Get ready for cyborg battles Defend your town against cyborg zombies from space Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the cyborg zombies. Cyborg Zombie Defense Awesome tower defense with great units and characters- Epic tower-defense battles- Lots of soldiers, tanks, and guns.- 6 unique guns- Unique and fired-up enemies- 24 defense levels in in post apocalyptic cities.- Enemies from infantry to aviation- Upgrade your units in the laboratoryTower defense has never been so extreme and beautiful.

Cyborg Zombie Defence alternatives

Space Elite Defense: Alien Wars TD

Get ready for epic space battles Defend our colony against the evil aliens A deep conflict has been brewing between us and the evil aliens. Peaceful coexistence is over Our enemy has declared war Fight the ultimate galactic battle to protect our colony Our defense team will consist of seasoned fighters: heroes, snipers, rockets, flame-throwers and more. They fear nothing but neither do us * Rain fire over your enemies with powerful bombs* Fight with our heroes special attacks * Cool music & graphics for the most exciting TD game experience Get ready for the ultimate TD game battle Our survival is in your hands

  • size 71.0 MB

Jump N Switch

Think before you JUMP Once upon time an Evil Creature messed up with Time, everyone gone in the chaos, half of the world in Day and the other half at Night. Our only hope now is YOU Jump N Switch is your Power to Jump and change time between Day & Night Help your hero Jump his/her way and switch time through the ingenious and tricky levels we have created for you Jump N Switch will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes

  • size 70.3 MB

Indie Jane and the Snake Tower

Explore the forgotten Snake Tower as Indie Jane, treasure raider extraordinaire Fast-paced, snake-jumping action Jump to reach out and collect rubies as you climb up the perilous Snake Tower, guarded by tons and tons of SNAKES Unlock magical relics with spectacular powers that lets you glide mid air and can even save your life Jump over platforms to climb the Snake Tower. Evade snakes. Start jumping snakes with Indie Jane and the Snake Tower

  • rating 4.75
  • size 66.3 MB

Fill It! (Word game/Jelly trap)

FILL IT APP STORE DESCRIPTION:Fill It is a unique fast-paced color word game that will get you addicted for hours. Test your skills and TAP AS MANY CORRECT COLOR WORDS UNTIL THE WATER RUNS OUT Every tap counts Stretch your reflexes, earn higher combos, destroy traps quickly and take advantage of the items to get the most epic score Features:- PLAY AND EARN Drops to buy upgrades and items.- Protect your containers from traps by UPGRADING containers.- AWESOME ITEMS to help you get the most awesome score - SHARE you score to your friends and on Social Media

  • rating 4.86667
  • size 96.6 MB