Capture the entire webpage on your iPhone screen Enter the URL of the webpage you are willing to capture, and press the capture button. From top to bottom, the entire webpage will be captured and saved to your photo album just by pressing the button once. @ 2017 Studio Chocochip

Capture - Webpage Fullscreen Capture alternatives

Touch Search - The Most Efficient Way to Search

* $0.99 for limited time* Before Touch Search - Tedious & inefficient- Open Web Browser.- Type keywords- Open another tab for another search engine- type keywords- again, again * With Touch Search - Type once & Just Touch- No retyping same keywords on every search engine* Special functionality- Customizable Search engines(Search engines, Dictionaries, Shopping sites and more)- Reorder Search engines and former search engines displayed first.- Widget & 3D Touch support- iPad & iPad Pro compatible* When you read books or news paper, you can use dictionary* Copy Text, open Widget, Touch Clipboard and just Touch, Touch, Touch. * Long Press appicon, type keywords once, and just Touch, Touch, Touch

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Secret Browser - Hide Photo, Video, GIF