It is a new sense calculator that can arrange calculators and memos with basic functions as much as you want. Of course you can use all functions free of charge. Basic functions of the calculatorArithmetic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)Percentage calculationDecimal calculationBack key that can be traced back to the formulaBy pressing equals multiple times at the time of calculation, the previous calculation is performed Useful functionsPlacing notesMove calculator or memoSelect range to select calculator and memo at the same timeCalculate the selected calculator at once (long press the calculator addition button)Calculate calculator and calculator Compact Calculator Size with ButtonEven if you close the application, the calculation result remains intact

Calc Table alternatives


Simeji20003200[][]simejisimejiiPhone/iPod > > > simeji []simeji[About paid themes]Simeji provides free themes as well as paid themes, paid themes are higher quality. Please purchase these paid themes from Simeji-To find out further details, please read information of The Specified Commercial Transaction Act.[About Simeij Premium Service]Simeji Premium is the service that improve the ability and communication of your Japanese input. It is available even if you are not registered.-Ad hide Service Charge-1 month: 120 yen3 months: 240 yen 6 months: 480 yen 12 months: 840 yen advertising hidden service is also available that you purchase the Simeji premium service.simejiiOS8

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iZip - Zip Unzip Unrar Tool

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