Capture 365 Journal is a beautiful and easy to use diary/journal. You will have complete access to your journals all the time, allowing you capture your thoughts and special moments throughout the day. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Capture 365 Journal alternatives

Chronicle - A Personal Journal / Writing Diary

Take note of life with Chronicle, a simple journaling app that offers more than bound sheets without overcomplicating the writing experience. Focused writing. SUPPORTContact me at with questions / suggestions.

  • rating 4.61584
  • size 4.6 MB

Lifecraft - journal & emotions

Lifecraft is a fun and engaging journal. Use it to tell your story, capture your thoughts, and discover your dreams. Thanks For support, visit: https://support.lifecraft.comFor support, email: [email protected]

  • rating 4.44444
  • size 42.4 MB

cliary : Private Diary / Journal / Notebook

Cliary stores your journals on iCloud. Write down your thoughts and experiences and take them anywhere with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You might have better insights of your thoughts or better understanding to yourself, People who keep journals have life twice.Jessamyn WestIf you want to write, you need to keep an honest, unpublishable journal that nobody reads, nobody but you.Madeleine LEnglecliary provides: Fully support iOS9 Write journal in rich text Embed photos anywhere inside your journal Record location and weather in your journal Search by keyword Calendar view Photo view Favorite diaries Share picture or website to cliary Use photo location and date information for diary Export to PDF and other apps Protect by passcode (premium only) Protect by fingerprint (premium only)

  • rating 4.2
  • size 29.6 MB

Dailybook Journal Diary

Journal your day to day moments of life. Organize memories in multiple journal books. Multiple Journal Books Multiple Photos per Diary Entry GPS Location with Map Weather and Temperature Photos (with Caption) can be viewed in a stunning full screen mood and zoomed in Record Audio with Subject Description Tag entries by keywords Bookmark special events Date and time stamp Calendar view Secure Password Protection including Touch ID Individual Journal Book Text Formatting - font, size, color Quickly Search by keywords and/or Tags Share single entries to social services like Facebook and Twitter, including photos Email entry (PDF, HTML or Plaint Text) Print entry Export all entries by Email, PDF including Photos, Audio, and Tags Backup/Restore via Dropbox Cloud or iTunes File Sharing Full Screen ModeContact us at with any questions or feedback: and FAQ Online: you for your support.

  • size 66.9 MB

Reminisce Journal : Diary or Notes

Reminisce Journal helps you to capture life moments, daily activities, thoughts, ideas and travel logs. Features:-Add Tags, Contacts, Location, Emotion and Rating for the moments. (Free version is limited to 3 moments)

  • rating 3.35714
  • size 16.0 MB