iPhone iPad, , :- DSK Smart;- - ;- . DSK Smart, - , . ;- List of bank cards and details;- Electronic Bill Payments of utility bills via saved templates;- Saving operations with Virtual saving component and load of virtual card, transfers between own accounts;- Payments to third parties via saved templates with signing via Token device.

DSK Smart alternatives

Raiffeisen Smart Mobile

PERSOANE FIZICEFUNCTIONALITATI: Autentificare cu PIN/amprenta Vizualizare conturi (istoric, detalii): curente, economii, depozite, carduri de credit, credite Vizualizare tranzactii active Vizualizare, activare, modificare, stergere contracte direct debit Operatiuni intre conturile proprii Plati catre alte conturi: deschise la Raiffeisen Bank sau la alte banci (lei, valuta) Plati impozite si taxe Reincarcare cartele preplatite Deschidere cont curent/economii Constituire/lichidare depozit Posibilitatea de a subscrie la Fonduri de Investitii Vizualizare sold cont si initiere plata din widgetPERSOANE JURIDICEFUNCTIONALITATI: Vizualizare conturi (istoric, detalii):conturi curente,economii,depozite,credite Vizualizare tranzactii active Vizualizare contracte direct debit Operatiuni intre conturile proprii Plati catre alte conturi: deschise la Raiffeisen Bank sau la alte banci (lei, valuta) pe baza sablonelor predefinite in Raiffeisen Online Rate de schimb si de dobandaSectiune publica Demo complet al aplicatiei Rate de schimb si de dobanda Locator (locatii Raiffeisen Bank, ATM-uri, MFM-uri) SECURITATESmart Mobile ofera siguranta deplina (protectie prin cod utilizator si parola/cod PIN/amprenta, transfer de date criptat, protectie anti-phishing). CUM TE CONECTEZIAceasta aplicatie a fost dezvoltata de Raiffeisen Bank Romania si este varianta pentru smartphone-uri si tablete a serviciului Raiffeisen Online. If you are a Raiffeisen Online user: Activate the Smart Mobile service from your Raiffeisen Online accountIf you are not a Raiffeisen Online user: You can activate Smart Mobile service in any Raiffeisen Bank branch Learn how you can become a Raiffeisen Online & Smart Mobile customer on www.raiffeisen.ro

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Bulbank Mobile

. . The app is fully synchronized with your Internet banking templates.

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Paysera Mobile Wallet

Paysera application allows for easier management of finances you can transfer money to friends or pay for goods and services at a touch of a button. With Paysera mobile wallet you can: send money to friends instantly; protect transferred money with a password; check currency rates and exchange currency; link a bank card to your mobile wallet; see Paysera and Paysera VISA account statements and balance even offline; send money requests to friends for shared lunch or ride. Stop wasting money and time Download the application and register or log in to manage your finances smartly.www.paysera.com

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My Fibank

My Fibank iPhone . , , . Fibank www.fibank.bg.

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The Instant Account For Mobile People. Your new Monese account comes with a contactless Mastercard that will be delivered to your address and a whole host of features you can control from the Monese app: Open your account super fast, just using your mobile (have your passport ready) View your account details immediately (account number and sort code) Send and receive payments Make instant realtime payments to friends who also have Monese accounts Make money by inviting friends. Monese uses the same 128-bit encryption that all major banks use to protect your data in transit and on device.

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