This gold miner funny game is exactly digging for gold the same as the available old web version Classic games are always the best? Right, this gold digger is old school super classical digging for gold. Download & Play NOW for get time for rest

Classic Gold Miner 2003 alternatives

Shooting Frenzy Free

Shooting Frenzy - A colorful game, speed and require the skill of your react. The game is very simple, you just need to shoot at least 3 eggs that have same color to get score. Video Demo Link :

  • size 29.3 MB

Gold Miner Mania: Classic gold digger game

This game is exactly same as available online version Gold Miner Mania is the newest version gold miner 2016 on mobile. This is old classic gold miner game, but have many features. Support high resolution Best sound effects Auto save game Please contact us directly via email if you find any issues of Gold Miner or have any suggestions for us, that will surely help us to improve the game.

  • size 33.3 MB