DAFNE Online is a support network for people with Type 1 Diabetes who have attended the Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating course - providing news, forums, carbohydrate lists and an online blood glucose diary. Register at www.dafneonline.co.ukWith the DAFNE Online app, you can take DAFNE with you wherever you go, allowing you to record blood glucose, medication and upload this information to your DAFNE Online account, as well as looking up Carbohydrate Portion (CP) information without an Internet connection. Does NOT require a DAFNE Online account to use (only for the synchronization)For any new feature requests or bug reports contact us directly: [email protected]


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One Drop Diabetes Management

One Drop | Mobile is a free award-winning app loaded with features to help you manage your diabetes. * Featured in App Store as a Best New App, and TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Fortune, CNN, Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable, Inc., YAHOO Finance, The Guardian UK, Diabetes Daily, DiaTribe, Diabetes.co.uk (http://diabetes.co.uk/), DiabetesMine, and more* Winner of Best Design @ LAUNCH 2015 & Best Alumni @ LAUNCH 2016* It has been a huge help in lowering my HBA1C. Community* Join a worldwide community of people with diabetes* Tap on Community tab to see everyones moments* Community Ambassadors share all their moments publicly* Everyone else shares everything anonymously: privacy is guaranteed; your data is secure* Check out the News tab for diabetes news, recipes, and community data

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Log blood glucose measurements and insulin doses for diabetes management. Glucose is meant to be a convenient and simple tool for helping diabetics record blood glucose measurements and insulin usage. Features- Record blood glucose measurements- Support for mg/dL and mmol/L- Record insulin doses- Support for fractional insulin doses- Record a note with each entry- Categorize log entries- Color-coded display of high/low readings- Customizable categories- Customizable insulin types- Export to DropboxPlease send all bug reports and feature requests to [email protected].

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  • version 0.9.5

Track3 Lite - Diabetes Planner, Diabetes Glucose Logbook, Diabetes Tracker, Carb Counter

This app is the best diabetes app I have ever usedThis app is WONDERFUL. Must have, if you have diabetes.This Diabetes Tracker makes living with diabetes easier than ever by tracking all of the factors that keep blood glucose balanced. Healthy eating tips and other useful information are at http://www.coheso.com

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  • version 7.0

SmartLog for iPhone (i-SENS)

SmartLog: Smart blood glucose management app for iPhoneSmartLog provides the following functions to help you manage your blood glucose. (1) Connection with CareSens blood glucose meters (Bluetooth)(2) Manual Input the blood glucose value(3) Providing various reports that show trend of blood glucose value(4) Recording information such as meal, exercise, insulin and memo(5) Sharing your blood glucose data with others by sending email or push service(6) Sync(or backup) your data with SmartLog Server using Synchronization menu of MoreWorks with Apple Health:If you allow Apple Health access, your blood glucose data will be shared with Apple Health App. If you have any inconveniences or improvement requests in using SmartLog, please contact our Customer Center([email protected]).

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  • version 2.4.2

Diabetes Diary

Diabetes Diary allows diabetics to record glucose readings, insulin doses and carbohydrate intake, supporting both mmol/L and mg/dL units for glucose readings and a fully customisable list of insulin types. As a diabetic myself, I wrote this application to help me monitor my diabetes and view trends over time. FEATURES:- mmol/L and mg/dL support with low and high value highlight option- fully customisable insulin brand list- carbohydrate intake- fully customisable time of day tagging with associated start and end times and auto-fill function- note facility for glucose readings, carb intake and insulin doses- edit and delete facility- toggle fast-access to Add New Readings on application start-up- month-by-month and last seven days history views with mean glucose reading and daily carb intake and insulin dose and email export- graph view with capture facility- average day graph view with capture facility- injection site distribution diagram- HTML/CSV export and full database back-up and restore via Dropbox and built-in web serverMore is information at http://diabetesdiary.fridayforward.comTwitter: @Diabetes_DiaryALSO AVAILABLE:Insulin Calculator: simple insulin calculation utility appSquared: classic pen-and-paper game for iPhone and iPod touch

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  • version 2.0.2

My Diabetes Coach

My Diabetes Coach is an innovative, evidence-based health app designed by a team of experienced health professionals to help you take important steps in managing type 2 diabetes, be healthier and reduce your chances of future complications. Features:- weekly chats with Laura, an animated virtual coach , to guide you through some important steps when living with type 2 diabetes- your choice to explore, at a pace that suits you, a range important topics in diabetes self-care including blood glucose testing, healthy eating, physical activity, medication taking, and looking after your feet.- personalised health information, helpful suggestions and tips relevant to you, based on answers you provide- personalised help and support to face challenges, track your progress, and set and reach your own health goals- 24/7 access to a blood glucose monitoring log for all your readings, as well as all of your past interactions with your virtual coach. If you would like to find out more about the project or express interest in joining the program, please visit the My Diabetes Coach website at www.mydiabetescoach.com.au.

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  • version 1.4.5

Sugar Counter and Tracker for Healthy Food Diets

Use this app to count, track, chart and restrict your sugar sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose, galactose and total sugar intake to lose weight; prevent or help control type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and tooth decay; and lower your risk for cancer and depression. Additional features include at-a-glance descending order lists of the at-a-glance descending order lists of sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose, galactose and total sugar content of >300 common foods in g and total sugar content in %carbRDA (Adult Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance of carbohydrate) /100g to help you plan low-sugar meals; and really useful hyperlinks to essential nutritional and healthy food information with 200 photos to support your weightloss, hearthealth or other diet. Viewable in landscape and portrait.

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  • version 1.13

PADI (Preconception and Diabetes Information)

PADI (Preconception and Diabetes Information) is an app to provide important health information for women with diabetes and a handy way to track blood glucose levels. PADI supports women to optimise their health before and in early pregnancy. We hope you enjoy using PADI.

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Keep your diabetes under control mDiabetes allows you to control your own glycemic values. This innovative software is an essential support for all the patients with diabetes who monitor the daily trend of their blood glucose levels. For each one numerous parameters are available, such as the percentage of blood glucose-Glossary -Description of the main terms linked to diabetes-Graph -Monitor glycemic values -Chance to make use of different time intervals -PDF file creation and forwarding the graph via e-mail to your doctor-Profile -Record information about your doctor

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  • version 3.1

GlucoSweet - Diabetes Management

GlucoSweet is a simple diabetes management app which keeps track of your glucose readings, carbohydrate intake during meal times and medication/insulin too KEY FEATURES: - Universal app - works on the iPhone and iPad - iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data).- Sync your data to your other devices running GlucoSweet on Mac and iOS.- Slick and easy to use interface.- Keeps you on track with your blood glucose monitoring- Helps keep track of your carbohydrate intake during meal times- Records unlimited blood glucose readings and carbohydrate intakes during meal times - Supports unlimited medication/insulin intake readings too - Automatically remembers the unique medication/insulin names for efficient and effective entering for the next time around.- Graphs the readings based on day of the week and the time of the day (in both 24-hr time period as well as time of day categories) so you can narrow down which days are making your readings high or low.- Graph supports display as scatter plot or line graph (Note: Line graph will display averages)- Beautiful pie chart to keep track of carbohydrate consumption during meal times.- Ability to analyse your readings based on custom input date ranges.- Automatically determines and pin points which day was your highest or lowest reading- Determines the frequency of readings recorded in the high/normal/low- Supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time display formats- Supports both glucose units - mmol/L and mg/dL- Supports several entry table sorting options - choose one that suits you best - Customisable normal range- Backup and Restore feature - keep your readings in a safe place - Export data as CSV file, PDF or AirPrint (Note: PDF and AirPrint will include graph - only available on Mac version)- Retina display ready - Supports the iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus display.iCloud CompatibleWith an iCloud account, you have the option to store your data on iCloud. You can even sync your data to your other devices (Mac and iOS) GraphBeautiful and colourful graphs to help you keep your diabetes in control. As we cannot, no matter how much we wish we could, reply to users who post a review

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Glucose Tracker

Glucose Tracker is here to help people with type one diabetes better handle their blood glucose levels on a daily basis. Its particularity is that it very quickly gives you useful information. Please contact your health specialist for more accurate information about the action profile of the insulin you are using in your body.

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  • version 1.6