Native Instruments Maschine is a perfect fusion of hardware and software. See how this amazing hybrid instrument will change the way you make musicApp Features: 80 minutes of video training Super clear explanations Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) Easy to navigateCourse Outline:1. Exporting - Part 2 (04:21)

Course For NI Maschine Quick Start alternatives

Model 15

The Moog Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Each facet of the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer has been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and transcendent sound quality of each module remains intact. Additional Features Ships with over 160 unique presets Recreates the sound of a hardware Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer Easily share presets and recordings with anyone Tutorial patches to assist all experience levels Intuitive patching and cable coloring Support for landscape and portrait modes Voltage-controlled stereo ping-pong delay Expressive sequencing arpeggiator Moog 1150 Ribbon controller Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing Up to two controllers on-screen (iPad only) Optional left-handed UI operation Supports 3D Touch and Apple Pencil integration for after pressure Note-per-channel MIDI controllers Ableton Link Inter-App Audio and Audiobus MIDI Bridge and Audio Bridge 7 and 14-Bit MIDI MIDI Program Change Bluetooth LE MIDI controllers Typing keyboards for shortcuts and musical typing AudioCopy, AudioPaste and AudioShare

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DJing With Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro 2.5 + Traktor Kontrol F1 is a DJs digital dream machine come true Get in da house with Master DJ and EDM producer Olav Basoski and learn all about Native Instruments powerful DJ-ing tools Traktor Pro 2.5 gives the modern DJ countless creative alternatives when performing their sets or crafting that perfect remix. Master DJ Olav Basoski turns on the inspiration in this detailed look at Native Instruments amazing digital DJ-ing software and hardware. The looping feature gives you even more creative control: you can loop that break and build it up on the fly to make your set as high energy as you want Olav also shows you the awesome Traktor Kontrol F1 hardware controllera must for any serious Traktor Pro user The Kontrol F1 really shines when using the remix decks: it makes creating loops and quantizing or pitch-shifting super intuitive.

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iMaschine 2

iMASCHINE 2 /// 16 iTunes Apple 3D iMASCHINE 2 - Soundcloud MASCHINE 2 MASCHINE /// - iOS 16 - - - - 1/4 1/32 - - Appple 3D *- 3D *- iOS - iTunes - - iMASCHINE 2 iMASCHINE - iMASCHINE 2 300 MB 19 38 750 - iMASCHINE - iOS iMASCHINE - iPhone iPad - - SoundCloud - MASCHINE STUDIOMASCHINE MASCHINE MIKRO MASCHINE - iMASCHINE iTunes iOS * iPhone 6s 6s Plus /// iOS 8.0 ///MASCHINE iMASCHINE MASCHINE - Native Instruments MASCHINE MASCHINE STUDIOMASCHINE MASCHINE

MusicTech Focus Magazine

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Creating sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device. KORG iWAVESTATION - A wave sequence synthesizer for iOS.The WAVESTATION synthesizer went on sale in 1990. More info at

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