New Update 2.0.1 introduces playable character, The Wizard DUNGEONy is an arcade, puzzle-like dungeon crawler with random roguelike elements. Featured on the App Store under Best New Games A deceptively tactical roguelike RPG that offers an immediate yet considered dungeon-crawling experience - Pocket GamerThe game features Perma Death, RPG elements (level up your attack + stamina), Turn-based attacks, Random enemy spawns and loot drops, Multiple themed dungeons, Random Special levels with unique elements, shops, BOMBS and more. We appreciate kind reviews if you have a moment :)Music by Gas1312www.gas1312.bandcamp.com Korigame Entertainment LTD.Follow me on Twitter More games by Korigame Entertainment LTD. Squishy Cats: Pixel Whale:

DUNGEONy alternatives

War of Eclipse

People say- Another great game from Game Stew - by DarkDjango- An excellent follow-up to the quirky Tower of Fortune - by Retr0spective- Fantastically retro - by Stumpyjay- Great minimalist pixel art. Sharp looking game - by ForestRayColson- Gonna buy tower of fortune just because its from the same guys - by Droskie- Hard as heck but wonderful - by Admiral Snackbar- Just as fun as Tower of Fortune And just as addicting - by Juliet M- Original and fun - by 4ppleseed- The gameplay is much deeper than what you see on the surface. Features- One button gameplay that is easy to learn and play- Retro style pixel graphics with detailed 8 bit art- Challenge high scores in survival mode and see your ranking in the world- Detailed tutorial and tips that are available at any time- 7 air battleships to build and customize, including one ultimate battleship- 7 endings to discover, see the story and experience the possibilities from different angle- 35 enemy types to fight; they will shoot, charge, and ambush you, and also bomb your base- Collect lost data that unveils the history behind the aliens and human world- Random equipment includes: 20 kinds of parts combine with 50 kinds of abilities and 10 LV upgrade- Different challenges during the battle, such as avoiding an ambush, battling in a lightning storm, and destroying the falling boss enemies before atmospheric friction burned you- 20 achievements to conquer Facebook Video

  • rating 4.23076
  • size 13.2 MB

Doug dug.

Doug is a Dwarf. Doug loves digging. Will you?Visit to see how it plays.

  • size 13.9 MB

Frederic - Evil Strikes Back

The sequel to one of the best music game of 2012 by Best Apps Ever Awards: Frederic Resurrection of Music. Defeat famous opponents in musical duels. - 10 challenging musical duels with some of the most renown pop stars- 10 fantastic, catchy tracks, inspired by Frederic Chopins composition and different music genres.- Quirky story with tons of parody and twists- Local multiplayer- Extremely easy to get to, but hard to master gameplay- Hand-painted animated comic- Game center achievements and leaderboards

  • size 667 MB

Ancient Legacy

Toucharcade 4/5 - A Clever Hybird of Roguelike And Board GameAncient Legacy is a table-top style RPG with rogue-like elements. You play as a hero who must explore a dark world while fighting monsters, building their base, solving quests, and collecting four Ancient Legacy to seal the evil god. Features- Roll the dice and swing your sword as you test your luck and strategies- Venture across a world map that connects to 5 different areas- Build and upgrade your camp to help you on your journey- 4 powerful Ancient Legacy to collect- 4 environment boss wait for you to challenge them- 9 heroes with different abilities to choose and play (7 need to be unlocked) - 10 achievements to conquer - 32 kinds of enemies to face off against - 63 random events with mythical creatures, strange allies, and more- Endless fun as you fight, explore and adventure with diceFacebook Movie

  • size 28.7 MB

2-bit Cowboy

2-bit Cowboy is a Western action platformer game, styled after classics of the Gameboy era.Ive got confidence that 2-bit Cowboy will deliver that faux-retro platforming experience I love so much -Touch Arcade2-bit Cowboy is every bit the lost Gameboy title you want it to be -GamezeboTheres a new sheriff in this 2-bit town: you And youve got a lot of work to do. Tackle challenges, earn rewards, track down bad guys, and find hidden loot. * Customizable cowboy characters* Huge levels to explore* Gamble at casinos and drink at saloons* Earn bits, buy powerups and costumes* Ride horses, bulls, and minecarts* Gameboy style retro graphics* Gamepad supportFollow us for the latest info and game news

  • rating 4.18182
  • size 41.8 MB