Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 - explore, craft, run and fight Find the exit out of the labyrinth Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 - enter the dangerous labyrinth and explore it A maze full of dangerous traps, terrifying monsters and exciting challenges is waiting for you You are a maze runner, the last one who was sent to this mysterious and full of secrets labyrinth. In the theirs bags you will find water and food that will help you to survive another day FEATURES Huge maze to explore Super cool craft system Puzzle challenges and logic riddles Dangerous traps and monsters Dynamic change of day and night Perfect 3D graphics and unique style Amazing weapons, tools and instruments Action running and survival game Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 is super exciting maze running and climb craft game that is full of logic challenges and amazing action parts where you have to fight against spider monsters. If you are fond of crafting, running and taking part in challenges than Climb Craft: Maze Run 2 is exactly what you are going to like and love Enter the labyrinth, collect goods and resources, fight monsters, craft tools and weapons, find the exit and escape the maze Take your time and enjoy this crazy maze game right now We promise you that you and your family will have a lot of fun Good luck

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