Using the correct German article is hard because there are barely any rules So there is just one solution: Study, study, study Der Die Deutsch makes it fun and addicting to study articles. Simply tap on the correct article before time runs out. There are three modes, so Der Die Deutsch is fun regardless of your level of German

Der Die Deutsch - Grammar Game for German Articles alternatives

German Word trainer, Grammar A1 A2 B1 C1

How to improve your vocabulary and not get bored? Or maybe you have to learn speak German for business, travel or study? Have fun

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Deutsche Grammatik

A concise german grammar with the most important rules, cases charts and grammatical structures. It is easy to use, with authentic examples and visually appealing tables. Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > German (Enhanced)ARTICLE- Definite article- Indefinite article- Negative ArticleNOUN- Characteristics- Masculine gender- Femenine gender- Neuter gender- PluralADJECTIVE- Strong Inflexion- Weak inflection- Mixed inflection- ComparisonPRONOUNS- Interrogative pronouns- Personal pronouns- Reflexive pronouns- Possesive pronouns- Demostrative pronouns- Relative pronouns- Indefinite pronounsPREPOSITIONS- Accusative prepositions- Dative prepositions- Genitive prepositions- Two way prepositions- Preposition + articleVERBS- Auxiliary verbs- Modal verbs- Separable / inseparable- Present perfect- Imperative- Verbs and prepositions- Reflexive verbs- Verbs A1/A2NUMERALS- Cardinal numbers- Ordinal numbers- Date- Time- CalculationsSENTENCES- Word order- Negation- Main clauses- Subordinate clauses- Questions- Future- Passive

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German test A1 A2 B1 like exam

This app is designed for modern people who are learning German language or restores skills. Questions in tests are taken from real-world situations where you might need some language knowledge. Dont forget to do exercises everyday and progress will be fast

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Test "Leben in Deutschland"

Das Bundesamt stellt Ihnen an dieser Stelle den Gesamtkatalog der fr den Test Leben in Deutschland zugelassenen Prfungsfragen zur Verfgung, mit dem Sie sich auf einen Test Leben in Deutschland vorbereiten knnen. Dabei handelt es sich um insgesamt 310 Fragen, davon 300 allgemeine Fragen und 10 landesbezogene Fragen, die nur fr das jeweilige Bundesland zu beantworten sind. die gewnschte Aufgabe aus der angebotenen Liste.

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Grammatisch - Learn German

Learn German for real with Grammatisch. The app has hundreds of exercises as well as summaries, tables and lists for the key topics of the german grammar. The following topics are covered: Bestimmter Artikel Pluralform Personalpronomen Verbkonjugation - Prsens Possessivpronomen Reflexive Verben Akkusativ Dativ Prpositionen N-Deklination Trennbare Verben Perfekt Adjektivdeklination Verben mit Prpositionen Konjunktiv IIand many more coming on the next updates This app does not require an internet connection to work.

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