Enemy Tanks And Air-force attacked on our great city of commandos and destroyed many important building and radars , its time to show them that we have power to defend our country. You have world best weapons you just need to lock enemies and press trigger, Strike back now.

Call of Modern Sniper Commando Game alternatives

Modern Bullet Fire Online FPS

You ready for the bullet show? Enjoy Multiplayer battles with tons of weapons and easy-to-use controls All will be decided in the ultimate online first-person shooter. Claim first place and give a headshot to the one who will dare to contest the air Smooth and responsive customizable touch controls Dozens of unique maps Free to Play as much as you want, no energy system Realtime Friends Voice Chat system Online MultiPlayer Combat cs go gun strike multiplayer fps game cs go and critical wars strikeEnjoy it

  • size 255 MB

Modern battle in the dead city

STORY - THE SIEGE OF SADR CITYUrban environments pose significant challenges for ground forces and have traditionally been avoided when at all possible, but increasing urbanization of the worlds population seems to ensure that urban combat is in the Armys future. This game provides a historical view of the ways in which militaries have deployed light and mechanized infantry with armored forces during close urban combat, looking specifically at the US Army in the Sadr City suburb of Baghdad in 2008. Sure, you can turn off it.

  • rating 4.16667
  • size 337 MB

Frontline Sniper Commando of Dead Fury Mission Ops

Desert Army Base Captured by enemy troops ,we need to rescue our soldiers from bunkers,as you are only soldier in contact with base station you must destroy incoming enemy troops and also shoot enemy guards. Important : Use Rocket Launcher to Destroy Flying Enemy.

  • rating 3.28571
  • size 266 MB

Dino Strike: Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter

Trapped in the wildlife with dangerous dinosaurs? Take a gun and shoot them all Fight for life, money and trophies. Shoot dinos and collect their skulls in Trophy Quest game mode or just run forward and shoot in Adventure mode Test our deadly arsenal in this shooting game and be the best hunter in this wild lands

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 369 MB

Ninja Master Killer - Epic 3D Cyborg Terminator Squad ( professional version )

Theyre almost here and resistance is futile . The Cyber Ninja invasion will soon begin. Ninja master killer is an Epic first shooter adventure , which presents the following features * State of the art 3D graphics * Amazing assault weapons * Unlimited power ups and ammo * Great sound track * Hours of fun Good luck commander .

  • rating 4.58621
  • size 173 MB