for quick entry- Calculates the air consumption- Output of statistical values of all dives or a selection of dives- Filter dives by any criteria and output a list- Add images to several sections (boat, region, location and dive center)- Create PDFs of the dives on the device and copy them to your computer (to copy it on your computer copy export folder with iTunes to your computer)- Export all your data to CSV files for excel

  • size 23.6 MB
  • version 2.01

Divers Book

Divers Book is a digital scuba diving logbook for iOS devices. You can log your dives at dive spot to insert on-the-spot comments, GPS coordinates using iOS device location services, cylinder pressure infos before dismount the manometer or buddies details that can be added to your contact list or only in Divers Book buddies list. Multiple photos can be added to dives or dive spots.

  • size 59.1 MB
  • version 3.0.16

Scuba LogBook

* Check your dive state. (Total Dive Time, Average Dive Time, Longest Dive, Max. Water Temperature Dive, Chart Months, Chart Year)* Get GPS Site Map where you dove (automatic address system)* Manage your equipments (image, serial number, last service date)* Check your dive profile(Diving graph)* Make your own photo album* Share your divelog with your friend on Facebook* Many Charts show(Divetype, Equipment, Dive Depth, Dive Time, Marine Life)* Make your own Marin life Dictionary* Backup with DropBox* Unit support (Meter/Feet/bar/psi/kg/lbs/Celsious/Fahrenheit/Liter/cu ft)* Sync with Windows Desktop program Diving Log* Scuba, Diving, Logbook, Scuba Diving, Dive, Log, skin scuba

  • size 7.4 MB
  • version 1.4.1

Scuba Capsule Pro

Scuba Capsule app comes with fully functional Dive Log, Trimix Calculator, and Repetitive Dive Planner. The app is designed to operate in two major modes: (1) Dive Mode - in conjunction with the Scuba Capsule device, and (2) Surface Mode - when the accessory is not required. When used with Scuba Capsule Made for iPhone device - the Dive Log app records and saves full dive profile information, including dive graph, dive time, max depth, visibility, water temperature on the bottom, air temperature, GPS coordinates, weather conditions, dive gear used, gas mix and tank information, tank pressure before and after dive, weights used, and more

  • size 81.8 MB
  • version 1.5


This App is a Free App designed exclusively for SNSI Certified Scuba Divers. My SNSI is user friendly and allows you to see your personal Electronic C-Cards, Log Dives with Geo Mapping, Create an Equipment - Travel Checklist and take photos of sites and friends while documenting your Scuba Dives. Features:Have your E C-Cards always availableShow updated proof of your Scuba experienceDocument all your divesEnter, review and edit your dives from anywhereCreate, edit or modify your logged divesPinpoint Location with Geo MapsCreate your own equipment checklistCheck off your equipment as you packCheck your equipment service requirementsTake Photos of the day directly from the app

  • size 38.0 MB
  • version 1.0.2

My bluebuddy

My bluebuddy is the accompanying App for our bluebuddy product: the wireless data logger for the connected SCUBA diver. To use this App you need an iOS device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and the new iPadbluebuddy is the easiest way to log and share your scuba dives. Make sure to watch them to get familiar with the App.

  • size 11.4 MB
  • version 1.2.10

Diviac - Scuba diving logbook

The worlds most advanced scuba logbook: beautiful - cloud-based - socially connected - with a full marine life database - offering direct dive computer upload (from desktop/laptop).Log offline during your dive trip, enrich back at home on https://logbook.diviac.com/ - no cables, automatic sync, just perfect Diviac is also much more than a traditional logbook, it is a journal of your dive history. A place to remember the divers that you meet on trips, a place to keep track of the amazing marine life that you encounter and a place to record your impressions in short, a place to store the memories that you want to keep from your dives. Hundreds of user reviews, ratings, and advanced search tools will make it a breeze to go on holiday.

  • rating 2.33333
  • size 27.3 MB
  • version 0.4.1