CrimePad is the professional-grade app to bring the power of todays best mobile technology to the crime scene. It enables crime scene investigators to efficiently capture, report, and manage all aspects of multiple crime scenes including: access notes, sketches, photos, and interviews evidence preservation, processing, and collection requested forensic analysis and testing Please note that this is a US version and is English only. If you would like language and workflow support for your country, please contact us on our support site.


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Checklist App for Scene Examination
Eco Cr-AT
KIS OneTouch
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Advanced Wireless Forms

Build wireless versions of your paper form and send to mobile devices. Lose the clipboard and get things done faster. Credentials provided upon sign upDo more in the field: Offline data capture Signature capture and Image capture Barcode scanning Multiple/Single choice combo fields Complex arithmetic calculations Archive and template form progress Preview/Print forms as PDF Email forms as PDFCreate and manage from the office:(Credentials provided upon sign up) Cloud based web portal Powerful form designer Form decision logic Powerful reporting capability In-depth dashboard analytics Business intelligence in a single placeTop customer support: Frost & Sullivans 2009 Customer Service Excellence Award

  • size 9.5 MB

SFST Report - DUI Note Taking

The SFST Report app was designed to let Law Enforcement Officers save time and efficiently take notes during Field Sobriety Tests. LEOs can easily use this app to take SFST related notes, generate a report, email it to themselves and erase the data from the app. Note: We plan to update the app regularly to add more tests and features so please let us know how we can improve this app by sending us an email (from settings page)

  • rating 4.5873
  • size 35.9 MB

SAFER Mobile Response

SAFER Mobile Response is a FREE mobile app designed for First Responders and HAZMATSMEs that seamlessly integrates the latest 2016 Emergency Response Guide (ERG) into anintuitive user interface. Impact zones, protective action distances, and initial isolation are alleasily visualized on top of Google Maps with live traffic and weather - with simple workflows. Key Features: 2016 ERG Integration and Map Visualization of IID and PAD Live Internet Weather and Traffic with Points of Interest (POIs) Create and share incident snapshots via email Unified Login for SAFER One RT Users Quick Reference ERG pages and the entire ERG content in PDFFor more information, go to mobile-response/

  • size 84.5 MB

Fraud Magazine HD

Devoted to timely, insightful articles on white-collar crime and fraud examination techniques, Fraud Magazine is a bimonthly publication from the ACFE that gives readers practical down-in-the-trenches information they can apply immediately. The ACFE is the worlds largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with more than 60,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.

  • size 22.0 MB

More Information About alternatives

Checklist App for Scene Examination

The Forensic Institute for Research and Education (FIRE) has developed a smartphone app for first responding officers on crime scenes called CASE (Checklist App for Scene Examination). The most pristine a crime scene will ever be is when the first responder arrives, and the CASE app uses a checklist approach with smartphone technology to document evidence at risk to loss or alteration before proper processing. Additionally, all departmental, jurisdictional, and governmental policies and procedures should supersede app checklist procedures.

  • size 2.9 MB
  • version 1.0


The mission of the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) is to provide investigative support, training and networking opportunities to homicide investigators, prosecutors and death investigation professionals throughout the Western United States. The cornerstone of our Association is our annual training conference that now attracts upwards of 800 homicide detectives, coroner investigators, crime scene technicians and prosecutors from across the nation. In addition, the conference provides a fertile environment for networking, individual case evaluations and discussions regarding the latest investigative techniques and technologies with some of the top investigators and prosecutors in the country.

  • size 77.4 MB
  • version 1.6

Eco Cr-AT

Eco Cr-AT ( is an environmentally friendly ePod solution specifically tailored for use by Auto Transport professionals. Functionality includes Intuitive and Interactive Graphical Displays, Company Branding, VIN barcode scanning, VIN decoding, GEO Tagging, Signature Capture, Photo Integration, AIAG Damage Code Integration, and PDF report sharing. Please contact us at [email protected] for additional information and new product ideas.

  • size 136 MB
  • version 4.1.3

KIS OneTouch

KIS One Touch a mobile and highly flexible solution that is an integral part of the award winning Kings Intelligence Service (KIS) Platform Can be used by stores, store detectives, third party contractors and engineers within the Security, Crime and Risk Prevention sectors to capture real time incidents, complete many types of processes, gathering data at the touch of a button Can be used to streamline and automate processes such as civil recovery, patrol management and health and safety process to improve success rates due to the ease of reporting Delivers real time intelligence sharing of incident alerts/notifications including images securely Key Features Fully Configurable with branding capability for your company- Powered by highly fully configurable e-Form, button and workflow engines Allows raising of any type of incident report by one touch of an on screen button with as much configurable extra data as required in the process Ability to capture and upload evidential media along with the reported incident i.e. captured photos, videos and audio as evidence to support an incident using the device - appears in KIS in a number of seconds as part of the reported incident Live Site information available on demand as per KIS Site page e.g. Statistics, Key holders, Contact Details, Systems, URNs etc. Ability to raise a site specific Service Call directly from the device including System, Reason and Details Ability to trigger CCTV alarms on button selection Map location of Site and Device based on up to date Geo-location (Latitude, Longitude) updated every 15 seconds Ability to read NFC tags into form fields to collect a wide variety of asset, location or other information Devices can be set as NFC Roaming enabled which allows a guard, engineer or other staff member to use the device at multiple sites by placing the device on a programmed NFC tag the process automatically pulls down specific buttons, forms workflow and settings held and managed centrally the secure KIS platform NFC Tag Engineer Check-in/Check-out and Patrol Route Management actions with flexible logic - this provides the features to do full warehouse patrol management, with configurable routes Ability to log into a particular site/store using various methods creating a check in / out activity time sheet Options to collect additional incident details, with advanced rules, after pressing a button Options to include extra information that is incident type specific Option to Confirm Send of the report after selecting a report button Full Push Notification feature to share intelligence with 100s of devices, in seconds, of live Incidents, known Offenders and suspicious Vehicles allowing the recipient to drill down to details to the shared record as well as other directly related records Full transactional logging of user and device actions and map-location - building up detailed evidence of all OneTouch events Full device registration, configuration and management using license keys which enable particular functionalityVisit for more information on Kings Intelligence Services (KIS)

  • size 13.8 MB
  • version 1.4.11

Categories... KaBOOM|2-8Players

Its a breath of fresh air in a stale category - AppZoom.comCategories KaBOOM is the new nerve recking multiplayer party game that will keep you and your friends on your toes Are you ready for the challange? Features + 2-3 players on one device+ 20 categories+ 3 player orders+ communication- and mindgame Features full version + up to 8 players on one device+ Superhero avatars+ a total of 36 categories+ 2 additional game modes+ difficulty selection & specials+ No advertisements SHORT SUMMARY Place your device in the middle of the table. Now, like in the classical game Scattergories, you need to find a word, which can be associated with one of the three available categories shown on the screen and starts with the letter in the top left corner. Categories Sight Car Color TCG Murder Weapon Clothing City Animal Country Celebrity Medicine living Celebrity Music Plant Game Instrument Literature dead Celebrity Food Beverage Job Sport Monster male Name Science Brand App TV Animation Waters Art & Culture Crime scene Politics female Name Religion Transport Additional Links Become a Fan on Facebook Related Products: Quisr Please email us ([email protected]) if you have any questions or issues - we will solve them together :)

  • size 15.9 MB
  • version 1.3