DSP PRO iPhone app, is the user control center for the XFIRE AUDIO XFR DSP PRO, Digital Sound Processor. The app uses bluetooth to connect with the DSP and gives you the ability to choose which listening preset is used, which input and gives you control over the Master and Subwoofer volume.

DSP PRO alternatives

LGeeRemote: Remote For LG TV

LGeeRemote is a remote control application that lets you control your LG television. The application works on all TVs equipped with Smart TV and Web OS technology and connected to your (WiFi or Ethernet) network. You just have to allow the app to control your tv,and voila, you can now control your LG TV directly from your iPhone or iPadFor any comments or questions write us at the following address: [email protected] DISCLAIMER LGeeRemote is neither an official LG product, nor are we affiliated with the LG company.

  • rating 4.5
  • size 24.0 MB

DD Toolbox

The DD Toolbox includes several useful tools for setting up and analyzing high performance car audio systems. We understand installers have a lot going on while setting up a system, so the DD Toolbox layout was designed with this in mind. This allows you to do things like use the tone generator while punching numbers into the wattage calculator, all the while illuminating your trunk with the flashlight DD Toolbox features:-Wattage/ Ohms Law Calculator for determining your systems actual output wattage and impedance-Tone generator that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz-DD Box calculator which uses DDs exclusive enclosure design theory to make a recommendation for maximum bass in your given enclosure space-Flashlight function thats able to be toggled on/off from any screen.

  • size 5.0 MB

Pioneer ARC

Pioneers Advanced Remote Control (Pioneer ARC) app converts your iPhone* into a powerful touchscreen remote control, which allows you to control and customize your compatible Pioneer car stereo. Pioneer ARC lets you browse your favorite music, switch sources (FM tuner, Bluetooth Audio, etc), launch 3rd party apps, customize the illumination colors and audio settings of your Pioneer system. Compatible Pioneer products:-Source Control / Audio Settings / Illumination settings / Bluetooth managementDEH-S60*0BSDEH-S50*0BT/DEH-X50BT/DEH-X50BRMVH-S501BSMVH-X30BT/MVH-X30BRMVH-S600BS/MVH-S605BTFH-S70*BS/FH-S70*BT-Source Control / Audio Settings / Bluetooth managementDEH-S40*0BT/DEH-S040BTMVH-S30*BT/MVH-S030BTMVH-S40*BTFH-S500BT/FH-S501BT/FH-S509BTFH-S505BT(Mexico)-Source Control / Audio SettingsDEH-S400DABDEH-S20*0UIDEH-X10/DEH-X10BRMVH-S200DABMVH-S10*UIDEH-X49BT/DEH-4900DABDEH-X39BT/DEH-3900BTDEH-X29UIMVH-X39*BT/MVH-390BTMVH-290DABMVH-X19*UI/MVH-190UI-Source Control / Audio Settings / Illumination settingsFH-X830BHS / FH-X840DABFH-X73* BT/FH-X730BSFH-X78*BTDEH-X8800BHSDEH-X7800BHS/DEH-X7800DAB/DEH-X7850BTDEH-X6800BS, DEH-X6850BT /DEH-X6900BT/DEH-X5900BTMVH-X690BSMVH-X580BS/MVH-X58*BT/MVH-X580DAB-Source ControlDEH-X68BT/DEH-X6800DABDEH-X5800BT/DEH-X5800HDDEH-X48BT/DEH-4800BT/DEH-4800DABDEH-X38UIDEH-X28UI/DEH-2800UI/DEH-2800DABMVH-X38*BTMVH-280DABMVH-X18*UI/MVH-180UI

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  • size 56.3 MB

Speaker Box Lite(Box volume calculation)

This program is designed to calculate the volume of the subwoofer box, according to his parameters Thiele-Small(FS, VAS, QTS). Calculation available vented and closed enclosures for each of them you can draw graphs of frequency response, phase response and time delays. DONT FORGET Leave comments and wishes on development of the project, and you have the opportunity to support the development of the money if our program was useful for you.

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Audio Signal Generator including Sweeps & Noise

This is the highly recommended and praised Function Generator App - an amazingly great and powerful tone generator. Enriched with a vast amount of features yet it is extremely intuitive and designed for simplicity. The Function Generator is AMAZINGLY INTUITIVE and SIMPLE AND THESE ARE THE ADVANCED SETTINGS/FEATURES (upgrade to PRO required):=> Extending The Frequency Range=> Extending The Sweep Times=> Changing Min/Max Slider Frequency Ranges => Changing Max Sweep Time Slider Range=> Changing Signal Amplitude=> Enabling Of The Sweep Repeat / Wobble Function=> Frequency Slider Setting to Linear or Logarithmic=> Left/Right Channel Individual Selection=> Permanently Saving Custom Presets=> Saving Of Endless Number Of Audio Configurations=> Phase Out Setting (Phase shift of 180 of the generated signal)=> BPM (Beats per Minute) Feature=> Dual Function Generator=> Background Theme Selection (Light/Dark)

  • size 18.9 MB