Want to make the Purr-fect picture?Always wondering what you would look like as a feline Now do both and more with Cat Me Put your face in a picture of a cat or put a cat in your picture 80 fabulous felines for you stick your face in Then add awesome captions Or more cats Or fun goodies Stick it all in a frameThen share via facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail, sms, etcGet it now Its the cats meow And if you like it please come back and give it a review. Includes these packs, they come with a bunch of free stuff, or buy more for a low price 1. Frames pack Put your finished picture in one of over 40 great frames Quick Instructions- Download it, then open it - Click a kitty pic.- Then either take a photo or choose one from your photo album.- If youre using IOS 5 and above the app should find your face and place it in the hole.- Use Multi-touch to move and resize your photo until its purr-fect ( Click Flip if you wanna flip the pic )- Click Color to adjust the colors of your image to make it match the pic - When your done click on the goodies tab to add fun stuff to your pic - Then click frames to add a classic frame to your picture - Or at any time click the share button in the bottom right and - Then you can save it, put it on facebook, twitter, Instagram, or send your pic in an SMS or e-mail

Cat Me! alternatives

Cat Lover's Camera

Join the viral phenomenon of Cat Lovers Camera Use Cat Lovers Camera to pimp your photos with funny cats. This app is so much fun Choose a cat you like out of our many choices and place it in your photo. If you have anything to tell us, please contact us at [email protected], we love to hear your feedback Thank you and enjoy Features:-Scale, rotate and re-size the cats-Gallery within app to view your photos -Load photos from your library-Share your photos with social media sites right from the app -Bejeweled Cats and gems-iOS 9 compatible

  • size 55.5 MB

InstaKitty - A Funny Photo Booth Editor with Cute Kittens and Cool Cat Stickers for Your Pictures

Do you love cute kitties ? Well now with InstaKitty, you can add all sorts of cute and funny kittens and cats to your photos The app is simple and fun to use. The image can be found on Flickr.

  • rating 4.67089
  • size 27.4 MB

Animal Face Maker - Turn Your Photo to Cute Cat, Dog, Fox, Wolf, Cheetah, Tiger or Other Wild Animals!

How cute you would you look like an animal? Turn yourself into a cute animal Or make fun of your friends or family members and transform their face into an animal HOW TO USE: - Use front face photos - Tap on Plus button to add more faces on your pictureFEATURES: - loads from and saves to your Camera Roll - Share pics on Facebook, E-mail, Twitter - 20 animal faces in the free verson- 65 extra animal faces in the paid versionHave fun

  • rating 4.51825
  • size 40.3 MB

Cat Bomb- photobomb with cats for IG, FB, Snapchat

We all know how to photo bomb but do you know how to Cat Bomb? Cat Bomb puts the meow into your photographs - your selfies will never be the same again Family photos, professional pictures and vain selfies add a cheeky cat to them all All of your friends will be asking the same thing: whose cat is that? - No skill required - its literally touch and go - Share your creations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and via Email or SMS - Send your masterpiece as a postcard to anywhere in the world For support, please contact us at: [email protected]

  • rating 4.8125
  • size 58.6 MB