With the new Discovergy app you have access to all the information about your power consumption and production at your finger tips. Along with the live readings you can also get an overview of your daily, monthly and yearly power data. In case you are not a customer of Discovergy yet, you can get a sneak peek by having a look at our demo meters.

Discovergy alternatives

Energy Cost Calculator

Energy Cost Calculator: calculates the Operating cost & Energy Usage of Electric Equipments or Machinery. Enter 1.Consumption/hour (Watts/KiloWatts)2.Usage/hour (No of hours used)3.Cost/wattand the App will calculate1. Know the amount of Carbon Emission per Year, for the Electricity you have consumed in a year.

  • size 18.1 MB

iVigilo Smartcam - Audio Video Surveillance

iControl Web: HTTP Remote Control for Home Automation with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more

Call any URL with an appropriate sized button on any of your devices (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch). The screens can be configured according to your needs using a json file via iTunes file sharing. Thank you in advance

  • size 17.9 MB

myWork - Time tracking

myWork is the simplest way to track your working hours, holidays, public holidays, days of sickness and incomes. With my Work, you are able to organize multiple jobs or projects at the same time with minimal effort and without losing time for annoying paperwork.myWork enables you to personalize your start screen in order to always get the exact information you are actually looking for. myWorks key features on the spot: - Personalized start screen - No energy consumption while tracking an activity - Overview of your overtimes on a daily basis - Built-in export function based on templates - Possibility to backup and restore your data- Detailed History - Taking notes while tracking an activity - Intelligent search function - Add activities manually

  • size 15.2 MB