Groovy Beats is a fun way to create beautiful music when you have time to kill. Waiting in line? Features:- total 10 instruments to select from - 2 free instruments, the rest can be unlocked through in-app purchase- Unlimited number of use of the instruments in different tunes- Solo/Mute to play and perfect tune by tune- Unlimited play by ability to extend the board- Volume control for each tune and instrument- Share with people- Rate and get rated

Create music with patterns - Groovy Beats Free alternatives

Jam Synth

Jam Synth is a fully featured monophonic guitar synthesizer / multi FX for iOS. If you are going to send it a signal from another app you should use the input FILTER on the input page to filter out any extra harmonics or noise that may be present in an already-processed signal Fat Bass Super Chip Leads Beagle Time Pizza PartyJam Synth is designed to be easy to use even for users who dont have a lot of experience programming or playing synthesizers. When in doubt, just press buttons and turn knobs while plucking a string until you find a sound you like You must AT LEAST have an iPad 3 / iPhone 5 for best performance due to the fanciness of the DSP


Preview video: is a unique generative sequencer that harnesses the power of poly-rhythms to create intricate and exciting patterns. Different coloured nodes are added to a circular area. Poly comes with over 40 preset sounds, including a selection of awesome 808 samples Other features include:- Audiobus integration- Ableton Link- Audio Copy and Paste- AudioShare file sharing- Virtual / Hardware MIDI- Saving and Loading of Patterns- Recording of performances- Dropbox upload and download

  • size 38.2 MB

Space Garage - Looper & Sound Studio

BEST APP OF THE WEEK, FREE DOWNLOAD FOR LIMITED TIMESpace Garage is an experimental, innovative, easy and cool audio sequencer and generative music application based on solar systems, planets, satellites and orbit visualizations. Live a whole new music experience, create awesome and cool loops and feel how music and visual effects can work together to blow your mind. EXOTIC CHEF MAKES LIFE FUN Follow us on twitter Find us on facebook Visit us at

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LP-5 - Loop-based Music Sequencer

LP-5 is a 5-track loop launcher/sampler for iOS.Designed for live arranging and remixing, LP-5 allows you to play audio loops from an intuitive launch grid, while automatic tempo synchronization keeps you in time with the beat. Loop recording, real-time stretching, IAA effect hosting, and MIDI connectivity make LP-5 a powerful tool for your studio sessions, live performances, or DJ acts. This app has been Superpowered

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Become a composer with just a few simple touches Listed as a Super App TunePad is innovative & easy-to-use Featured app on AppTurbo Creating catchy tunes has never been this easy Using only your finger, become a composer by drawing patterns on the TunePad grid while listening to your composition being made You can create complicated songs or simple beats, the choice is yours TunePad Features: Save and load your personal tunes to show your friends and listen to later. Flip and shift your tunes on-the-fly for easy editing. Download the Tune Pack using the in-app store to increase your repertoire Listen with your headphones or through Apple AirPlay to your AppleTV for the best possible sound quality Download now to get started creating your masterpieces App Features: - iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible.- Graphics designed for Retina displays - no fuzziness.- Available for iOS 4.3+

  • size 15.8 MB