Daxeam is the premier global Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. Daxeam will help you:Manage your assetsCreate and maintain work ordersFind assets from a hierarchy treeSnap and capture picturesRegister parts and items


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Fieldreach Work Manager
SAP Work Manager
ProMAP Work Orders
Dynamics AX
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SAP Rounds Manager
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Daxeam Mobile alternatives

FortiToken Mobile

FortiToken Mobile is an OATH compliant, event-based and time-based One Time Password (OTP) generator application for the mobile device. It is the client component of Fortinets highly secure, simple to use and administer, and extremely cost effective solution for meeting your strong authentication needs. This is the case even if you installed valid tokens after restoring old tokens.

  • size 16.3 MB

Office 365 Admin

Are you an Office 365 admin? Then you need the Office 365 Admin app. IMPORTANT: You need to be an Office 365 admin with an active Office 365 business subscription to use this app.

More Information About alternatives

Fieldreach Work Manager

Affinity Fieldreach is an enterprise grade mobile solution for inspections, surveys, asset management and work management. It has a flexible business-driven approach which makes it suitable for use across a wide range of mobile processes and business areas. It can be used for: Work Management Asset hierarchy navigation Asset data quality initiatives Asset inspections and maintenance Site surveys Risk assessments Recording compliance with signature capture Photographic evidence capture GPS Capture GIS redline data capture

  • size 34.8 MB
  • version 4.16

SAP Work Manager

With the SAP Work Manager mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you have the tools needed to improve workforce safety and optimize asset life and reliability, as well as streamline processes by eliminating paperwork and shortening work cycles. The mobile app accesses the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and empowers your workforce with everything needed to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field from an iPhone or iPad. You can try out the app first using sample data.

  • size 92.7 MB
  • version 6.4.1

ProMAP Work Orders

ProMAP stands for Programmed Mobility Application Platform and is a cutting-edge and innovative field mobility solution. It is a data capture and job management application that allows technicians to send and receive work orders, update asset data and issue invoices in real time via their smart device. ProMAP directly links work performed in the field to the assets kept in our Enterprise Asset Management system using a barcoding system for certain asset types.

  • size 5.1 MB
  • version 2.2.11

Dynamics AX

For use with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, this application enables you to capture your expense transactions and receipt information. This application also allows you to create and submit timesheets. If your organization uses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and has enabled these features, you will be notified by your system administrator.

  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 4.2

Cyan Work Management

Cyan Work Management allows mobile workers in asset intensive organizations to perform Work Management, Materials Management, Preventive Maintenance and more on an iPad or iPhone. Cyan Work Management has a complete integration to Infor EAM, and can also be integrated with other leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions such as Mainpac, Oracle eAM, SAP, and others through Blue Dot professional services. For more information, contact Blue Dot at: [email protected] or visit: http://bluedotsolutions.com

  • size 10.2 MB
  • version 2.2

SAP Rounds Manager

With the SAP Rounds Manager mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you have the tools needed to magnify the value of routine condition monitoring, meter reading, and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster. The mobile app accesses the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution to assist in anticipating outages efficiently and empowers your workforce to maintain, read, and repair assets from an iPhone or iPad. You can try out the app first using sample data.

  • size 35.2 MB
  • version 3.0.2

On the Go Approval

An application to allow users who need to access business workflow requests from Microsoft Dynamics AX remotely on their iOS devices. Users are able to interact with workflow requests generated by other users and processes within Dynamics AX. Dynamics AX Workflow Approval application requires Dynamics On The Go integration Connector to work in a real environment.

  • size 5.7 MB
  • version 3.7

GRAiT System

RAXARs Graphical Real-Time Asset Inspection and Tracking System (GRAiT System) is a graphical solution for asset management within an enterprise. The system runs on a secure cloud in real time, allowing users to track and maintain all assets, no matter their whereabouts. Raxar prides itself in creating mobile solutions for industrial applications.

  • size 24.8 MB
  • version 2.8

Sana Commerce Mobile

Sana Mobile is the field sales app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and SAP to support easy order entry and catalog browsing. Its the perfect app to support sales representatives on the road and provides an easy entry in the B2B sales portal by Sana Commerce the integrated e-Commerce solution for Dynamics and SAP. About SanaSana delivers fully integrated e-Commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and SAP that help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers grow online, including mobile support for sales agents.

  • size 10.7 MB
  • version 1.4.3

gmac.2 EAM

Glintt with more than 15 years experience in EAM solutions employed in the Facility Management, Service Providers, Industry and Health sectors, presents GMAC2.GMAC2 is a complete maintenance solution that integrates asset life-cycles, focusing on dematerialization, mobility and process efficiency. Take control of you assets. Own your processes.

  • size 45.4 MB
  • version 1.0.0