Have you ever wondered what the exact color of an object Was? Find out using Color Blind Color Finder. * Mixer: Mix your own color with Red Green and Blue sliders.

ColorBlind Color Finder alternatives

Tagomatic - Find Best Hashtags for Instagram

Too lazy to search the best tags for your pictures?Tagomatic helps you increase the number of Instagram followers and likes on your pictures. Enter a single word and Tagomatic will search among the most trending hashtag and choose the better ones related to yours. Do not make your followers wait for weeks for your postand If youre wondering who made this app visit www.2x-team.comHave a nice day ;)

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PseudoChromatic ColorTest

Are you color blind?Know somebody who is color blind? Think somebody is color blind?Contrary to the name color blind, most color blind people are not blind to color. They are referred to as the Ishihara for Dr. Shinobu Ishihara (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishihara_color_test).

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What Color is your name ?

Ever knew each name has a color? find it out with names color then find characteristics of people with psychologic methods based on colors

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True Color - Mixing Assistant

Mixing color for watercolor, oil and acrylic painting can be challenging. It requires understanding color theory, experience and sometimes trial-and-error. Our website is http://www.snickerdoodle.co

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What Color Is It

Shows the color corresponding with the current colors hexadecimal value. Tapping the clock will copy the color value to your clipboard. You can also choose to have the color copied in the following formats:- HEX Value- RGB Value- UIColor (Objective-C) Code Snippet- UIColor (Swift) Code SnippetThis is a native adaptation of the http://whatcolourisit.scn9a.org website.

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