Coward Knight A Stealth Adventure First Release First 20 levels The GameCoward Knight: A Stealth Adventure is inspired by Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions, The Legend of Zelda and Ghostn Goblins. The goal of the game is to complete all the levels without being seen by the dreadful enemies, avoiding traps, collecting rupees and completing every level in the shortest possible time You can also compare your scores with those of other players, to see who has the best one StoryIt was a dark and stormy night ehm no, thats another story In a kingdom where princesses are regularly kidnapped by evil masters, heroes begin to run out. On an unlucky day the Kings daughter is kidnapped too The King spends many days trying to find a young and strong man who is able to rescue her, but he only finds a little knight named Coward, with neither experience nor physical prowess The King gives him two choices: rescue his daughter and get a huge reward or die So, Coward looks at the tower, clenches his teeth and gets ready for his new adventure Will he finally become a true Hero?

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Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Colorful and full of character, the art direction lends itself perfectly Mike Fahey, Kotaku - Gaming App of The DayInsane personality and sly digs at pop culture Scott Steinberg, Rollingstone.comIts so well-done and engaging that its impossible not to recommend it. Devin Wilson, Slide To PlayEveryone Ive showed it to has enjoyed basking in the art and music Joseph Leray, Touch ArcadeThis is one of the funniest games Ive played. Features- 10 fantastic remixes of classical hits- 9 locations from around the world- Multiplayer mode- An hour of outstanding animated comic- Megatons of humor- Full Game Center compatibility- 18 achievements of all difficulties- Air Play Mirroring with Apple TV, play Frederic on your HDTVWATCH THE TRAILER: SOUNDTRACK FROM FREDERIC - RESURRECTION OF MUSIC ON ITUNES. us on Twitter: us on Facebook: our YT Channel:

  • size 713 MB

Babylonian Twins (Premium) Puzzle Platformer

Babylonian Twins is a 2D retro puzzle platform game that takes you to 576 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. With a beautifully reconstructed historic environments, original Middle Eastern music and innovative two-character control, you will enjoy days and weeks of exploration and mind-twisting puzzles. - A detailed reconstruction of ancient Mesopotamia derived from authentic history texts - An album worth of original authentic Iraqi Music - Secret treasures and bonus levels (tips, support and special offers)

  • size 55.3 MB

Frederic - Evil Strikes Back

The sequel to one of the best music game of 2012 by Best Apps Ever Awards: Frederic Resurrection of Music. Defeat famous opponents in musical duels. - 10 challenging musical duels with some of the most renown pop stars- 10 fantastic, catchy tracks, inspired by Frederic Chopins composition and different music genres.- Quirky story with tons of parody and twists- Local multiplayer- Extremely easy to get to, but hard to master gameplay- Hand-painted animated comic- Game center achievements and leaderboards

  • size 667 MB

One Up Lemonade Rush!

One Up is a simple and addictive platform game. The main pump in the factory was damaged. Jump and run to escape from rapidly rising lemonade level

  • size 64.4 MB


Archer Cat is back The Cat Kingdom suffering from the evil curse placed by a Witch. There just seem to be no end from the threat from the countless insane birdsThe colossal secret of the Cat Kingdom is slowly being revealed, and unforeseeable dangers lurks throughout the players journeyThe adventure of the Rookie Archer Cat for saving the Cat Kingdom starts now An amazing secret of the Feline Kingdom is revealed as the story is played out. And thenLike us on: by

  • rating 4.85365
  • size 63.4 MB