Can your iPhone correct your color blindness?I used it today in the real world. It was amazing I was at Target with my girlfriend and saw a blue plaid shirt that I liked. so :)DanKam is a iPhone app that displays video from the camera (among other sources), remixed so that its a lot easier for the color blind to see colors, and the differences between colors, more accurately.


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DanKam: Colorblind Fix alternatives

Kasa for Mobile

Kasa for Mobile is currently only compatible with TP-LINK HS100/110 Smart Plug, HS105 Smart Plug Mini, HS200 Smart Switch, LB100/110/120/130/200/230 Smart Bulb, IP Camera KC120, Smart Router SR20, and RE270/370/350K Range Extender Kasa for Mobile is your portal to your TP-LINK Smart Home. Kasa lets you add, configure, monitor, and control your connected TP-LINK Smart Home devices from anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for updates to the Kasa platform as we add support for new features and upcoming hardware in the Kasa family

  • rating 4.56048
  • size 140 MB

FastCustomer: Fast customer service

Top 10 Smart-phone App of 2011 - TIME MagazineHate waiting on hold for customer service? Then dont With a single tap, we navigate the phone tree to whichever department you need like tech support or billing then ring your phone once weve got an agent on the line. CONTACTING US* Twitter: @fastcustomer* Facebook: /fastcustomer* Website:* Email: [email protected]

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IKEA Place

IKEA Place uses ARKit and is compatible with iPhone 6s and newer. See below for iPad compatibility. Look out for updates as more IKEA products and additional functionality arriving soon.

  • rating 3.55556

Flush Toilet Finder - Bathroom, Loo and WC Finder

Flush Toilet Finder is the quickest, simplest way of finding a public bathroom or restroom. Simply open the app and it will display the nearest toilets to you. This is the ad-supported version of Flush Toilet Finder Pro.

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eero home WiFi system

The eero app allows you to easily set up and manage your eero WiFi system (sold separately). The worlds first home WiFi system, eero blankets your home in fast, reliable WiFi. eero is currently only available for purchase in the US and this app requires a US phone number to create an account.

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Color Vision Test Pro

#1 Advanced medical app for testing color blindness#1 Tool for color blind people#1 Colorblindness simulatorFEATURESColor blindness testDaltonic simulatorColourblind helper Visualizations:- Optical illusions- Stereograms- StereopairsTips and helping infoHow well do you see colors?Do you need a tool that will help you determine a colour with the help of an iPhone camera?Do want to show people how you see the world?Use the camera on your device to pick, detect and recognize colors in HEX and RGBTest your ability to see coloursTry out unique achromate simulationTrain your eyes with stereograms and visualisationsFind out interesting facts and tips concerning eyesCOMMENTSThis is a cool perfect way to test your visionLove it because I always wanted to be an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist)Fun and easy to use Informative and smartStarted from test, now using it every day for my work - I am designer and visually impaired. Helps me to define colors in HEX and RGBAwesome way to find out if you are colorblind

  • rating 4.27273
  • size 31.4 MB
  • version 1.2

Ultimate Button Box

AWESOME LOUD SOUNDS AND SWEET LOOKING GRAPHICS -> TOP 10 WORLDWIDE APP -># FEATURED ON APPLES NEW AND NOTEWORTHY SECTION GET THE BEST BUTTON APP OUT THERE OVER 100,000 DOWNLOADS Ultimate Button Box is the ULTIMATE iPhone and iPod Touch Button App 132 BUTTONS Includes all kinds of buttons - Popular Sayings, Farts, Machines, Animals, Guns, and Much More The FUN Button App # 132 BUTTONS # Super HIGH QUALITY Button Images # LOUDEST and Highest Quality Sounds # ANIMATIONS of Buttons when Pressed # Most Requested Sounds # LARGEST and BIGGEST Buttons out there # Press Button or FLICK iPhone to Activate Uses Accelerometer # Quality Backgrounds for Each Button Included are the following buttons:Access Denied, Ahh Crap, April Fools, Barf, Belly, Bing, Bite Me, Blah Blah Blah, Bomb, Boo, Boos, Bowling, Burp, Call You Tomorrow, Car Alarm, Car Horn, Cat, Chainsaw, Channel Surfing, Cougar, Cow, Cymbals, Dog, Dog Whistle, Door, Drilling, Drumroll, EarthQuake, Electricity, Elements, Epic Fail, Excellent, Fatality, Fire, Firetruck, FistBump, Frog, Gag Me, Game, Gargle, Gay, Get A Life,Girl, Gong, Grenade, Gross, Gun, Heat Vision, Helicopter, Hello, Holla, Holy Crap, Horse, Hyptnotize, Intruder Alert, Its a Trap, I Wanna Be Naked, Laugh, Laughing, Locust, Loser, M16, Meep Meep , Monkey, Motorcycle, Move It, Nice Beaver, No, Nothings Wrong, Oh Baby, Oh Yeah, Oh Please, Oh Snap, OMG, Ohh La La, Ooohhh, Pathetic, Phone, Plane, Plasma, Play A Game, Police Siren, Punch, Pwned , Rap Beat, Retarded, Robot, Saw, Scream, Shaving, Shuriken, Slash, Snore, Snot, Spit, Spring, Suck It, That is so Hot, That was Easy, Tip Toe, Toilet, Tommy Gun, Totally Awesome, Touche, Transport, TWSS, UZI, VoulezBeaCoup, Wasted, Wee, What, What , Whachaootalkinabout, Whatever, What is That, Whip, Wolf, WTF, Yes, Yo Mama, You are so clueless, You have got to be kidding, You Lose, Youre Fired, You Suck, and More Download the ULTIMATE button app today Fox Dragon Design LLC is not responsible for the use of this application once it is in the hands of the end user. # Supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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  • version V1