If youve ever experienced a difficult time to make a choice, for example, what to eat for lunch, you should try this APP.When you cannot decide which one to choose, use this APP to create a list and make a random draw from the list. Features:* Help you make a choice, save your time* One click to make your choice* Reusable lists, create once and use forever* Make as many lists as you want* Make as many options as you want* Super easy to use* Clean and simple user-interface

Choose For Me - Random Choice Maker alternatives

Secret Santa - gifting picker

Quickly and easily create Secret Santa gift lists. Not just for Christmas it works for birthdays and other events Select the email stationery - Christmas or regular gifting Create an event and set cost of the gift Pick contacts from your address book or the clipboard Decide who must or must not buy for other guests Secret Santa then decides who buys gifts for whom Send messages by email or SMS (SMS requires IAP)

  • rating 4.76471
  • size 31.0 MB

RandomName - The Random Name Generator with Diversity

Have you ever struggled to come up with original, imaginative names for your story or book? Have ever you been unsatisfied with traditional name generators for their lack of cultural diversity? Features include:-The ability to set the nationality of either part of the characters name-A Favorites feature that allows you to save and export a list of your favorite names as they come up-A social sharing feature that allows you to share clever, funny, or interesting names with your friends -Attractive, functional graphics-Best of all, its Free Last Name Options Include:-USA-Hispanic-UK-Chinese-Czech-German-French-Russian-Italian-Irish-Dutch-PolishTotal number of first names available:-22,420Total number of last names available:-169,725Thats a whole lot of inspiration, just waiting for you to download Name list credit goes to Erik Norvelle and his wonderful GitHub library.

  • rating 3.0
  • size 11.4 MB

Whosnext - The fair draw lots between friends

This application makes draw lots for you of anything and everything It can also make your life simplier : you dont need to make your own choices anymore Possibilities are only limited by your imagination: Who does the dishes? Who chooses the TV program? The only difference between the twice is that the paid version doesnt have any Ad

  • rating 4.25
  • size 21.6 MB

Random: All Things Generator

Features:- Number Generator (from a range 0 - 999999999)- Letter Generator- Dice Roller (roll up to 4 regular dices in one go)- YES or NO- Coin Flipper- Card Generator- Map Point Generator- Custom Item Generator- Rock-Paper-Scissors- Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-SpockGenerate a new random number simply by tapping randomize button or by touching the Apple Watch screen. For those who want a bit of additional exercise, shaking your iOS device will also result in a new random response. Same for the number of dices or cards.

  • rating 4.675
  • size 40.6 MB


Pickster is a simple little app to help you pick names randomly from a collection - just like drawing names out of a hat, but with less paper and hats. Features: Easily set the number of entries for each name, just by tapping on it Chose how many unique names are picked Auto-alphabetize the names list, or do your own custom ordering Handy swipe context actions to clear entries or delete a name Still ad-free as always

  • size 28.9 MB